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  • Who would've known that a show about struggling, publicity-craved, amateur fashion designers would be such a big hit? Bravo! did, and ever since it has been setting trends for other reality tv shows that serve as job interviews.

    Heidi Klum, the stunning and very German supermodel, serves as hostess/judgess on this show about up and coming fashion designers who want to get their tasteful Jimmy Choos in the door. Tim Gunn stars as the designers' mentor. In other words, if their garment looks "a hot mess", he'll imply it, but won't tell them. Fashion designer magnate Michael Kors and fashion director of ELLE magazine, Nina Garcia, are the judges. Usually they're joined by some other loser in the fashion world and yadda, yadda, yadda...

    The first season of the show is perhaps my favorite due to the spontaneity of it all. First off, there was instant favorite Jay McCarroll who had off-the-wall humor and weird fashion sense. His designs reflected his punk-rock influence and his love of the future. Kara Saun was also an instant favorite due in part that she had such experience in the fashion industry and her clothes were flawless. Austin Scarlett loved glamour and he wanted to bring it back. Every single one of his designs reflected that. Then there's the evil Wendy Pepper who "had a strategy" and "played the game". Though I disagreed with everyone who had a problem with her and persecuted her for her actions, all I can say is "at least she made it to the final three" (Jay won BTW with a STUNNING collection. If you haven't seen it already, man, are you late).

    The second season started with a bang and with even better designers. Though this season wasn't as drama-fueled and it didn't feature more pants in the designs, it was good. Santino Rice was labeled the instant villain even though his early designs were the hottest sh!t in the towne square. Chloe Dao was an amazingly early favorite and her designs have always been sleek and elegant and utterly gorgeous. Diana Eng, I thought, would go far, but I couldn't see her doing a collection and starting a business. Daniel Vosovic was the quiet guy in the background until that group lingerie challenge. He proved that he was instantly a threat and a force to be reckoned with. Nick Verreos was another amazing designer who looked like a sure final-3er. Andrae Gonzalo was sort of a wildcard. He had a lot of interesting points of view, but he knew his fashion. Also, there was Kara Janx who also had a rollercoaster of a time. She had some amazing highs and lows and her collection in the tents was amazing. If she was in the final three, she would've won. Daniel, Santino and Chloe made it to the finals and, in case you've been living under the Project Runway block, she won!

    The third season featured the best designers, but the most BORING personalities. Okay, Jeffrey tried to be some sort of villain, but he was so lame. His designs were great, but he was LAME! Laura was in such a rut it was unbearable. She managed to pump out some good clothes (and managed to be the most critically-acclaimed old person [over 40] in the history of the show) and changed her design technique after the episode Black and White. Uli has always been my favorite despite her repetitiveness, and Michael (now Mycheal) was a closeted gay who finally got some attention in the Idol challenge. Alison totally should have made it to the finals, but the producers wanted to move Vincent on for the sake of viewers. Kayne of Many Colors (per TWoP), was excellent, though he turned boring in the challenge for which he was eliminated. Robert Best turned sucky in the end also. There was a big surprise when it came down to the final three. Heidi (who's had reading problems the entire season), announced that there was going to be a final four. WOW (not really)!!! The only collection that was commercially appealing was Uli's. The only collection that pushed the boundaries was Jeffrey's. The only collection that looked meticulously crafted and more expensive than $8,000 was Laura's. The only collection that looked like utter crap was Michael's. After misleadings and poetic waxing, Jeffrey won. BOO!

    The 4th season kicked off with a "fierce" bang, all thanks to Miss Christian V. Siriano, who is, no doubt, the best designer that's ever graced the show's presence. This season was the blandest when it came to confrontations and cattiness, but that's understandable since the designers were much more focused on their final product and not Wile E. Coyote crap (Mizz Pepper, anyone?). The designs: staggering. The talent: out of this world! The winner: a fierce hot tranny! From the loveable Chris March to the robotic monotones of Jillian Lewis, no fan would be left out in the cold!

    Okay, I love Project Runway. I am addicted. I have been designing and sewing ever since the first season and I have no intention of stopping. The show comes back this summer and "Watch what happens!"...or at least until they move to Lifetime...