Project Runway

Season 2 Episode 1

Road to the Runway

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2005 on Lifetime



  • Trivia

    • Project Runway's first season finalist, Wendy Pepper, was a guest judge on the recruitment process in Houston, Texas.

    • Project Runway's first season 8th cut, Robert Plotkin, was a guest judge on the recruitment process in Miami.

    • Daniel Franco, the first designer sent home in Season 1, auditioned for a chance to compete in the Second Season, and was accepted by the LA Audition Panel.

    • As the judges narrow the list down to the semi-finalists you can see Kayne Gillaspie in one of the frames of potential designers from Texas. Kayne didn't make it this time, but he was selected as a contestant on the third season.

    • Project Runway's first season finalist, Kara Saun, was a guest judge on the recruitment process in Los Angeles.

    • Project Runway's first season winner, Jay McCarroll, was a guest judge during the first day of recruitment in New York.

    • Project Runway's first season 9th cut, Austin Scarlett was a guest judge on the second day of recruitment in New York.

  • Quotes

    • Raymundo: I come from a Roman Catholic Mexican family, so my dad is completely against all this. He thinks this is really gay and stuff like that, so I'm like, 'I am gay'.

    • Tim Gunn: (examining a garment made by Santino) I have to tell you, before you came in, we all said to each other if we see one more corset we're gonna scream, but this is really good!

    • Prospective Designer: I'm trying to incorporate weird objects into clothing.
      Robert Plotkin: (sitting on the judges' panel) These are condoms?
      Prospective Designer: Yeah.
      Robert Plotkin: Mind if I take some?

    • Andrae (on the fabric given to them for the first challenge): Muslin in general is not a very pretty fabric. It's kind of coarse, unfinished. It's like the hillbilly of fabrics.

    • Daniel F: (after almost being eliminated in the first round again) I was having some serious deja vu like I've never had in my life!

    • Heidi Standridge (after being eliminated): I'm going to hug you. I know you shake hands, but I'm going to hug you because I'm from Alabama and that's what we do. And I'm not going to cry because I promised I wouldn't, but I really... I'm just thankful to be here, so thank you so much.
      Heidi Klum: Thank you. Auf Wiedersehen.
      Heidi Standridge: I don't know what that means, but, bye!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Andrae: (on having to close his shop after three years) It's 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes' time.
      He alludes to the song "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" recorded by The Platters.

    • Guadalupe: Yeah, I got a haircut. I look like Bruce Lee.
      Bruce Lee was a Chinese American best known for his martial arts movies in the early seventies.

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