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  • you\'ve got to be kidding

    i am so sick of reality tv. this one is one of the dumbest i have seen so far. are there that many people out there that really care about this show. i think that the only thing people would watch it for is they like to watch people piss and moan about things that have no meaning at all.
  • The designers have to create prom dresses for whiny teen girls. Victoria wins and Kevin gets out.

    This episode sucked. I've loved Project Runway since season two, and I know talent when I see it. Daniel Vosovic was my fav in season 2 and Jeffrey Sebelia was my life in season 3. Kevin getting kicked off had nothing to do with his design and all to do with ratings. Somehow, Christian the eternally annoying gets the show more ratings than actually talented designers. Christian's design was hideous. Even Ricky, who cannot help but to bawl his eyes out every single show for no reason, had a boring blah dress. Kevin's was in a fantastic color, had a flattering silhouette, and while it wasn't the best, it was definitely not the worst. So I'm really disappointed that even though the show always leaned toward ratings rather than talent, they blatantly did it this episode. I hope Christian gets hit by a bus and loses all use of his vocal chords. And Ricky's tear ducts crumble to dust so he can never cry like a whiny emo kid again. Kevin had real talent. He should've been in the top three, even win the show in my opinion. Congrats on pretty much losing a fan.
  • Supermodel Heidi Klum's survivor like show set in the world of fashion.

    The models are gorgeous, judging one better from the other is painful. But watching the show is even more painful. This show is boring. Survivor madness have gotten malignant and its infecting cable tv. It's like watching a fashion show that goes on for a season. No time for that. If you're not into fashion, then you're definitely don't want to watch this show. It'll save your time if you take my advice. The show is successful though, no doubt about that. It's just not a good show. There is nothing in it worth watching. Another air time wastage for cable.
  • I didn't really watch the first season of Project Runway but i pick up on it the start of the second i think it rocks because i love to look at all the fashions the designers have some really good designs but there are some misses but good job desi

    My favorite Designer is Chloe i love her 1920's Hollywood Glamour Look its so chic and i like when Jay paid a visit i think his style was very intersting Im not to thrilled about having to wait for the third season though but i will not miss this finale!
  • ThankThe Baby Jesus

    Episode 13. THANK GOD Korina went home. I was so happy I wanted to send flowers to the judges. THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU
  • The show is obviously fixed

    The show is obviously fixed, they needed a plus size winner and took anyone they could get. I wont be bothering with the next season.
  • The Jet Pack Dress Won!!??

    Seriously, Judges?? I may not be an fashionista, but you really thought that dress was a winner?? It looked like she was wearing Anagonda snakes or Sigourney Weaver's gun packs from Alien. I think Zac slipped at called them drain pipes, which gave me hope that he saw the ridiculousness of the dress. Sorry, but it was too ugly for words. Her first dress as a winner was a shocker, but this one is ridiculous. If this is what the show is about, I'm discouraged. Emily's pantsuit was amazing. If Nina has "seen it before," I wish I knew where. Would love to buy it. Give us a break judges. Come to our level just a bit.
  • my mom watches this crud while i hate it

    i don't know why my mom likes this show. to me it's crud. it does not make sence. it just gives people who make clothes a bad name. i mean the themes the people who make the show are so not cool or intresting. i am just saying i don't like this show
  • I am bored

    What is with Season 10 and the judges love affair with the everything boring???

    Sadly, I am losing my love for Project Runway. I have been a big fan of the show from the first season, mainly because unlike so many other reality shows, the people on Project Runway have a talent and the show focuses on that versus the BS drama you see on most reality shows. But I also loved was the ability to see new, different, and uniquely designed clothes. Clothes and styles that were not already available at every department store in the country.

    But for the last few years though, the judges seem to have the attitude that the more boring and simple, the better the designer (which seems to have started when they gave the win to Gretchen instead of Mondo in Season 8). I do not get why the judges love Christopher so much and he is always in the top. And Fabio makes the most boring simple things out of all of them.

    I think it is time for new judges. It seems like all the current judges are looking for is the next Micheal Kors. Not to say Micheal Kors is not good designer, but his style is classic. The type of basic pieces even your grandmother still has in her closet. And though we all like and need those classic pieces, a whole TV series on "classic fashion" like a good basic pair of pants or that basic fitted jacket you can still wear 10 years from now makes for very, very, boring TV!!

