Project Runway

Season 5 Episode 9

What's Your Sign?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 10, 2008 on Lifetime



  • Trivia

    • Teams

      Blayne and Stella (Libra) Jerell and Jennifer (Sagittarius) Joe and Daniel (Aries) Kenley and Wesley (Aquarius) Korto and Kelli (Aquarius) Leanne and Emily (Scorpio) Suede and Jerry (Libra) Terri and Keith (Leo)

    • Tim announced during the challenge, that there will be no immunity for the winner of this and further challenges.

    • For these episode the remaining designers had to work in teams of two with the eliminated designers of this season. To determine the teams, first remaining designers row up in order of month and day of their birth and then Tim selects randomly the name of their partner from a black velvet bag. Then each team has to choose one member's astrological sign as an inspiration for an avantgarde look they will create.

      Designer Sun Sign Paired with Sun Sign

      Korto Aquarius - Kelli Cancer

      Kenley Aquarius - Wesley Scorpio

      Joe Aries - Daniel Sagittarius

      Leanne Libra - Emily Scorpio

      Blayne Libra - Stella Scorpio

      Terry Sagittarius - Keith Leo

      Jerell Sagittarius - Jennifer Taurus

      Suede Sagittarius - Jerry Libra

    • Both Blayne and Terri were eliminated.

    • Jerell was declared the winner of the challenge.

    • The top designers were Jerell, Joe, Leanne, and Korto.

      The bottom designers were Suede, Terri, Kenley, and Blayne.

  • Quotes

    • Blayne: Did you have any dreams?
      Suede: We all had to make sweetheart neckline dresses out of chiffon and Pop Tarts.
      Blayne: Did you drink before you went to sleep?

    • Tim: There is a fine line between avant garde and costume. I mean, it looks like...
      Kenley: What costume is this? What play is this in?
      Tim: ...Glinda, the Good Witch of the North!
      Kenley: She would never be this fabulous!

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