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  • The Real Twins Show

    Tim Gunn gives tone and class to project runway. Trying hard to balance the producer's need to channel Jerry Springer. But bringing on the twins, then focusing the entire series on them, is a disservice to the serious hard-working designers in this cast. Even when granted a bit of air time, they are forced to discuss the TWINS. I hit mute whenever they speak. If they were even competent designers, it might be excusable but the producers continue to try to emulate the major thrust of this channel - ranting, infantile, wanna-be's..

    Such a shame. The judging has improved. The models are great. There are some terrific designers.

    And yet the producers seem determined to turn gold into schlock.
  • Amanda needs to learn

    I started watching the older seasons and I'm on Season 14. How the females did Ashley for the paint ball challenge, picking each other because they're all buddy-buddy was downright wrong and just a b$$$$h move. Amanda is so annoying and should have gone home a long time ago!!! She's a weak designer and for Candice to pick her to uplift her cause she's been at the bottom consecutively was just not a smart choice. Amanda needs to learn the hard way and stop crying every time she gets constructive criticism. Edmund Newton showed a great example of perseverance and has the work ethics of a true designer. He chased his dream for 14 SEASONS!!! Yeah, Amanda only knows to complain and cry. I hope she scores the lowest this next epi.
  • Seriously??

    Dexter's look with that olive green top with the moon shaped shoulder pads was ridiculous. The judges should have called him out on that, but I think he just got a safe. And Erin with all those coats. The only one that had a vaguely decent look was the yellow one with the trim on it. They have really hideous shapes and are all basically the same coat. Why is she still on? I am glad Tim saved Cornelius, not because he has any great talent, but Erin and Dexter really did throw him under the bus. They were team players as a duo but not as a trio.
  • Mostly just awful.


    So far this season I am not very impressed with anyone except the black lady who uses leather in her designs. She is great.

  • The show is obviously fixed

    The show is obviously fixed, they needed a plus size winner and took anyone they could get. I wont be bothering with the next season.
  • how did she win?

    Ashley was a cry baby who made the judges feel bad for her like she was being bullied when those girls Were nothing close to bullies. Kelly Osbourn is an idiot who can barely dress herself and despite failure in her music career keeps trying for fame. She is highly unqualified and no woman esp a plus size woman would wear ashleys designs.
  • Hideous winner on8/20/15

    I would like to see all the female judges wear that monstrosity to an worthy event. I dare you. Heidi next red carpet you should rock it first. That was the worst misjudge in a long time and I've watched every episode, period. Bye Felecia!
  • ThankThe Baby Jesus

    Episode 13. THANK GOD Korina went home. I was so happy I wanted to send flowers to the judges. THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU
  • Nina's Potty Mouth

    I don't know about anyone else, but I am sick of listening to Nina Garcia spout off the word vagina. So unbecoming on her and disgusting. She keeps it up and this girl won't be watching anymore! My 86 year old mother and I watch it every week, but we were both appalled and disappointed in Nina Garcia.
  • The Jet Pack Dress Won!!??

    Seriously, Judges?? I may not be an fashionista, but you really thought that dress was a winner?? It looked like she was wearing Anagonda snakes or Sigourney Weaver's gun packs from Alien. I think Zac slipped at called them drain pipes, which gave me hope that he saw the ridiculousness of the dress. Sorry, but it was too ugly for words. Her first dress as a winner was a shocker, but this one is ridiculous. If this is what the show is about, I'm discouraged. Emily's pantsuit was amazing. If Nina has "seen it before," I wish I knew where. Would love to buy it. Give us a break judges. Come to our level just a bit.
  • Shark Jumped

    When this show first started, the avant garde, grand, and impeccable craftsmanship were rewarded. Now the judges are just punking us and the ugliest designs seem to win every challenge. It seems (for several seasons) that the judges decide early on who they want to win, and they make it happen no matter how horrible the designs are. We're doneagain.
  • Drama + Amazing Creativity

    For a reality show, this has a lot to offer. There is the drama that goes on between the designers and there are the runway shows that are amazing either because the designs are awesome or because they're really pretty bad. Designers are under a lot of stress to beat the clock in completing a challenge each week - some challenges only give 1 day to complete. Designers run crazy trying to create a winning look - stress levels soar and tempers often flare. Very entertaining - especially the runway shows.
  • I am bored

    What is with Season 10 and the judges love affair with the everything boring???