    I thought the point of Project Runway was to see new, different and unique points of views in fashion. How creative these new unknown designers can be. I know that the real fashion business is mostly boring and there is little money to be made in the different, unique, and creative realm of design. But this is still a TV show. And I want to be entertained. Not bored to sleep.

    That is why everyone liked Mondo. Not everyone can wear his clothes and they may not be timeless pieces that sell out in the stores, but his clothes were different and fun and you wanted to watch the next episode to see what crazy cool thing he made the next week. His clothes were entertaining and fun to watch. That makes for good TV.
  • Seriously??

    Dexter's look with that olive green top with the moon shaped shoulder pads was ridiculous. The judges should have called him out on that, but I think he just got a safe. And Erin with all those coats. The only one that had a vaguely decent look was the yellow one with the trim on it. They have really hideous shapes and are all basically the same coat. Why is she still on? I am glad Tim saved Cornelius, not because he has any great talent, but Erin and Dexter really did throw him under the bus. They were team players as a duo but not as a trio.
  • Mostly just awful.


    So far this season I am not very impressed with anyone except the black lady who uses leather in her designs. She is great.

  • Small town in PA "Just Curious"

    Not a Reality TV viewer here, but am curious on a few things on this show. I've seen maybe 3 or 4 project runway episodes. All the designers seem to focus on the younger generation type clothing. Do they ever show or make any designs for the middle aged or older ladies? or even the Larger ladies. I am not a professional seamstress by any means,but I have been sewing for 40 yrs. and I've made beautiful dresses for the church ladies and others in our town. I feel the market would be a better idea, because the older ladies have more more to spend or buy, than that of the younger lady with a family. "Just Curious"
  • Bizarrely addictive

    Usually I'm not the type to be into reality television or competitive programs, however I find Project Runway to be strangely addictive. Perhaps it's the artist in me that strives to see the clothing that keeps me coming back... Or maybe not. All I know is that I have watched every season of this show and if I do miss a few episodes I find myself wondering who has been voted off. It's hard not to form an attachment to your favorite designer and root for them. However that being said, the show itself isn't fresh or innovative as the seasons have progressed. It has become a bit stagnant. I still find myself watching it even though I'm usually doing something else while it's playing.
  • grat show, fun watching who makes the prettiest dresses and who gets kicked off!

    I love watching hos they turn plain fabric to pretty pretty dresses. I wish i had that kind of talent... plus love the dramas with the whole cast. It's fun watching them get so worked up and all. Heidi got her body back after having a baby and she's so fun to watch too!

    I like the cast from last season's project runway. I don't really have a favorite in the season but have many i sort of dont like so its fun watching if they get kicked off for their ugly and hideous outfits they create! There's always drama!
  • Make it work or it's Auf Wiedersehen!

    I think Project Runway gets better every season. The first season concentrated too much on the models and their drama. That got real old, real fast. The second season was better. I have noticed, that with the exception of Chloe Dao the winner of Season 2, only the most obnoxious and far-out designers win. I mean really, look at Jay's collection from Season 1, no one I know would be caught dead in those clothes. Jeffrey Sebelia's haute couture gown (Season 3) in yellow plaid was a joke! Christian Siriano (Season 4) only designed for women who were 6 feet tall and weighed 100 pounds. I like the designers who design something that the normal, average, everyday woman would want to wear. This whole avant-garde, risqué design trend is ridiculous. But I digress… Project Runway is fun to watch. It's interesting to see the process behind designing, sewing, fitting and showing clothes. Hopefully this season, the winner won't be the most obnoxious designer on the show!
  • The Cut and America's Next Top Model had a beautiful child and it was named Project Runway. (Score reflects a '9' for season 1 and a '6' for season 2)

    Project Runway caught me by surprise. These trade-based reality shows are starting to all look the same and, after having watched The Cut which was a cheap Apprentice knock-off, I wasn't expecting much from Project Runway. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

    Season 1

    The format of Project Runway is just so original. For starters, there are two competitions going on, the major one for designers and a minor one for models. The challenges are interesting instead of repetitive. The contestants, for the most part, are actually talented instead of camera whores. This is really one of the big differences that sets Project Runway apart. The casting people actually seemed to cast for talent over trying to find the next Amarosa. The big surprise is that it actually makes for interesting reality TV.

