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  • I absolutely love this show! It kind of reminds me of Design Star.

    This show is awesome! In some ways, it reminds me of design star (but with clothes) which is a good thing! They both have limits to design a certain thing, the judges judge them like what they do on Design Star, they sometimes have partners, and they have different challenges every week or day.

    What I like about this show is the people's creativity and how they use it. What they can really do and how hard they work. It's fun to see what the judges comment on the dresses, too! Like yesterday, one jedge said the dress what "Slutty, slutty, slutty."

    Overall, good and awesome show!
  • I don't do reality shows.

    This show is hilarious and surprisingly addictive. I find myself rooting for certain people involved in the project and even hating others. I always wondered what the appeal was behind reality shows and now I understand (though I am still picky.) These are real people in real situations (though contrived) and how they deal with them is very entertaining. The old adage that reality is stranger than fiction certainly applies here, and to other reality shows. Another source of appeal for Project Runway of course is the aesthetics end. I love seeing the designs take shape, both the good and the bad and seeing how the designers cope with the harsh realities of the runway.
  • Disappointed with judges, all four should go to Bryant's Park because Jerrel's and Korto's wedding dress were horrible but at least Jerrel's bridesmaid dress was beautiful!

    I completely disagree with the fact that Jerrel's dress won (for the second time), the previous show and after the judges could not decide for a looser put him to compete again. Instead, they should have gave him the spot for the Bryant's Park finale and let the rest compete for the best two. After all, he won the episode where the three contestants are chosen to go for the finale, so it is not fair. Obviously after watching the wedding dresses, Korto's was the worst and she should be out. That dress was horrible, Was it a wedding dress? Are you kidding?. And the bridesmaid dress was....what?. Both were absolutely out and the bridesmaid dress should be made in a different color. Sorry but you judges made a huge mistake. I love the show and have seen all of them, but you should take in consideration that if this happens again who ever wins between the last four, will guarantee his/her spot to the Grand Finale, otherwise is a BS, why did you bother to announce a winner... "and the winner is..." What for? It does not make any difference! No?
    I also want to remind people that this is a designer competition, not a personality competition, one with an attitude the other with tears, or baby talking, or poor me I worked so hard....My God everyone worked hard, Don't you think so? The Question: "Why Do you think you deserve to go to Bryant's Park?
    Duh! Because I am very good and I can show the world that I have a future as a designer. That is why I made it this far.
  • Dmitry should have won tonight!

    I think all the designers that remain this season are ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!! However, I have no idea why Dmitri hasn't won the last three challenges! I have watched this show religiously since season one and his unique point of view and design aesthetic are right up there with my ultimate fave, Seth Aaron! To quote my favorite movie, Zoolander, "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!" Give this guy a win already!!!!! Love, Laurel Eve DeFalco
  • Nina's Potty Mouth

    I don't know about anyone else, but I am sick of listening to Nina Garcia spout off the word vagina. So unbecoming on her and disgusting. She keeps it up and this girl won't be watching anymore! My 86 year old mother and I watch it every week, but we were both appalled and disappointed in Nina Garcia.
  • Hideous winner on8/20/15

    I would like to see all the female judges wear that monstrosity to an worthy event. I dare you. Heidi next red carpet you should rock it first. That was the worst misjudge in a long time and I've watched every episode, period. Bye Felecia!
  • Best reality show!


    PR is just the best reality show. It challenges people WITH talent in a brutal business. Like the Apprentice, but with fashion. I love the whole set-up and the show feels classy. Respectable judges and a variety of different designers with different points of view. Great finales and Tim Gunn is just fabulous.

  • Perfect, the best reality show, ever.

    Perfect, the best reality show, ever. For once a show where people with talent can actually do something. Not to mention- the drama, the clothes! Fabulous! I love watching them come up with the outfis each week and those eliminations, so utterly suspensful! All in all, an, no the only, A+ reality tv show.
  • Project Runway is great!

    Project Runway is an addicting show if you are into fashion or even any sort of design. The show has some drama (but isnt overloaded like certain "reality shows) and the characters are very likeable (or not) so you can get hooked with someone.

    Personally, I live for each wednesday when the new episode airs, and Daniel V. is my favorite.
  • Fashion designers compete in a variaty of challenges and one is eliminated each week based on the weaken of his or her designs. The final 3 contestants get to create a collection and have a runway show during fashion. There is also competition amongst the

    This show is a cut above most reality shows. Not just based upon drama, it also has at least one foot solidly grounded in the talent of its contestants. This is a great show for people who have taste (whether good or bad) because you can have your own opinion on the strength of the designs.
  • Well I now that's its over, it's kinda upsetting that austin was kicked off! But Jay won and his collection was fabulous! But i still wonder who did draw on Wendy's daughter's face very interesting!

    Well the season finale...Wendy's collection awful I'm sorry it was okay at first was to, to flattering, but then the see-through dress...awk. Although Austin had been kicked off he was very talented, and I loved his work! But Jay did deserve to win, his collection was the nicest out of the three!
  • I think I love the concept of this show more than I like the show itself. Even with all the enticing drama it is the end products that I watch this show for.

