Project Runway

Season 7 Episode 3

The Hi's and Lows of Fashion

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2010 on Lifetime



  • Trivia

    • Ping Wu's dress looked as if it were resurrected from a vintage clothing store and she was sent home.

    • Mila Hermanovski's '60s inspired coat and pant ensemble won the first place and she has immunity for the next challenge.

    • The top four designers were Jay Nicolas Sario, Mila Hermanovski, Jonathan Joseph Peters and Maya Luz.

      The bottom four designers were Anthony Williams, Seth Aaron Henderson, Jesse LeNoir and Ping Wu.

    • The designers are given $500 to spend on this episode's challenge - the highest amount ever given in the history of Project Runway to date.

    • The guest judge for this episode was acclaimed British designer Matthew Williamson.

  • Quotes

    • Janeane: (when they notice they're all wearing black on runway day) We look like we're going to a funeral.
      Anna: The death of our hopes and dreams.

    • Jonathan: Tim definitely made sure to tell us that in the end, the team leader had the final decision, and I tell you, Mila has no problem making decisions!

    • Jesse: Don't screw it up, Jonathan!
      Jonathan: Stop trying to get in my head, Jesse.
      Jesse: Mila's gonna punch you in the throat!

    • Anthony: Our color palette is bright yellow, red, and black, so at this point I think that we're designing a gown for the Vice President of McDonalds.

    • Jesse: (about Ping's fabric) I don't even know the best way to describe it, but its a nice hooker kind of shiny synthetic something. Like I can just imagine the judges saying, 'This looks cheap.'

    • Seth Aaron: I'm following you now.
      Anthony: Mm hmm. Seth Aaron, I'm gonna make you write it in blood 'cause every time you tell me you like something, you change it!

    • Anthony: I was just saying, Ping, you've been really doing an awesome job. Your dress is beautiful.
      Ping: Thank you.
      Anthony: Yes. Ping? You didn't have nothing nice to say in return to me?
      Ping: (laughing) I think you're very funny, very sweet, very nice.
      Anthony: I like you too, sister.

    • Anthony: I'm stacked, packed, and ready to attack!

    • Jonathan: Mila took everything that might have been outside of her realm and put it all on me, just in case it backfired. I know how badly Mila wants to be here and I do think she would sell me out on the runway. I also know that I would sell her out.

    • Jesse: At this point, safe is a victory for me, so that's my goal and it sucks to shoot that low but ultimately, middle-safe is all I want.

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