Pros Vs. Joes

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Spike TV Premiered Mar 06, 2006 In Season


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  • It gets old.

    Why do I continue to watch average shows? This show is about average and I wish I could have never started to watch it. Well, actually I've only watched it a couple of times, but I think it is very boring and predictable. In fact, it is also very sad to see average people get taught a lesson. I guess if there was one thing I actually liked about the show would have to be the games they play. It is entertaining at times. Overall, I'd say this show is average and also very boring, which doesn't always work well. Thank you.
  • An entertaining sports reality show with annoying host and annoying pros.

    When I first heard about this show I thought it was about a team of joes going against a professional team in one sport. But then I seen it had a much better premise then that. The gist of the show: three joes compete against a team of pros(each from a different sport) in series of events based on each sport and against a pro from that sport. I find that people who don't follow sports can very much enjoy this show, me being one person. It has a good variety of events but I have a few nitpicks. In the fielding events for baseball the "pro" should actually be hitting within the field instead of trying to show that he can do a home run and therefore shouldn't be counted as a miss on the joe's part. Overall it's a pretty enjoyable show but the host and pros do get on my nerves sometimes. But then again I guess they have to do this to try and bring down the joe's performance
  • The show where Joes get there behinds beat badly.

    The Joes are really courageous people and they have the nerve to talk smack to the Pros. This is a fun show and I love seeing the Joes get beat around and mixed in with all the hard hitting pain the Joes recieve is alot of humor and at times I find my self laughing so hard that I start crying. You will have a great time watching this show if your into sports and want to get a good laugh. Most of the Pros come on the show and handle their business and a few look really worn out. The Joes do put up a good fight and that makes the show even more interesting.
  • good show

    my only question is how do I sign up to take on some of these guys? Yeah they're pros...but they're also retired and out of shape...not many retired pros stay fine tuned and I could run this show with my athletisism. God I want a chance. I know I could get by the joes and the pros wouldn't be too much harder i believe. i dont need to say anything more about this to be honest...i just need a shot. I also cant think of anything else to say other than I want to whoop some pro ass.
  • Finally, a reality show for men only!

    Women have always had game/reality shows for themselves (Queen For A Day, The New Treasure Hunt, Just Men!, The Neighbors, America's Next Top Model) while it is very rare for men to have a game/reality show of their own (Pro Fan, Grandstand, Ultimate Sports League).

    Then came Pros vs. Joes, the third reality program for men (the others being The Next Big Champ & The Contender)! It could be described as "Pro Fan in your face", minus the q&a part.

    This show was worth watching, though it was on during WWE Raw! Liked the sports competition they had, they dare wouldn't have a bowling competition! Great reality show overall!
  • The show was just ok, as they really over-did most of the show events. Also, what does competing in shooting or golf against a baseball player or football player actually show?

    The show was just ok, as they really over-did most of the show events. Also, when the joes are competiting against the Pros, sometimes they have to do the same thing (such as with catching the FB against Jerry Rice), sometimes defending the person or opposing them (such as hitting against Jennie Finch or running past Romonowski). I think that they really need to figure out if the Joes are supposed to be trying to do the same stuff that these athletes are good at or not. Also, what does competing in shooting or golf against a baseball player or football player actually show?