    Season 2

    The format changed this season - and not for the better. First, the model competition element was totally killed. Basically there is no competition for the models which totally sucks, in my opinion. Second, the casting wasn't nearly as good as season 1. In season 2, they apparently wanted the standard reality-series drama and seemed to cast for that over talent. Any of the top 4 from last season would've beat this bunch of talentless hacks. They even allowed a season 1 contestant, who had been eliminated on week 1, back into the contest. When a person is eliminated in the first cut there's a reason!

    Quick Note

    For the straight guys (of which I am one), I really have to mention that the weekly bevy of incredibly hot models is a definite joy and enhances the eye-candy of the beautiful clothes that are produced every week. I know its on Bravo, but there is definitely something in there for a straight guy who also happens to like clothes.
  • I adore Project Runway, which is a show that gives real artists a chance to excel in their chosen field – fashion.

    Reality show contests that focus the competition on actual talent often make good television, and although they don’t raise the same social issues as the experiments - human interaction, failure, and success are topics just as worthy of attention. I adore Project Runway, which is a show that gives real artists a chance to excel in their chosen field – fashion. The contestants are not type cast (ala The Real World). They’re judged on the merit of their talent, not filling a specific role for intended dramatic effect. Project Greenlight is another strong example of competition focused reality television.

    Where the reality competition falters is when it becomes a spectacle rather than a contest. American Idol, for instance, is more focused on the spectacle of what is happening rather than the talent involved. The Apprentice also falls into this category.
  • Amanda needs to learn

    I started watching the older seasons and I'm on Season 14. How the females did Ashley for the paint ball challenge, picking each other because they're all buddy-buddy was downright wrong and just a b$$$$h move. Amanda is so annoying and should have gone home a long time ago!!! She's a weak designer and for Candice to pick her to uplift her cause she's been at the bottom consecutively was just not a smart choice. Amanda needs to learn the hard way and stop crying every time she gets constructive criticism. Edmund Newton showed a great example of perseverance and has the work ethics of a true designer. He chased his dream for 14 SEASONS!!! Yeah, Amanda only knows to complain and cry. I hope she scores the lowest this next epi.
  • I have been watching this show from the beginning. I must say the talent on this season's shows is better than in the past.

    Show's good as always... Heidi rocks!But why has Jeffrey stayed on? The man is mean, lacks any kind of talent, all his sh*t looks like punk-rock-a-paloosa! Another Santino all over again! Get rid of him... The blonde chick that got voted off should be in his place instead...Michael has great taste, tries to push it a bit sometimes, but he knows the woman's silhouette well, and the red-head Mommie is stylish and sleek. Uli, the German chick shows great potential. In the end I think the red-head will win...GET JEFFREY OUT!!! I know you must keep him there for ratings, but puh-leeze! Toss him!
  • At least you need some talent to get on this reality show...

    I caught the second half of the first season and was really impressed. I liked the characters and at least here they need to do something besides bitch and complain. I currently watching the second season, which disappointingly, is not as interesting as the first but it's mildly's getting a little repetitive.
  • awesome

    This show is great its smart people, doing what they love and even being a little bitchy. Project runway is intresting with new projects every episode. I love that these people have a dream of becoming famous designers and are attempting to make that dream a reality. These designers have a great talent, eventhough i dont love everyones taste on the show, i do love the finished products.
  • Hey, it's better than Flavor of Love!

    Ok, I am not here to tell you how Project Runway is going to change your life and rejuvenate your belief in whatever religion you have chosen for yourself, but honestly Project Runway is a good time. Out of all the reality television that is out there at the moment, at least Project Runway has people actually performing a function based on their skill. Fashion design is inherently interesting, I mean we all wear clothes and what we wear is based on what people similar to those featured deem fashionable. The challenges are a bit fantastic, but let's not lie to ourselves, we all want to see Tommy Hillfiger have to root through a trash bin to make a new suit. Heidi is interesting and engaging, Michael Kors is fun, Nina Garcia is the necessary tough-as-nails woman, and the guests are entertaining enough. It isn't going to enlighten you at all, but it is a good time and better than a lot of television out there.
  • Great for aspiring designers.

