Project Runway

Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2008 on Lifetime

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  • Creating an outfit and making two opposite poles happy about it was a great challenge.. but some designers should start listen more to tim's critics.. (attention, this critic has spoilers)

    When I saw that they have to design an outfit for a just graduated girl, I felt like it was a great idea.. all of us have always had a first interview.. which is exciting, but in the other hand nervous.. and you never know what you're gonna wear.. so you have to go and buy something, and you don't find nothing you like.. moms are always there helping you out, but as Joe mentioned, what mom likes, we don't..

    It was a tough challenge, bcause they had to find a balance between what the mom wants and what the girl wanted.. i think all of them succeeded except SUEDE.. omg, some really talented people is going out (like blayne) and he is still here.. I don't doubt he has talent (cause he has it).. but his designs are not extraordinary and sometimes he does whatever he wants except doing what has been asked!
    in the other hand Joe.. is so unfair that he was out this chapter.. at the beginning I didn't like him much.. but then he step out and did very good designs according to what was asked.. His design was good, she was happy with the design but not with the fabric (i think is how it is spelled).. but believe me, I'm finishing graphic design and I would wear that outfit for an interview.. it wasn't an outfit for winning like koto's or jerrell's, but it was quite good..

    and Kenley.. OMG, her attitude is awful.. at the beggining i was ohh well ok.. but now is like: please would you shut up!!.. when the judges made a critic about joe's pocket and she was laughing.. I was like WTH!! shut upp..!!
    I'm so like: pls kick her out kick her out.. I'm tired of watching her dresses, which are all the same.. and the astrological chapter.. with the minnie mouse dress.. how dare they to kick blayne out when they had her design...

    and Koto, she is the best designer of the whole season.. it pisses me off when she never wins the challenges, her dresses are beautiful and never look the same, she gets the escense of every single challenge.. well, maybe she will win the whole thing i don't know.. koto you're the best..

    so, this chapter wasn't like wow the best of all.. but i felt identified with the girls.. i didn't agree with Joe going out.. pls kick out kenley..!!