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CBS (ended 1999)





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  • Would love to buy the series. This was such a good WHOLESOME - UPLIFTING show

    Would love being able to buy the series on disk --be great for gifts and such. Which they had more shows like this.
  • PLEASE bring this program BACK!

    If anyone is listening to viewers, take notice and bring back this superb program. My Grandson, (8 years old) LOVES this program. It is time that America sees the later in life Green's! It would fit in with all that is going on with America today. I love the messages that prevailed each week and it is TIME we had a wholesome family program to watch instead of all this crap we are watching today.....because we have nothing else to watch! Gerald McRaney...YOU ARE THE MAN! I watched it when it was on the first time around and was crushed when it was cancelled.....someone please listen to your viewers and bring this BACK!
  • Show is about as good as it gets for good family and american life.

    Our family are enjoying the series again on Sky Angel. When out 2 children were younger we watched the show as a family. We are watching again togeather when our children are home visiting. The values are positive, the experiences real and the results were HOPE. Is it so wrong to have shows on television that encourages people to do the right thing, to help others? If you can and have the opportunity, watch the series and if I am wrong about what I wrote.....tell me. Also I wander if we had the values on televison today and families watched them, would not our younger generations possibly have more positive HOPE.
  • Reruns or DVD's please!!

    Please bring this show back!! It is so awesome! Good shows are hard to come by! I am an avid fan! Good wholesome TV viewing, with great acting and great story line. I also wish that it would be available in DVD's. Seems like every show has had reruns, except for this one. How is Gerald Rainey doing now? I think also, with these tough economic times. The show gives great suggestions and support for families in the same predicament. I found it a great escape. Join this petition to get this show going again! Thanks for TV!! Louisiana Mom!
  • Maybe it's my fault but I can't see the link between Promised Land and Touched by an Angel. Promised Land was better...

    So I said I couldn't see the link between Promised Land & Touched by an Angel. I rather see a link between Promised Land and 7th Heaven. Both shows are about a family which is filled with love and always ready to help every other family they meet. The only thing which makes me prefer Promides Land to 7th heaven it that Promised Land had never became boring. So I really don't understand what made the CBS to cancel it...
  • would like to see it on dvds sometime soon i like the show it is very good for yound kids to watch and it has to do with god and stuff liket that i like the show on dvds i can have it at home to watch all the time.

    would like to see it on dvds in the next year or so it has alot to do with god but if you are into that you will like the show maybe it could for kept on going and not quit atfer three seasons i would of like to to keep on going
  • Another superb Gerald McRaney series. Great message stories without being preachy. Good wholesome program for the entire family....something very much lacking today.

    This series was highly underrated as far as I'm concerned. The acting was wonderful, the stories well-written, and it was a show that you could sit down with your entire family to watch.
    One of my favorite cast members was Ossie Davis, God rest his soul. I am so glad I got to "know" him for a little while. Oh and what a hoot Cloris Leachman was!
    I remember crying through several scenes....something that Gerald McRaney gets me to do more than any other actor. One scene was when Claire went outside and rang the bell after Grace died. The other was when Russell went outside and broke down over the loss of their infant.
    Just didn't care for the episodes when they settled down in Denver. The whole feel of the show left then and I remember being very upset with Ms. Williamson, the creator of the show.
  • An incredible Spiritual and Intelligent Show.

    Promised Land is the best t.v. show ever, even though it only lasted three seasons the show has more meat, then any other show on t.v. nowadays, that has lasted longer then this. I didn\'t find out about this show, until one day I flipped throughthe channels and saw this- it is cutting-edge, dramatic, spiritual and very emotional. Its the type of show we need to see more of on TV, it has great family morals and values and there is a lot of thought behind it. Nobody knows I watch
    it, but I just love good-wholesome shows. Gerald McRaney and Wendy Phillips are amazing actors in Promised Land and they have such an intense chemistry...and the rest of the cast are just brilliant. I love this show.