Pros Vs. Joes - Season 2

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Spike TV Premiered Mar 06, 2006 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • 3/29/07
    Th Pros are Roy Jones Jr., Randy Couture, Randall Cunningham, Bruce Smith, Tim Hardaway, and Kevin Willis. The winning Joes must team up to take on a team of Pros: Randall Cunningham and Kevin Willis in football, Tim Hardaway and Roy Jones Jr. in basketball, and Bruce Smith and Randy Couture in football.moreless
  • The Joes face Darryl Strawberry on the baseball field, battle Andre Reed on the gridiron, and compete against Cobi Jones in a soccer challenge.
  • 3/14/07
    The Pros are Andre Rison, Rick Smits, Rob Dibble, and Robbie Ginepri. Andre Rison runs past the struggling Joes, while Rob Dibble serves up fastballs, and Rick Smits and Robbie Ginepri take the Joes to the soccer pitch.
  • The Pros are Dave Winfield, Wade Boggs, Mark Jackson, and John Starks. The Joes play outfield against Boggs and Winfield, take on Starks and Jackson in a 2 on 1 game, and try to get hits against the defense of Boggs and Winfield.
  • The Pros are Kordell Stewart, Grant Fuhr, Tom Chambers, and Will Clark. The Joes try to keep Kordell Stewart out of the end zone, field balls from Will Clark and step on the ice to go against Grant Fuhr.
  • 2/22/07
    The Joes: Van Earl Wright, Sal Masakela, and Derrin Horton are competing against Pros: Andre Rison, Rick Smits, Robbie Ginepri, and Rob Dibble. Famous sportscasters become Joes and try to out pitch Rob Dibble, get shots swatted away by 7 foot Rick Smits, and fight it out on the football field with Andre Rison.moreless
  • 2/15/07
    The Pros in this episode are Andre Reed, Cobi Jones, Darryl Strawberry, and Spud Webb. The Joes must stop Andre Reed from scoring touchdowns, take on a Spud Webb in a 3-pount shootout, and field balls off the bat of Daryl Strawberry.
  • 2/8/07
    The Joes, Matt Thompson, Rodney Williams, Damon Vinyard, are competing against Pros Kevin Willis, Roy Jones, Eric Dickerson, and Vince Coleman.
  • The Joes, Chad Cooper, Paul Jene, and John Cox, are competing against Pros Kordell Stewart, Claide Lemieux, Tim Hardaway, and Will Clark. The Joes blitz scrambling quarterback Kordell Stewart, battle on the ice against hockey legend Claude Lemieux, and go one-on-one with NBA great Tim Hardaway.
  • 1/25/07
    The Joes, Jay McKeaon, Aaron McKeever, and Dawan Owens, are competing against the Pros Michael Irvin, Kevin Willis, Jose Canseco, and Randy Couture.
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