Project Runway

Season 2 Episode 11

What's Your Line?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2006 on Lifetime

Episode Recap

Only four contestants left. The final three will present at Olympus Fashion Week. This is the most important challenge of the season. Chloe, Daniel V., Kara and Santino are the final four. By the end of the show, three of them will be in the finals, and one of them will be out.

The challenge presented to them is to create a night gown that represents the collection they wish to present at Fashion Week. They have 48 hours.

They take a field trip to 7th on the Sixth to get some tips for Fashion Week and then they are off to create and execute.

As usual, Santino's design is the most extravagant of all, in gold, and very sparkly. Chloe's dress is a pale shade of white, Kara's is black and has a sporty cut on the back. Daniel V.'s is navy and classic.

As the first day pass them by, Chloe expresses that she is not quite sure she wants that kind of business for her life. They others are shocked.

When dinner break comes, Tim Gunn showes up to take them to another field trip. This time, they go to a party, attended by the judges, their models, Heidi and three special guests from season one: Jay, Kara Saun and Austin. They share tips and infos about their passion for fashion and changes that Project Runway brings into their lives.

Back to the working room, Santino is the one with the most work to be finished.

After hours, back at the apartment, Santino declares to Daniel V. that he believes it will be either Kara or Daniel himself who will be eliminated from the show in this challenge.

Next day comes and, early in the morning, Tim Gunn comes by once again with a greater surprise: The Topmodel of all Topmodels, Iman will be the guest judge in the challenge and, as a reward to the winner, she has agreed to wear the winning dress on a Red Carpet Major event. They all become even more excited about it, thinking of the great honor it is to have Iman wearing their garmit.

The time for the Runway show comes. The models go in and go out. The judges write their scores and bring all the four of them into the Runway to defend their creations.

The judges point out that: - Chloe's dress is poorly finished and the rear doesn't quite fit the model. - Kara's was unfinished as well, thread lines can be seen on the bottom of her dress. - Daniel's is beautiful, fits well, is perfectly finished, but is boring.] - Santino's is creative, but has so many things attached to it that has crossed the line between being creative and becoming a joke.

The designers leave and the judges discuss the show. "Boring" is the one word they find to describe the show. Especially for the final challenge.

Designers return. Santino is the first to be sent back. He qualifies for Fashion Week. However, it is clear in his eyes he is disappointed he was not the winner.

Next, the winner is annouced by Iman: it is Daniel's dress she decides to wear on the Red Carpet. He leaves the Runway, thrilled. He qualifies for Fashion Week.

Only Chloe and Kara are left, for the final spot on Fashion Week. Te judges say that Chloe's dress was poorly finished, and she does not show passion for the business. About Kara, they complain that she says she's about colors, but all they see is a poorly made black dress.

Kara is sent away. Chloe qualifies for Fashion Week and leaves the runway, saying "I DO have the passion.

And the final three are already selected: Chloe, Daniel V. and Santino. Who has what it takes to become America's next greatest designer?