    Sadly, I am losing my love for Project Runway. I have been a big fan of the show from the first season, mainly because unlike so many other reality shows, the people on Project Runway have a talent and the show focuses on that versus the BS drama you see on most reality shows. But I also loved was the ability to see new, different, and uniquely designed clothes. Clothes and styles that were not already available at every department store in the country.

    But for the last few years though, the judges seem to have the attitude that the more boring and simple, the better the designer (which seems to have started when they gave the win to Gretchen instead of Mondo in Season 8). I do not get why the judges love Christopher so much and he is always in the top. And Fabio makes the most boring simple things out of all of them.

    I think it is time for new judges. It seems like all the current judges are looking for is the next Micheal Kors. Not to say Micheal Kors is not good designer, but his style is classic. The type of basic pieces even your grandmother still has in her closet. And though we all like and need those classic pieces, a whole TV series on "classic fashion" like a good basic pair of pants or that basic fitted jacket you can still wear 10 years from now makes for very, very, boring TV!!

    I thought the point of Project Runway was to see new, different and unique points of views in fashion. How creative these new unknown designers can be. I know that the real fashion business is mostly boring and there is little money to be made in the different, unique, and creative realm of design. But this is still a TV show. And I want to be entertained. Not bored to sleep.

    That is why everyone liked Mondo. Not everyone can wear his clothes and they may not be timeless pieces that sell out in the stores, but his clothes were different and fun and you wanted to watch the next episode to see what crazy cool thing he made the next week. His clothes were entertaining and fun to watch. That makes for good TV.
  • Dmitry should have won tonight!

    I think all the designers that remain this season are ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!! However, I have no idea why Dmitri hasn't won the last three challenges! I have watched this show religiously since season one and his unique point of view and design aesthetic are right up there with my ultimate fave, Seth Aaron! To quote my favorite movie, Zoolander, "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!" Give this guy a win already!!!!! Love, Laurel Eve DeFalco
  • Small town in PA "Just Curious"

    Not a Reality TV viewer here, but am curious on a few things on this show. I've seen maybe 3 or 4 project runway episodes. All the designers seem to focus on the younger generation type clothing. Do they ever show or make any designs for the middle aged or older ladies? or even the Larger ladies. I am not a professional seamstress by any means,but I have been sewing for 40 yrs. and I've made beautiful dresses for the church ladies and others in our town. I feel the market would be a better idea, because the older ladies have more more to spend or buy, than that of the younger lady with a family. "Just Curious"
  • Best reality show!


    PR is just the best reality show. It challenges people WITH talent in a brutal business. Like the Apprentice, but with fashion. I love the whole set-up and the show feels classy. Respectable judges and a variety of different designers with different points of view. Great finales and Tim Gunn is just fabulous.

  • I think I love the concept of this show more than I like the show itself. Even with all the enticing drama it is the end products that I watch this show for.

    I think I love the concept of this show more than I like the show itself. I've always been interested in design and so seeing designers doing their thing is fantastic. They are forced to design out of their comfort zone and with a deadline that helps you to see what it is like for them to cope under pressure. The drama and interaction between the contestants is always entertaining. Even with all the enticing drama it is the end products that I watch this show for. I can never see myself wearing anything that they design but I have to admit that there is always something beautiful to look at at the end of the show.
  • Disappointed with judges, all four should go to Bryant's Park because Jerrel's and Korto's wedding dress were horrible but at least Jerrel's bridesmaid dress was beautiful!

