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Thursday 9:00 PM on Lifetime Premiered Dec 01, 2004 In Season





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  • Disappointed with judges, all four should go to Bryant's Park because Jerrel's and Korto's wedding dress were horrible but at least Jerrel's bridesmaid dress was beautiful!

    I completely disagree with the fact that Jerrel's dress won (for the second time), the previous show and after the judges could not decide for a looser put him to compete again. Instead, they should have gave him the spot for the Bryant's Park finale and let the rest compete for the best two. After all, he won the episode where the three contestants are chosen to go for the finale, so it is not fair. Obviously after watching the wedding dresses, Korto's was the worst and she should be out. That dress was horrible, Was it a wedding dress? Are you kidding?. And the bridesmaid dress was....what?. Both were absolutely out and the bridesmaid dress should be made in a different color. Sorry but you judges made a huge mistake. I love the show and have seen all of them, but you should take in consideration that if this happens again who ever wins between the last four, will guarantee his/her spot to the Grand Finale, otherwise is a BS, why did you bother to announce a winner... "and the winner is..." What for? It does not make any difference! No?
    I also want to remind people that this is a designer competition, not a personality competition, one with an attitude the other with tears, or baby talking, or poor me I worked so hard....My God everyone worked hard, Don't you think so? The Question: "Why Do you think you deserve to go to Bryant's Park?
    Duh! Because I am very good and I can show the world that I have a future as a designer. That is why I made it this far.