Project Runway - Season 6

Thursday 9:00 PM on Lifetime Premiered Dec 01, 2004 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 11/30/17
  • Finale Part 2
    Episode 14

    It's the day of runway. Each designer showcases a collection of thirteen looks. Judges decide who the winner of season six is.

  • Finale Part 1
    Episode 13

    The three designers get $9000 each to create 12 looks for the Fashion Week. Tim Gunn visits the contestants at home to check their progress. One finalist has to fight against a contagious disease.

  • The Art of Fashion
    Episode 12

    The five remaining designers must use the inspiration provided by the art and architecture of LA's Getty Center to determine which three competitors will go on to Fashion Week at Bryant Park.

  • 10/29/09

    It's another one day challenge and the designers have to create a companion look to one of their winning designs from previous challenges, but it seems that some of them are inspired by outfits of their fellow designers.

  • 10/22/09

    In this one day challenge the designers have to take inspiration from seven famous locations in the world chosen by fashion designer Michael Kors. At the end of the challenge only six designers will be left heading to Bryant Park.

  • 10/15/09

    Christina Aguilera is a guest judge in this episode and the designers have to create an extravagant stage look for her, which should catch the attention of the audience from far away and should also look chic on video from very close.

  • 10/8/09

    Designers have to reconstruct wedding gowns of newly divorced women into fashionable new looks. In this one day challenge one designer will win immunity for the last time in this season.

  • 10/1/09

    The designers, working in pairs, have to create two looks for Macy's INC brand using blue fabrics. The winning designer will actually create a summer dress to be sold in Macy's stores.

  • 9/24/09

    Designers have to create outfits for film genres like film noir, western, period piece, sci-fi and action & adventure. The make-up of the models has to match the characters, they are representing. This one-day challenge will have a surprising elimination result.

  • Fashion Headliners
    Episode 5

    Twelve designers use newspaper as fabric to create their looks, but one designer becomes frustrated and finally has to go home.

  • What a Woman Wants
    Episode 4

    The thirteen remaining designers have new clients for this week's challenge- their models! They must create an eye-catching look to be worn at a fashion industry event, and have only one day and with a budget of just one hundred dollars to make it work.

  • 9/3/09

    The designers are taken to the beach and have to create a fun and fashionable surfwear look inspired by Californian surfwear. They have to work in teams of two. Later on Tim Gunn declares that the designers have to create an avant-garde companion piece.

  • We Expect Fashion
    Episode 2

    The remaining designers have to create a look for an actual celebrity, but there is a twist involved, which will be a big surprise for the designers.

  • 8/20/09

    Season six starts with sixteen new designers in Los Angeles. Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia will judge them, while Tim Gunn is their mentor. For their first Challenge, they are asked to create an innovative red carpet dress that best represents their style, whether that red carpet is at the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, or Video Music Awards.

  • All-Star Challenge

    Eight former contestants of Project Runway compete for a $100.000.- cash prize in this two-hour special prior to season start.
    Daniel Vosovic, Santino Rice from season 2, Jeffrey Sebelia, Uli Herzner , Mychael Knight from season 3, Chris March and Sweet P from season 4 and finally Korto Momolu from last season are the designers from past seasons. Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Tim Gunn will be judging and mentoring them.