    I think I love the concept of this show more than I like the show itself. I've always been interested in design and so seeing designers doing their thing is fantastic. They are forced to design out of their comfort zone and with a deadline that helps you to see what it is like for them to cope under pressure. The drama and interaction between the contestants is always entertaining. Even with all the enticing drama it is the end products that I watch this show for. I can never see myself wearing anything that they design but I have to admit that there is always something beautiful to look at at the end of the show.
  • I can understand why people enjoy this show so much. It's really a wonderful show!!!

    I don't have expanded cable, and I was finally able to get Season 1 of Project Runway on DVD. I now understand why people enjoy this show. It's a different reality television show, and you have to admire the people who have this wonderful talent. I never read much about the show, so I had no idea who the participants were. I liked Kara Saun, Jay, and Austin the most. Wendy annoyed me after a while, and really did not deserve to be in the top three. I felt Austin deserved that spot. He wore make up better then I did!!! LOL

    Vanessa was another person who annoyed me, and during the scene when she got all upset during the reunion show, she showed, she could dish it, but when it was handed back to her, she could not handle the stress!!!

    This is really a wonderful show you can't help but get addicted too, and I hope season 2 is released on DVD so I can view that as well.
  • Well worth watching!

    Great Show, as in all reality TV show, this one takes real people, places them with people they cannot work with and lets them have at it. Sounds like the work places to me. The designers are good, maybe not as creative as one would like, but the ones that stand out will go far. Please if your are a designer going on a reality show learn some basic sewing it makes for good TV but not real life.

    Of course when a designer drops a model the drama continues as well as in the studio.
    The judges are fair and no holds bar some of the best in the reality business. Keep it up guys.

    Who knew that watching designers create clothes from coffee filters to mattress pads could be so fun? Bravo that’s who! It’s worth watching again and again. It is addictive.
  • What happened with the Judges last night? Congrats to Jeffery but he wasn't the best there!!!

    To me, this is an example of the producers "helping" pick the shows winner. Uli by far had the best collection!! Michael had the most creative collection, Laura of course, had a blah collection. Jeffery had some disasters come down that runway! Maybe they didn't want to choose Uli or Michael because they were the crowd favorites. These two will have a very good career in fashion as long as they stay true to themself. Laura will make great clothes but under/next to a good designer with fresh ideas. I guess I didn't see Jeffery's range, it was some of the same ole same. Maybe he won because he actually needed it more than the two front runners Mike and Uli, who are going to be known designers for years to come. Congradulations Jeffery! Time to party like a rock star, a sober rock star!!!!
  • Whoa now...

    I am almost embarassed to admit that I watch this show. I tried NOT to watch this season but I have to! LOL I love all the drama and I love to see what all these crazy bit*hes and queens design. Some of those queens are so over the top and outrageous that I laugh out loud. Gay men are so funny sometimes!
  • Heidi is so not funny that its funny.

    Heidi is so not funny that its funny. She might have the world's highest paid legs but she's not a host and its just so painfully obvious. She has the personality of last season's Jimmy Choo's. The designers on the other hand are Fab. esp Austin. If only the producers focused on the designer's more, like what materials they picked and why, what was their inspiration and why, why they pick which model... we could learn so much more. Instead we have a dumbstick telling us that "In fashion, you are either in or out" Heidi Darling... YOU are SO OUT. Please let someone else in the limelight would you?
  • how did she win?

    Ashley was a cry baby who made the judges feel bad for her like she was being bullied when those girls Were nothing close to bullies. Kelly Osbourn is an idiot who can barely dress herself and despite failure in her music career keeps trying for fame. She is highly unqualified and no woman esp a plus size woman would wear ashleys designs.
  • Shark Jumped

    When this show first started, the avant garde, grand, and impeccable craftsmanship were rewarded. Now the judges are just punking us and the ugliest designs seem to win every challenge. It seems (for several seasons) that the judges decide early on who they want to win, and they make it happen no matter how horrible the designs are. We're doneagain.
  • The Real Twins Show

    Tim Gunn gives tone and class to project runway. Trying hard to balance the producer's need to channel Jerry Springer. But bringing on the twins, then focusing the entire series on them, is a disservice to the serious hard-working designers in this cast. Even when granted a bit of air time, they are forced to discuss the TWINS. I hit mute whenever they speak. If they were even competent designers, it might be excusable but the producers continue to try to emulate the major thrust of this channel - ranting, infantile, wanna-be's..

    Such a shame. The judging has improved. The models are great. There are some terrific designers.

    And yet the producers seem determined to turn gold into schlock.
  • Drama + Amazing Creativity

    For a reality show, this has a lot to offer. There is the drama that goes on between the designers and there are the runway shows that are amazing either because the designs are awesome or because they're really pretty bad. Designers are under a lot of stress to beat the clock in completing a challenge each week - some challenges only give 1 day to complete. Designers run crazy trying to create a winning look - stress levels soar and tempers often flare. Very entertaining - especially the runway shows.
  • Summary of our expectations for Season 5.

