Project Runway

Season 4 Episode 11

The Art of Fashion

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2008 on Lifetime

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  • One of the final five will be the winner and two of them will be out.

    It's the last week before the fashion week. This week two of the designers will be eliminated. All starts with a field trip to the upper east side of New York. Tim Gunn is waiting for them in front of the Metropolitan Museum Of Art.

    Their challenge is to choose a work of art to serve as the inspiration for the look of their choice. The final five have to choose their inspiration from the Greek and Roman Sculpture Courtyard, the European Paintings Wing or from the Temple of Dendur. They have to record the source of their inspiration with a camera.

    Rami chooses a marble statue of aphrodite and naturally his dress will have some draping elements. Christian is inspired by a beautiful Spanish military painting to design a high fashion, avant-garde, masculine outfit. Sweet P chooses a peacocks painting as inspiration. Jillian's inspiration comes from a painting called "Scenes from the story of the argonauts". She is trying to express certain edgy side of herself. Chris chooses a portrait of a eighteenth century noble woman and wants to transform her dress to a super modern, couture version.

    Two days and a 300 $ budget is given to them. Styling and make up will be critical elements in the evaluation.

    At the beginning of the second day the models come for fitting, but Sweet P's model has an emergency, and she gets freaked out. Jillian has almost finished the coat, but still has a lot of work with the golden dress. Chris finishes his work quite early to the surprise of the others. He decides to take a nap on the couch. Tim thinks the dress is not refined enough and asks Chris to add some elements, but Chris disagrees. Christian is selfconfident about his design. Jillian is worried about finishing on time. Sweet P stil misses her model. Rami's dress looks like his previous ones. He decides not to overdesign his dress and to make a beautiful work instead.

    The make-up of the models will be created by Collier Strong, consulting makeup artist, L'Oreal Paris. Two hours before the end of the night Sweet P's model finally appears and Kathleen is relieved, but is stil a little bit worried if she can finish her dress on time.

    It's the day of the last runway show. Roberto Cavalli, the famous Italian fashion designer is the guest judge. One of the contestants will be the winner and two of them will be out.
    Mr. Cavalli loves Christian's multi piece jacket/shirt trouser combination and says that it has been created with much love. He appreciates the details of the shirt. The other judges call it super super super chic.
    Mr. Cavalli finds Chris's dress the most artistic of all. He thinks, that Chris will have the chance to show his collection in Paris in the future.
    Nina Garcia is positively surprised by Jillian's work. Mr. Cavalli loves the details of the jacket, especially the cut outs in the back. He wants to hire her for his stuff. All the judges love the jacket and the short dress.
    Michael Cors finds Sweet P's dress nice and wearable and easy to sell in the showroom, but the dress is not special enough.
    The judges criticize, that Rami makes only draped dresses and want to see more from him.

    The winner of the challenge is Christian. Congratulations…
    Also Jillian guarantees her a spot in the fashion week. First Sweet P is sent home. The last two on the runway are Chris and Rami. Heidi Klum says that both of them have disappointed the judges by making designs similar to their previous dresses. She first says "Chris you're in" and then adds "Rami you're also in". Both are puzzled. Heidi Klum explains, that only one of them will make it to the fashion show. They both have to show their three strongest looks from their collections when they return to New York for fashion week and the judges will determine, which one of them will move on to compete at fashion week.
  • drape. peacock.

    This was the episode of Project Runway in which the three (oops, I mean four) designers who would make it to the finale were established. I figured Christian and Jillian would make it in right off the back, and their designs were my personal favorite. I felt bad for Sweet P because of her model situation, and it was a nice dress, but I guess it wasn't what they were looking for. I would have picked Chris's dress over Rami's because Rami did the same thing every week. They probably had to take consistency into account, though. This was one of my favorite challenges of season four. It's definitely an episode worth watching.
  • i get so neves when its time for one to go my fav is still in yahooo

    i love this show as i love to make cloths myself will never be good as the people on the show but i think some times the send the wrong person home keep up the good work all make it work lol cant wait to see who will win wish chris wins it all but who knows omg omg omg omg omg i dont know what else to say lol lol lol omg omg omg omg omg omg help me cant think of any thing to write lol well who ever wins wishing you the very best in joy the car and the money in my book you are all winers