    You don't have to like designing or be gay to like this show. Like most of the reality shows it is all about the people. A group of weird folks with strange personalities together makes great television. I watched it with my girlfriend and then got hooked. It is interesting. And Heidi is a nice bonus to it. I always say try a show at least once before you give your opinion. Well I did and it is good. Give it a go yourself better than that overrated ER... OH but wait that is for another review... Enjoy Good Fun. AT least a hundred words.
  • Wow, was I pleasantly suprised!

    I am not a big reality show fan. I do watch Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, Cash Cab, and a few others. I had never seen Project Runway until yesterday. Bravo ran the full season 3. I was home and there was nothing else on, I had heard good buzz about the show, so I decided to watch.

    I have to admit it was captivating! I thought the contestants on Top Chef were brutal, they are ammatures! The level of animosity on this show was palpable.

    I have to admit, I do not know anything about the nuance of clothing design, and my guesses as to who would win were pretty much way off, but I have to say that I have penciled in the finale on my calendar.
  • Much better than America's Next Top Model.

    I decided to sit down one day and give this show a try. I was actually extremely surprised to find that I liked it and found it interesting. Much better than most of the other shows out there, America's Next Top Model and American Idol. This show is somewhat realisitc and chooses decent people to watch. This show does not contain much fluff like all the other ones do. Overall, fun to watch on a night when you are bored and really need something to do. I can see why so many people love and it and this actually deserves to be on tv.
  • I discovered this show early in it's third season and while it's not a favourite of mine, I still find it interesting to watch.

    This show is pretty good. First of all, Heidi Klum is a good host, compared to someone like Tyra Banks on ANTM. She doesn't seem to hold favourites, which I like. I sometimes think the judging is a bit unfair though. Like, for example, in season 2 when Santino kept staying and staying. I also hated the fact Daniel V didn't win either, because (even though I loved Chloe) he was the better designer. This show makes some good decision and some bad ones, but the best thing is, it doesn't hold past perfomance against people. It's not a popularity contest, it's the truth. While sometimes a designer might need the same advice, it's the design then that gets scored not every other design that you did. I'm pretty happy watching this show and even though it's nowhere near the top of my favourite show lists, it's interesting and I will continue to watch it.
  • Really like the show but I think they missed the boat on the last episode.

    I was really disappointed with the last episode. I started watching the show with my daughter about two months ago. I really feel like the judges missed the boat on the last show. They voted off Allyson. I felt that Vincent was hands down the worst design. I also felt like he was rude and had disrespected the judges. The wierd thing is they seemed to like the fact that he thought they didn't know what they were talking about and that he had alot more talent then they did. I can only assume that they kept him on for the ratings. He is definately the most hated designer left. This show needs to be careful or it will lose alot of viewers.
  • A great show. They all have wonderful talent. It would be better if they didn't curse.

    As I said, it's a very wonderful show. I have heard of it in it's, I think 3rd season. I hope this show makes it to it's 100th season. Even my Mom and Dad watch it. Acually, my Mom told me about this show. Wow, I only have 50 words? I have a lot more to go. 50 more acually. I suggest EVERYONE watch Project Runway. It's great insparation for any fashion designer. I hope one day I could make it to the show. But I wouldn't like to get the "Auf Wiedersehen". I don't think ANYBODY would. Well, thanks for reading!
  • Funny, intentionally kitschy, dramatic and actually showcases real talent rather than just a luck-of-the-draw situation.

    I wanted to hate it, really, I did. However, after Season 1 I was officially a Project Runway addict. The thing I like about this show is that it isn't just like other reality shows. It has contestants who are actually TALENTED, who can do things other than just cause drama, though there is plenty of that. My favorite part is when they make garments that are truly horrendous (like everything Santino ever made) and we, the audience, get to relish in the badness. We know it's bad, the producers know it's bad, the other designers know it's bad but the designer themself has no clue. They think it's the best thing since sliced bread. Definitely hilarious and addictive. One of my favorites.
  • Better than it should be

    I never would have heard of this show if it was not for the Costume/Makeup Theater class I took last year to get out of having to take Math. Every Wednesday my teacher would show the latest episode in the series, and despite myself (and the fact I was more of a TA than a pupil in the class) I found myself really getting into the show. It tries to be like "survivor" but the fact that it doesn't reach "surivivor" statsis is just what I like about the show, its like walking along the beach and finding a new sea shell, that is pretty, enteratinaing, and priceless. While I doubt I'll watch the second season, I am glad that the show was created to give me a chance to see how cutthroat that world can really be.
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