Project Runway

Season 7 Episode 8

The Elements of Fashion

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2010 on Lifetime



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    • Jay: (talking to his roommates) We're like the Victoria's Secret Wonderbra. We lift each other up.

    • Emilio: I got spanked by Heidi and Michael and I've learned my lesson.

    • Maya: At the very beginning, it was sort of intimidating 'cause everybody's so unique and different and cool in their own way. But now you sort of really see the humanity in people.

    • Jay: Trust your gut.
      Anthony: Oh, my viscera.
      Jay: Which part of your body is that?
      Anthony: I don't know, I was looking for my viscera for two days!

    • Jonathan: When there's so few designers now, every decision, every cut, every shopping trip at Mood is so important. It's definitely do or die time.

    • Jonathan: I think its getting to the point where these designers don't think I'm a threat and that is so untrue. They just are completely blind to the fact that I am going to win this whole contest.

    • Anthony: This is not a departure for me to use darker colours. And in case anyone didn't know, black, not only is it beautiful, it's officially presidential.

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