Property Wars

Thursday 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Jul 12, 2012 In Season


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  • Embarrassingly Fake!

    Mix together a colorful protagonist and a antagonist, a lot of yelling and screaming and you have a cheap, easy to produce show you can sell to Discovery channel ( which I thought was a " science" channel ) or Spike etc.

    The cameras capture these "investors" in front of the house they are about to bid on, paceing around on thier cell phones while talking to their partners back at the courthouse. The lighting and sound is perfect, and so conveniently, the only "investors"are property wars cast members, no other investors are present when the house go's up for auction? BUT, the same four investors show up at the exact same propertys ALL THE TIME. Thats plausible....

    Phoenix is 540 SQ miles, the show claims they bid on and visit multiple propertys in the same day? The courts must auction by neighborhood only, or by the block.

    Even a five year old could see the holes in this story. OH and is it me or, are they wearing the same clothes in every episode?

  • Fake all the way

    At the real trustee sales there are often 100's of bidders. The properties are listed well in advance. On one show the guy bids almost $1,000,000. While that does happen on occasion. Do you really think they are going to spend that much on a house and only show up to inspect it 5 minutes before it goes to sale.. Oh and hey lets not go into the back yard and see whats there. When people move out of a foreclosed house, do you really think the clean it first and put in brand new carpet. If they could afford new carpet and new appliances, they wouldn't be behind on their mortgages. On the million dollar house show, they make a profit of over $300,000, while on the same show one guy loses almost $15,000. If the house was worth $1,300,000 other bidders would have known this and the price paid would have been much higher then what they paid. Then he was worried about it's condition walking in. Well guess what, if there was $300,000 to be made, fine spend another $40,000 and upgrade for a $250k profit, yet he was worried no profit would be had other wise. They act like unless the carpet is perfect, oh my will have to put new carpet in and there goes all our profit.

    2 guys on the show act as if they are bearly making it and almost broke. Yet they can lose $10,000 and it's ok. Oh and if they are so broke, how do they buy more houses until the previous one sells. With rehab and listing time, escrow time. What are they selling every house as is to cash buyers. Even then it would be a minimum of 14 days. But realistically they are looking at 45-60 or more. Then unless they could prove they had the so called million dollars, they wouldn't even be allowed to bid that high on a house.

    They clearly go back to the homes after the fact and act it out.

    Horrible show.

    Biggest blunder that Discovery has put on yet.