Property Brothers

Wednesday 10:00 PM on HGTV Premiered Oct 19, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Spiffy building Technics used by the Scott Brothers

    I've watched 2 seasons of the Property Brothers and I'm hypnotized by their accuracy and their talent to follow the rules of building and city codes. Compliance and safety, as well as accuracy, is a primary sell for contractors. People depend on contractors like Jonathan and Drew to be up front with them. They know what they are doing and they are for people, not just for the profit of the show. Yes, they live good but they also do an excellent job, too. You pay for quality and that's just what they are. Highly educated and very attentive to detail. They know the quality material and save the buyers a lot of money. They do it right the first time. I'll always watch their show.
  • Ever wonder where they are filming the show?

    Enjoy the friendly camaraderie among the brothers as well as the before and after renovations to the house. However one thing that really bugs our family is we wish they would tell us where they are at. It would be an added bonus for the viewer to know what the home prices are in the area as well as make the show more interesting.
  • Wish I had a little of thier help.

    I find the shows very interesting. It has helped with raising our house, putting in a basement, designing how the rooms will be, tearing down walls and building it back up. I am stumped on one design, I can't figure how to build stairs going from the basement to the top level. My husband wants the stairs straight and I want the stairs with a curve in them to make it easier to move a large item upstairs. I want them to look nice and he wants to use the compost boards that are used in decking. So far we have worked together real good but this is making me go Grr. Oh well this to will come to pass. Love the show.
  • Property Brothers Review

    Jonathan and Drew Scott work together to make a family happy. Drew Scott, goes and helps them find their perfect dream home. In the mean while, Jonathan Scott is fixing up their old home for them to be able to list it for a decent price. Jonathan may come across some things that have to make them go over the budget. Also Drew may show them houses that are over the budget but have everything they want. At the end they are perfectly sound in their new home.

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    Isiah Gray
  • best show ever

    I love this show .Drew & Jonathon are the best. They always do what they say they will do. It`s the best reality show ever. I even watch reruns of it. Love it love it.
  • Love these guys

    They get it right every time. And have inspired me to go on to study real estate. My sister is a decorator so she could help with the flip side. Now I just need the general contractor ....

  • All of Them

    One of the best programs on TV! Love these guys. They take houses that some times could not be called houses and turn them into dream homes. I love seeing what they are able to do with the run down houses, turning them into place anyone would love to have. Please come help me!
  • I Love This Show

    At the age of 13 Im proud to say I found this show It teaches me the expences in life like how much owning my own property would cost and stuff this is fun and has some very good humor and helps people who want to buy a great house but cant find it in there price budget that were Drew comes in there realiter he shows them the house of there dreams knowing they cant afford it and then tells them he can get them a piece of crap house under there budget and use the rest of the money for renavations were his identical brother jonathan comes in he fixes up the house beautifullu and he just cant belive the jod he does with a torn to piece house This Show Is Great it's on channel 58 hgtv watch it