    I completely disagree with the fact that Jerrel's dress won (for the second time), the previous show and after the judges could not decide for a looser put him to compete again. Instead, they should have gave him the spot for the Bryant's Park finale and let the rest compete for the best two. After all, he won the episode where the three contestants are chosen to go for the finale, so it is not fair. Obviously after watching the wedding dresses, Korto's was the worst and she should be out. That dress was horrible, Was it a wedding dress? Are you kidding?. And the bridesmaid dress was....what?. Both were absolutely out and the bridesmaid dress should be made in a different color. Sorry but you judges made a huge mistake. I love the show and have seen all of them, but you should take in consideration that if this happens again who ever wins between the last four, will guarantee his/her spot to the Grand Finale, otherwise is a BS, why did you bother to announce a winner... "and the winner is..." What for? It does not make any difference! No?
    I also want to remind people that this is a designer competition, not a personality competition, one with an attitude the other with tears, or baby talking, or poor me I worked so hard....My God everyone worked hard, Don't you think so? The Question: "Why Do you think you deserve to go to Bryant's Park?
    Duh! Because I am very good and I can show the world that I have a future as a designer. That is why I made it this far.
  • Bizarrely addictive

    Usually I'm not the type to be into reality television or competitive programs, however I find Project Runway to be strangely addictive. Perhaps it's the artist in me that strives to see the clothing that keeps me coming back... Or maybe not. All I know is that I have watched every season of this show and if I do miss a few episodes I find myself wondering who has been voted off. It's hard not to form an attachment to your favorite designer and root for them. However that being said, the show itself isn't fresh or innovative as the seasons have progressed. It has become a bit stagnant. I still find myself watching it even though I'm usually doing something else while it's playing.
  • I love it! I think it is a great show my favorite, especially since I love fashion! I think it's awesome! I highly recommend it!

    Project Runway is about unknown designers who have challenges about designing clothes and presenting them. The best design, obviously wins. Each time each person is presented with different challeneges and it gets more interesting just watching the people work very hard on getting things right and i must say that the designs they make - (some of them, anyway)- are pretty amazing! Some of those designers are really talented and know how to handle things. Heidi Klum and the rest of the judges are awesome! They have great sense of style, know how to do their jobs the right way, to sum it up, they are PERFECT!
  • I absolutely love this show! It kind of reminds me of Design Star.

    This show is awesome! In some ways, it reminds me of design star (but with clothes) which is a good thing! They both have limits to design a certain thing, the judges judge them like what they do on Design Star, they sometimes have partners, and they have different challenges every week or day.

    What I like about this show is the people's creativity and how they use it. What they can really do and how hard they work. It's fun to see what the judges comment on the dresses, too! Like yesterday, one jedge said the dress what "Slutty, slutty, slutty."

    Overall, good and awesome show!
  • A great show. They all have wonderful talent. It would be better if they didn't curse.

    As I said, it's a very wonderful show. I have heard of it in it's, I think 3rd season. I hope this show makes it to it's 100th season. Even my Mom and Dad watch it. Acually, my Mom told me about this show. Wow, I only have 50 words? I have a lot more to go. 50 more acually. I suggest EVERYONE watch Project Runway. It's great insparation for any fashion designer. I hope one day I could make it to the show. But I wouldn't like to get the "Auf Wiedersehen". I don't think ANYBODY would. Well, thanks for reading!
  • Summary of our expectations for Season 5.

    This is one of the best shows on television. The caliber of the contestants last season was so high and really brought out so much artistic talent. From Christian to Jilian to Rami! I don't know how this season's contestants can match up with the folks from Season 4. But if it's anything like what we've seen in the past four years, we know that it's going to be one heck of a ride. I hope they do more creative challenges like they did in Season 4 - using artwork as the inspiration or edible goods as the material. We can't wait for the season to begin!
  • Make it work or it's Auf Wiedersehen!