    This is one of the best shows on television. The caliber of the contestants last season was so high and really brought out so much artistic talent. From Christian to Jilian to Rami! I don't know how this season's contestants can match up with the folks from Season 4. But if it's anything like what we've seen in the past four years, we know that it's going to be one heck of a ride. I hope they do more creative challenges like they did in Season 4 - using artwork as the inspiration or edible goods as the material. We can't wait for the season to begin!
  • I love this Show!!!

    Well what can i say besides I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! i love their designs they are very creative and i love how the judges are so honest but sometimes they over do it!!!i thought the one where they had to make something out of old clothes i thought that was very challangeing and i thought they all did and Awsome job!!!

    Well all i have to say is watch this show beacause it is Great! And i think you guys will love it! and if you do watch it and your a fan well right on! and good luck to all those unknown designers!
  • Make it work! Fab show with great designers and stars ,very humorous! My boyfriend actually watches this with me!

    LOVE Heidi Klumm! Bummer a few of my fave designers are off(miss you Jack, Kitt and Kevin!) but still as always a great show to watch. All the design-challenges they have to do is just amazing. I would have loved to have any one of them design my prom gown when I was younger. Real cool how you are able to bid at the auction on outfits from different episodes. I have 1 from season 1!!! YEAH ME! You never know what's going to happen next and who is going to complain about the challenge. Every seaon just gets better and better. Keep up the great work!
  • I totally love this show!

    This show is so awesome! I've watched almost all the episodes and seasons! I totally want to be a fashion designer! It's awesome! Fabulous!!!! I Love This Show!!!! It Is Absolutely fabulous, great, good, awesome, cool, stytlicious, fashionable, a la moda, mode, stunning, runway fashionable, totally cool. Ok i'm running ot of reads but I need to reach my 100 word count!!! lol lol lol lol lol lol!!!! I'm tired of LOLing!!!! see ya later, bye, ciao, aloha, bye-bye, I'm almost there i'm at 85! come on already!!! LoL. this so uncool, I need to get to 100, I made it!!! With flying colors! I got to 109!!!!! Awesome!!!
  • "Make it Work!" The pithy little phrase from Tim Gunn... and it's SO TRUE... these folks do make it work!

    One of the things that I love about this show is the fact that it's a POSITIVE show... Now, please don't take that to mean that there's not 'drama' or 'divas' on this show, because there are... but unlike my impressions of shows like Survivor and Big Brother where you need to scheme to get rid of other contestants, the designers on Project Runway create things.

    Like the Barbie doll challenge... there is something produced from this... or, with the Macy's challenge, I was able to go into Macy's and see the garments... wow. That's what I'm excited about.. it's a creative 'creation' show... and sure folks get catty and b*tchy, but that's to be expected.
  • Literally a trend setter! Clothes, show, and television all in one! I love it y'all. I really like to watch people sew. It is cool watching them create works of beauty but some of them are really stupid retards. I am like whoa!

    Love the show all around. My dad was watching it with me for like ten minutes to see what it was like and he heard this one guy named Kaye talking and he was like," Oh my god he is definitely gay You can hear it in his voice." I was like your right dear papa he is really quite the quire. Yeah awkwardness to the max. I have to seriously go take a shower. Like right now. I am serious. Right now. So I am going to go take a shower now and have a good life. Bye bye!
  • A much needed addition to the already crowed world of reality TV.

    I absolutely love this show. Between Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, I just can't get enough.

    I know nothing about fashion, what is what, or how this is that, or what kind of material is good or bad.. and I don't need to know any of that to watch it either. Most of the time I disagree with judges Nina Garcia or Micheal Kors (which again shows that I know nothing about fashion) but that doesn't stop me from tuning in. Every week I grab my Pepsi and popcorn and sit down to watch the drama unfold. I cheer at the top of my lungs for the outfits that give me goose bumps, and dry heeve over the ones that remind of me why I don't own a sewing machine.

    Heidi often says, "You're either in or you're out", and as long as this show is on the air, consider me in.
  • FIVE STARS ***** GREAT SHOW ! Amazing designers, amazing challenges... Let's hope producers will soon have a celebrity’s web auction with Project Runway challenge clothes.

    Amazing designers, amazing challenges... Let's hope producers will soon have a celebrity’s web auction with Project Runway challenge clothes.

    I enjoy every minute of this show. Each challenge seems so impossible, and yet by the end of the day some beautiful garments are made.

    My favorite designers amongst Winners are:

    Next in my closet: Jeffrey Sebelia - season 3
    A twisted mind, with very sure taste. Just what I love !

    Loved: Jay McCarroll - season 1
    Very original work presented at Olympus Fashion week. It's a shame in September 2007, the show was less powerful.

    Was not very impressed by Chloe Dao - season 2
    Boring colors, boring shapes! Hated the shoulders & boleros.
  • Project Runway!

    I love this show just because it gives you a glimpse into the fashion industry. I am an Apparel and Textiles major, and it is nice to see a show that is right up my alley, and has to do with everything that I love. Watching Project Runway is like taking a look into what the furture is holding for me. I love finding out what the next challenge is and seeing how the designers create a new look from a simple idea. I love this show!
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