Property Virgins - Season 4

Daily 2:00 PM on HGTV Premiered Feb 29, 2008 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • A Woman Who Survived a Lightning Strike is Shocked by Real Estate Prices
    Like a heavenly wake-up call, Jen has a new lease on life since being struck by lightning nine months ago. She says she's ready to settle down in her very own home, but the prices in the Washington D.C. real estate market are shocking.
  • Photo Finish
    Photo Finish
    Episode 12
    Keefe and Janice, a couple who are crazy about motor sports, are getting married in a couple of months and want to move out of their parents' houses before then.
  • Big Wedding, Big House
    Anjie and Alpesh are busy planning their lavish, week-long Hindu wedding. And although they've got just four months to go, they also want to buy their first home in time for the honeymoon.
  • A Couple Goes House-Hunting Just Two Weeks Before Their Wedding
    Emily and Chris are getting married in just two weeks, and they'd hoped to buy their first home before they say 'I do.' Host Sandra Rinomato vows to show them some fantastic homes, but will they be ready to commit?
  • Leaving Apartment Life and Searching for the Perfect Home
    High school sweethearts Patricia and Rick are ready to ditch their rental apartment and are searching for the perfect home in the perfect location. However, they soon find that their budget is less than perfect.
  • Bidding Wars in the Aggressive Toronto Market
  • The Choice Is Theirs
  • Seasons Change
    Seasons Change
    Episode 6
    Nav and Kush are tired of living is his mother's basement and are ready to move their growing family into a place of their own. It's going to be tricky for Sanrda to find them the place of their dreams with the couple's long wish list.
  • Searching for a Miami Dream Home
    Stan and Merrily, both in their forties, are looking to buy their first home in the United States after living overseas for many years. They hope to find their dream home in Miami quickly and affordably.
  • Lucky in Love
    Lucky in Love
    Episode 4
    Sandra have found the perfect home for Frankie and Marcie, who are ready for their next big commitment, but will a wait of 6 months to close on the property keep them away?
  • Jenny Saves A Penny
    In order to be in line with the current real estate market, Jenny, who is a young investment specialist, finds out she has to adjust her expectations to purchase her first home.
  • Common Ground
    Common Ground
    Episode 2
    Alvaro and Cara want their dream house at their price, but can't seem to agree on anything. And that's when Sandra steps in.
  • Finicky Fiancés
    Finicky Fiancés
    Episode 1
    Michael and Kristen want to settle into their first home before getting married, but are going to have to compromise on their dream neighborhood and prepare themselves for a bidding war before they do.