    I think Project Runway gets better every season. The first season concentrated too much on the models and their drama. That got real old, real fast. The second season was better. I have noticed, that with the exception of Chloe Dao the winner of Season 2, only the most obnoxious and far-out designers win. I mean really, look at Jay's collection from Season 1, no one I know would be caught dead in those clothes. Jeffrey Sebelia's haute couture gown (Season 3) in yellow plaid was a joke! Christian Siriano (Season 4) only designed for women who were 6 feet tall and weighed 100 pounds. I like the designers who design something that the normal, average, everyday woman would want to wear. This whole avant-garde, risqué design trend is ridiculous. But I digress… Project Runway is fun to watch. It's interesting to see the process behind designing, sewing, fitting and showing clothes. Hopefully this season, the winner won't be the most obnoxious designer on the show!
  • This show is so cool because I love fashion designing!

    Project Runway is a Peabody Award-winning American reality television series on the Bravo network which focuses on fashion design. The contestants compete with each other to create the best clothes and are usually restricted in time, materials, and theme. Their designs are judged and one or more designers are eliminated each week. On April 7, 2008, the show's producers, Weinstein Company, announced a five year deal that would relocate the show to Lifetime Television, beginning with Season 6. In response, NBC Universal has filed a lawsuit against the Weinstein Company, for violating its contract rights. Lifetime is moving the location of the show to Los Angeles, instead of New York. This is totally cool!
  • Really good show!

    This is a really good show, especially if you don't like fashion like I don't that much. But the show is really entertaining as well as really enjoyable. Heidi Klum, model-actress is the hostess as she does a really good job in this show. As she seems to know what she is talking about. Aspiring designers compete in order to get their dreams turned into a reality. This show shows pressure in the fashion world and is cutthroat and can be pretty mean-spirited. But all in all, it is a good show. Sweet Tim Guinn is lovable as the head judge. All in all, it is great!
  • Who would've known that a show about struggling, publicity-craved, amateur fashion designers would be such a big hit? Bravo! did, and ever since it has been setting trends for other reality tv shows that serve as job interviews.

    Heidi Klum, the stunning and very German supermodel, serves as hostess/judgess on this show about up and coming fashion designers who want to get their tasteful Jimmy Choos in the door. Tim Gunn stars as the designers' mentor. In other words, if their garment looks "a hot mess", he'll imply it, but won't tell them. Fashion designer magnate Michael Kors and fashion director of ELLE magazine, Nina Garcia, are the judges. Usually they're joined by some other loser in the fashion world and yadda, yadda, yadda...

    The first season of the show is perhaps my favorite due to the spontaneity of it all. First off, there was instant favorite Jay McCarroll who had off-the-wall humor and weird fashion sense. His designs reflected his punk-rock influence and his love of the future. Kara Saun was also an instant favorite due in part that she had such experience in the fashion industry and her clothes were flawless. Austin Scarlett loved glamour and he wanted to bring it back. Every single one of his designs reflected that. Then there's the evil Wendy Pepper who "had a strategy" and "played the game". Though I disagreed with everyone who had a problem with her and persecuted her for her actions, all I can say is "at least she made it to the final three" (Jay won BTW with a STUNNING collection. If you haven't seen it already, man, are you late).

    The second season started with a bang and with even better designers. Though this season wasn't as drama-fueled and it didn't feature more pants in the designs, it was good. Santino Rice was labeled the instant villain even though his early designs were the hottest sh!t in the towne square. Chloe Dao was an amazingly early favorite and her designs have always been sleek and elegant and utterly gorgeous. Diana Eng, I thought, would go far, but I couldn't see her doing a collection and starting a business. Daniel Vosovic was the quiet guy in the background until that group lingerie challenge. He proved that he was instantly a threat and a force to be reckoned with. Nick Verreos was another amazing designer who looked like a sure final-3er. Andrae Gonzalo was sort of a wildcard. He had a lot of interesting points of view, but he knew his fashion. Also, there was Kara Janx who also had a rollercoaster of a time. She had some amazing highs and lows and her collection in the tents was amazing. If she was in the final three, she would've won. Daniel, Santino and Chloe made it to the finals and, in case you've been living under the Project Runway block, she won!

