Project Runway

Season 7 Episode 2

The Fashion Farm

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2010 on Lifetime



  • Trivia

    • Pamela Ptak dyed her potato sack like a denim garment, but her poorly fitted and too-short strapless minidress was the reason she was sent home.

    • Jay Nicolas Sario succeeded in changing a burlap potato sack into a black mini party dress with ruffles and won the first place.

    • The top three designers were Amy Sarabi, Jay Nicolas Sario and Mila Hermanovski.

      The bottom three designers were Ping Wu, Pamela Ptak and Jesus Estrada.

    • This episode's guest judge was Lauren Hutton - actress, model, and adventurer.

  • Quotes

    • Ping: (as she fits her model Elizaveta) I want to make sure the buttocks are covered...
      Elizaveta: Yeah, make sure the buttocks are covered, that would be nice!

    • Tim Gunn: You've heard the expression, 'She's so beautiful, she'd even look great in a potato sack'? Well, you're going to prove that point.

    • (as the last designer chosen)
      Mila: What am I, chopped liver?

    • Emilio: You have to create something that they're going to wear to an event and you're using one of the most basic fabrics in the world, burlap is probably as old as Moses.

    • Tim Gunn: I find it intriguing.
      Ping: Yes, I know, I'm always intriguing.

    • Tim Gunn: All right, designers, we'll have a big runway show and I want those judges' socks to go blowing off their feet!

    • Jonathan: My first thought when I see Ping's design is what, the garment's not functional, it doesn't cover her ass! And you know, so I'm worried but I mean then I look over at Ping and she's smiling. So I'm like maybe I'm not worried maybe it's supposed to be an ass-flap. I don't know, it's all very strange.

    • Anthony: Pamela, her model tried on her dress and I was like 'Miss Thing has a big ol' butt!' Like, it looked huge in the garment.

    • Lauren Hutton: (about Jesus's design) Dresses should be like paintings, especially ones like this, and that's sort of a very confused assault on the eye painting.

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