Project Runway

Season 3 Episode 11

What the Elle?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2006 on Lifetime

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  • Jeffrey's alternate personality: What was blaringly obvious was not just the new Jeffrey at home but the new Jeffrey's reaction to his accuser/s!

    Well seeing Jeffrey's alternate personality in the beginning of the episode when Tim Gunn came to visit the designers in their home made me immediately suspicious. As a matter of fact I literally found myself saying nearly the exact same sentiments spoken by Laura seconds before she spoke them. When Jeffrey was acting like a human being during Tim Gunn's visit I thought he must've been advised to get a script coach (or a new one, lol), and WHY was this altered personality peering through the beady eyes of Jeffrey, the self righteous reformed bum? I thought scathingly...somethings had to be up. Naturally something was up. What was blaringly obvious was not just the new Jeffrey at home but the new Jeffrey's reaction to his accuser/s! Look, I'm happy for the guy that he made a comeback from a really dark life, but hey, that doesn't give him lisence to lord over all others whom he clearly assumes know nothing of difficulties in life. GROW UP JEFFREY. Start wearing turtle necks or, should you remain on and actually win, (God forbid), use some of that money to have the grafitti removed from your neck. It really is distracting at best and plain grotesque at worse. I wonder if Jeffrey could survive in the world of High Fashion if he DID win I don't see him emotionally stable enough to get in touch with his true vulnerabilities and handle those with any sort of professional poise.
  • What????????????

    Seriously...How could both Michael and Jeffrey both screw up these outfits so much? This was the one time that the judges were giving the designers the ultimate free pass to express themselves and their visions of their creations and they both blew it.
    Uli did her usual thing and it was awesome and even better than she's done before because she amped it up a bit. Laura did the same thing she's been doing with no real oopmh to it at all. But Michael and Jeffrey went the complete opposite way.
    Did they get the directions backwards? We should have seen something fabulous and sexy from Michael and a hard rock/punk masterpiece from Jeffrey and they both totally flaked.
    Serious disappointment for both of the guys on this one.