    The third season featured the best designers, but the most BORING personalities. Okay, Jeffrey tried to be some sort of villain, but he was so lame. His designs were great, but he was LAME! Laura was in such a rut it was unbearable. She managed to pump out some good clothes (and managed to be the most critically-acclaimed old person [over 40] in the history of the show) and changed her design technique after the episode Black and White. Uli has always been my favorite despite her repetitiveness, and Michael (now Mycheal) was a closeted gay who finally got some attention in the Idol challenge. Alison totally should have made it to the finals, but the producers wanted to move Vincent on for the sake of viewers. Kayne of Many Colors (per TWoP), was excellent, though he turned boring in the challenge for which he was eliminated. Robert Best turned sucky in the end also. There was a big surprise when it came down to the final three. Heidi (who's had reading problems the entire season), announced that there was going to be a final four. WOW (not really)!!! The only collection that was commercially appealing was Uli's. The only collection that pushed the boundaries was Jeffrey's. The only collection that looked meticulously crafted and more expensive than $8,000 was Laura's. The only collection that looked like utter crap was Michael's. After misleadings and poetic waxing, Jeffrey won. BOO!

    The 4th season kicked off with a "fierce" bang, all thanks to Miss Christian V. Siriano, who is, no doubt, the best designer that's ever graced the show's presence. This season was the blandest when it came to confrontations and cattiness, but that's understandable since the designers were much more focused on their final product and not Wile E. Coyote crap (Mizz Pepper, anyone?). The designs: staggering. The talent: out of this world! The winner: a fierce hot tranny! From the loveable Chris March to the robotic monotones of Jillian Lewis, no fan would be left out in the cold!

    Okay, I love Project Runway. I am addicted. I have been designing and sewing ever since the first season and I have no intention of stopping. The show comes back this summer and "Watch what happens!"...or at least until they move to Lifetime...
  • I discovered this show early in it's third season and while it's not a favourite of mine, I still find it interesting to watch.

    This show is pretty good. First of all, Heidi Klum is a good host, compared to someone like Tyra Banks on ANTM. She doesn't seem to hold favourites, which I like. I sometimes think the judging is a bit unfair though. Like, for example, in season 2 when Santino kept staying and staying. I also hated the fact Daniel V didn't win either, because (even though I loved Chloe) he was the better designer. This show makes some good decision and some bad ones, but the best thing is, it doesn't hold past perfomance against people. It's not a popularity contest, it's the truth. While sometimes a designer might need the same advice, it's the design then that gets scored not every other design that you did. I'm pretty happy watching this show and even though it's nowhere near the top of my favourite show lists, it's interesting and I will continue to watch it.
  • Addictive.

    You could watch episodes of Project Runway over and over and not get sick of it. I started watching it during season three and got automatically hooked. I thought season one was really funny. Season two was talented. Season three was dramatic. And season four was funny, slightly dramatic, and talented. There is something for everyone. However, I think the judges make some pretty crappy decisions and are either too hard on someone or give them too much credit. I disagree with their commments and choices a lot. Over all, Project Runway is a very good show and is very entertaining.
  • Every season has unique challenges that always come out amazing.

    Let me start off by saying, all I know about fashion is: I know what I like and what I do not like, it is that simple. With that being said, I LOVE this show! It amazes me that these designers can be given a challenge, with a deadline, and come up with some amazing looking clothing. Granted, not all outfits that come out of the challenges are great pieces of clothing, but they all look like they could be a "high fashion" item. Each judge has several years of experience in fashion and will give each designer their honest opinion of their final product. Tim Gunn (fashion consultant) works with each of the designers, giving them an outside opinion of their clothing before the final showing.

    I like this show as a whole and it will be on television for a long time.