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First Episode Too Unfocused

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    [1]Dec 5, 2008
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    The first episode was not bad but I thought they weren't really sure what they wanted to do. Let's face it,if you are driving to work and are late, your blood pressure goes up and you become "aggro", and then to have the car shut down would make me blow my lid. And frankly, the "we're going to make some device to help humanity" is boring. The naive statement at the end by one guy saying "Well we prototypeed it, now it's up to big business to implement it." was just so stupid. People want cars with features that help them, not features that make it hard to drive around anywhere.

    I also wasn't sure where the mind-control device fit in. They seemed to have galvanic skin response stuff hooked up, but did the mind control device really do anything towards the anti-agressive part of the project? It seemed like they were trying to put too many unrelated things into the project. They should have tried pure mind-control for one project (no steering wheels, no brakes, no gas pedal), and then their non-aggression mechanism for another project.

    The show has potential, but it seems like these guys need to take some riddalin for their ADD while in the planning stages.

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