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dream ending

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    [1]Dec 5, 2006
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    wow! first poster!

    okay. somewhere i heard that if providence had gotten renewed, the higher-ups were going to have syd wake up from a dream and the last five years have been just that- a dream.

    what do you guys think about this as an ending?

    i don't know if i really like it or not myself. i would have wanted the kind of ending that the show actually had. at most, i would have had a little more with what happened to the rest of the family. did the b & b do well? how about joanie graduating? did she become a dj or just stay with the barkery?

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    [2]Dec 23, 2006
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    wow! I used to love this show, but then it got cancelled! I don't even remember how it ended! I started watching CSI:NY (best show ever) when Melina Kankaredes stopped on  Providence!
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    [3]Apr 17, 2010
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    No way! That would have been just like Newhart and the Bob Hart show dream connection that I read about way back when. The dream thing is SO overdone. I enjoyed the ending just the way it was, reflecting the wedding photo of the first season and finally mom got to wear another dress and sport another hairdo! It would be nice to have a Thanksgiving TV Providence movie. Have them all come home and find out how the clan is doing. But Miss Curly K. is too fabulously famous on CSI: NY to do that! Wonder what "Joanie" and "Robbie" are up to? I haven't seen the actress Paula Cale (aka Joanie) since the TV movie "Brian's Song"

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