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  • Season 9 Episode 6: The Art of the Matter

  • Elimination:
    Bottom three were Joshua C., Bert and Olivier.
    Joshua Christensen's look was inspired by a wolf painting, but was called "Awkward Dominatrix" and "Victorian cocktail waitress" by the judges and he was eliminated for the second time from the competition.

  • The Challenge:
    The designers are paired with students of The Harlem School of the Arts and have to create a painting that will serve as inspiration for an avant-garde look.
    The winner of this challenge will get immunity for the next challenge.

  • Season 9 Episode 5: Off The Track

  • Winner:
    The judges chose two winners: Joshua McKinley and Viktor Luna.
    Victor's denim leather jacket and short crinkle dress plus Joshua's printed maxi dress, which was actually Anya's design, will be sold exclusively on Heidi's website on

  • Elimination:
    Although it was a team challenge, the designers were judged individually, as the judges had garments in each team which they did like or which they didn't like.
    So the bottom four were Anthony Ryan, Becky, Laura and Danielle.
    Danielle Everine being too chiffon-addicted was sent home by the judges. Heidi claimed that she would have sent Anthony instead, but she was outnumbered.

  • The Challenge:
    The designers are divided into four teams. Each group has to create three cohesive garments made from denim or suede, which can be worn together with Heidi Klum's New Balance sneakers.
    The winning garment will be sold exclusively on Heidi's website.

  • Left/Came In:
    Cecilia Motwani left the competition on her own will, Joshua Christensen was chosen by her teammates to come back and replace her.

  • Season 9 Episode 4: All About Nina

  • Winner:
    The top three are Kimberly Goldson, Anya Ayoung Chee and Viktor Luna. Kimberly wins the challenge with a sparkling gold brocade asymmetrical top and navy blue pants. When Kimberly visits Nina Garcia at work, she wears her dress and when Kimberly leaves her office, she sees her outfit on a taxi cab ad.

  • Elimination:
    The bottom three are Cecilia Motwani, Julie Tierney and Danielle Everine. Julie's asymmetrical coat dress of muted grays and orange was made from wrong colors and wrong fabrics and she was sent home.

  • The Challenge:
    The designers have to create an outfit to a very special customer, namely for Nina Garcia. The look they create should be something she could wear during the day and to fashion events at night. The winning garment will be on an ad in Marie Claire magazine and additionally it will be displayed on ads on New York city cabs.

  • Season 9 Episode 3: Go Big or Go Home

  • Winner:
    Top three teams were Danielle & Cecilia, Kimberly & Becky, Anthony Ryan & Laura. Team Anthony & Laura designed a red feather-shouldered ensemble and Anthony recommended Laura Kathleen for the win.

  • Elimination:
    The bottom three teams are Bert & Viktor, Joshua M. & Julie, Bryce & Fallene. Fallene Wells, who failed to produce a garment except a small hat, was eliminated.

  • The Challenge:
    The designers have to create an eye-catching, imaginative outfit "larger than life" for professional stilt walker models.They are divided in teams of two.

  • Season 9 Episode 2: My Pet Project

  • Winner:
    Anthony Ryan Auld, Joshua McKinley and Olivier Green were in the top three. In a tight race between Anthony and Olivier, Olivier Green was named the winner with a two piece made from dog bed and hamster bedding.

  • Elimination:
    Bryce Black, Fallene Wells and Joshua Christensen were in the bottom three. Being for the second time in the bottom and having missed the main point of the challenge which was to use unconventional materials, Joshua Christensen was eliminated.

  • The Challenge:
    The contestants have to design an outfit using pet store supplies.

  • Season 9 Episode 1: Come As You Are

  • Winner:
    Bert Keeter, Anya Ayoung Chee and Anthony Ryan Auld are in the top three. Bert Keeter's mini dress made from his shirts brings him the winner title. He has immunity for next week.

  • Elimination:
    Julie Tierney, Rafael Cox and Joshua Christensen are in the bottom three. Rafael Cox' misfitting tights was criticized by the judges and he was eliminated.

  • The Challenge:
    The designers are awakened at 5 am by Tim Gunn to be informed about their first challenge. They have to go to the Parsons workroom as they are and create a look from their pajamas and one sheet from their bed.

  • First Cut:
    The designers are judged by their portfolios and four of them have to leave before even Season 9 starts. Amanda Perna, David Chum, Gunnar Deatherage and Serena Da Conceeicao are the first ones to leave.

  • Season 8 Episode 14: Finale Part 2

  • Having walked on the finale for the winning designer, Millana Snow was declared the winning model of season eight. She won a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine and $25,000 from L'Oreal Paris. Millana Snow had worked together with April Johnston in nine challenges, only in the last four episodes she was working with Gretchen.

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