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  • This show follows the Hansen family as they make their way through family tragedy and happiness.

    I love this show!!! I love Syd, as she reminds me of myself. The Hansen family has so much intrigue and so many things are always going on. I really don't watch it much; I started watching new episodes only in about the second last or last season. But I do watch reruns almost every weeknight on a Canadian channel. I like Joanie's storyline, although I'm not sure of all the details. I am so happy that Syd ended up with Owen in the end because they seemed perfect for each other- way better than Kyle, personally. This is a great family show, but I think by the time it ended, it had run its course.
  • I love the show providence yes I am a guy but it still has a good flare and story line.

    I love the show Providence I wish that they would bring it back I admit when sydney had her dreams at the start of each show those were a little wierd but they went along with her so I think they need to bring it back it was a good show with sometimeds real family issues so why did it get cancelled I think it was a time when all the companies got their act together and got some really good shows on the air but that did not mean that they had to cancell it but they still show the old episodes of it on lifetime real women.When it was cancelled in 2002 they thought about bringing it back but they did not go for it so now some of the cast members are on other shows so if you love the show then hope that it comes back on.
  • Great family home show. to bad they took it off the air.

    I love this show, i watch it all the time thanks to Direct TV Lifetime Real Woman. I do really want it to come out in season packs 1-5 with special features and everthing. There are some shows that are out already that just came on the air. Artisian needs to get their act in order. The would make a bundle on this show.
  • This is a great show. Wonderful cast and storyline. Would love to have all episodes shown in cronilogical order.

    I love this show. I cannot find Providence airing anymore. Does anyone know anything about it? Lifetime used to air it but I haven\'t seen it recently. I wish it were on every day as it once was. I would also like to see all episodes released on DVD.
  • I loved watching this late at night on lifetime, but they took it off except for 1 am on mondays!! What\'s up with that! Great show overall! I really identified with the characters and everything they went through. I really miss this show it was great!

    What a great show!! I loved watching this late at night on lifetime, but they took it off except for 1 am on mondays!! What\'s up with that! Great show overall! I really identified with the characters and everything they went through. I really miss this show it was great!

    This show was probably the best show on Television. I used to watch it ever friday at 8. I loved how it would always start off with her mother in her dreams. I could proabaly sit here writing everything that i possible could think of that i loved but there would proabaly be too many. The last show though you really felt that the whole family was happy and close with each other again from when her (Sydney) mother died. I cried so incredible hard that last episode!!! Over-all it was an awsome show that delt with family life and work life.
  • A beautiful series that highlights the moral aspects of life without shoving them down your neck!

    Melina Kanakaredes is amazing as the lead, Syd Hansen. I've always liked her work, but it was Providence that truly put her on my radar as a brilliant actress.

    The show itself is very quirky and original. With the visits from the deceased mother, Lynda, its not really show that you can go into blind without saying "...i dont get it", but it soon grabs you by the heart strings and you grow a sense of comfort with the dream sequences.

    Both me and my mom are fans of this show. Its one where you watch it with the whole family and not be uncomfortable.

    While i am utterly gutted that it ended, im glad to see that Melina has come to join CSI:NY, as that is my favorite programme :D

    If you havent caught an episode yet, you really should!
  • great family series

    Dr. Sydney Hansen, a successful plastic surgeon in Hollywood, California, quits her private practice and returns to her hometown in Providence, Rhode Island after the sudden death of her controling, demanding mother Lynda, in order to keep her dyfunctional family together which a little help and advice from Lynda who gives advice from beyond the grave in helping Sydney deal with her new career as a doctor for the local free clinic and dealing with her distracted veterinarian father Jim, her mixed-up sister Joanie, and younger brother Robbie, a small-time hustler.

    That is what this show is about and that is the main reason i like this show that much.
    The story keeps you watching all episodes, i watched it here untill the channel here stopped showing it.
    It is shame i cant watch the rest.