Providence - Season 2

NBC (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Paradise Inn
    Paradise Inn
    Episode 23
    Syd's CAT Scan is being looked at her doctor & Jim the scan shows no damage to her brain. Syd wonders if she is dead her mom tells her she isn't, Syd learns that her reason for being at Paradise Inn is to find if out her life is "finished" and in order to go back to her life she needs to use her heart, mind, & soul. To find comfort Jim watches a tape to her his daughter's voice, as she tries to sign the register for Paradise Inn Syd has a seizure. Bert is called to a fire. Jim thinks Syd was bitten by something that could have caused the seizure. Lynda (Syd's mom) takes her to meet the girls. Joanie tells Syd she loves Bert and plays a song that makes Syd want to leave the Inn. Lynda doesn't want her daughter to leave, Joanie learns the fire Bert is fighting got worse and fears Bert is dead. Jim begs for his daughter's return. Syd can go back to her life and squeezes both Jim & Joanie's handsmoreless
  • Syd in Wonderland
    Syd in Wonderland
    Episode 22
    Syd's family notice her having a headache & thinking she is stuck in "Alice in wonderland" Mrs. Hansen takes on the life of her daughter to help figure out is wrong. Jim goes with Monica to an exhibit, and heads home. Robbie continues to study for a game show.
  • Love Is in the Air
    Love Is in the Air
    Episode 21
    Joanie meets a firefighter who she knew before, Jim falls in love with Monica and feels things are going to fast and misses Syd's call about Joanie being hurt in a fire. Robbie continues feel lucky on a game show and has no idea that he is being tricked. Syd treats a patient who once owned an Ice Cream place where Syd worked. Robbie gets the feeling he is being tricked Syd & Joanie don't like Monica. Syd and Jim set things right.moreless
  • Taking a Chance on Love
    Jim begins spending time with Monica Lang a photojournalist who wants to spend more time with Jim. Syd and Joanie begin worrying if the relationship has gone to far after they follow their father to the jewelry District. Jim later tells Monica the relationship is over but Monica has other ideas. She feels attracted to Jim and makes sure he understands that.moreless
  • Family Ties
    Family Ties
    Episode 19
    Heather asks for a off for Earth Day, Syd treats a mom to be but gives up a trip to New York but needs to help a mom to be have her baby and hope the dad will donate blood to help save the baby's life. Doug gets a new job in Ohio and asks Joanie to go with him. Syd is unable to go to New York for a reunion and the person she hasn't seen in 10 years drops by.moreless
  • Don't Go Changin'
    Don't Go Changin'
    Episode 18
    Syd's dad is about to 60 years old and is not happy about it. Jim is mad that people are taking over a former vet's practice leading Jim to wonder about closing his practice. Robbie is still trying to figure out how to repay Heather. Jim's accountant advises him to sell his practice because the accountant feels Jim should retire. Jim gets ready to shut down his practice. Syd and Joanie read the fax and learn he could retire (Syd was waiting for a fax and stumbled on the fax for her dad.)moreless
  • The Storm
    The Storm
    Episode 17
    A city inspector comes by to check the clinic that Syd was raising money for but learns the clinic will be shut down. Robbie and Heather are ready to marry but have problems Heather can't find a dress. Syd has trouble getting her patient to the hospital because streets are blocked. Syd has trouble getting medicine to her patient who is ill, Jim is looking for Sam the blood hound. As Joanie calls for help to find her father Joanie is trapped after a window breaks and has Hannah try to through her the phone & finds the lines are dead. Robbie who along with Heather in Las Vages has lost $10,000 tries to get the money back.moreless
  • Do the Right Thing
    Do the Right Thing
    Episode 16
    Syd's latest patient Mr. Ellison come to the clinic for treatment for advanced cancer and won't live along. Syd is asked to keep Mr. Ellison alive for three days so he can get money for his family to do that he must out live the statute of limitations so the money will go to his family. Syd finds the money gives it to her patient. Heather is getting married to Charlie who has a prison record, Dr Hansen is worried that she may be moving to fast. Heather's mom Donna doesn't like Charlie. Who has been married twice. Mrs. Tupperman tells Robbie of Charlie's past. Syd runs into Daniel Hartman who says Mr. Ellison sold trust deeds and was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison and now Mr. Hartman wants the money to go to the families. Heather wants to get married to Charlie and may find that hard to do because of her love for Robbie. Heather's mom tries to Robbie to stop Heather's wedding but won't do it because feels Heather would be happy. Mr. Hartman go to Syd's house to ask for her help. She is handed a letter from a young boy who lost his home. Robbie says he won't go to Heather's wedding that is until Robbie is given a ring that came from Mrs. Tupperman's third husband giving Robbie a reason to stop Heather's wedding.moreless
  • Sibling Rivalry
    Sibling Rivalry
    Episode 15
    Syd runs into an old friend at the clinic. She asks about Karen's sister who died some months ago of breast cancer. Syd suggests that Karen have a breast exam every six months. Karen can't decide whether to take the genetic test to confirm if she has breast cancer.
  • The Apartment
    The Apartment
    Episode 14
    Syd finds the idea of moving to an apartment rather uncomfortable because the family seems ready for Syd to leave the nest so fast. Robbie agrees to substitute for Charlie Heather's befriend when her date is unable to show up. Leaving Heather's mom to think Robby is Heather's fiancé.
  • The Reunion
    The Reunion
    Episode 13
    Syd is getting ready for her 15th high school reunion Syd is getting ready for her 15th high school reunion she runs into Kerry Kane her best friend in high school voted most likely to succeed. Syd begins to notice odd things about her friend who begins to show signs of Obsessive compulsive disorder. Syd learns the real secret to why Kerry actually came to Providence for the reunion.moreless
  • Mother and Child
    Mother and Child
    Episode 12
    Syd is trying to get her family medicine boards, and is treating a patient with her old medical school professor, Dr. Sullivan. They are treating a young girl, and he believes her mother is poisoning her. Syd tries her best to prove him wrong, and prove that the mother is innocent.moreless
  • The Kiss
    The Kiss
    Episode 11
    Syd meets a young man with a talent for drawing things. She also learns that the artist has been hidden away for fear of deportation back to Russia by his grandmother. Leo tells Doctor Hansen why he never spoke a word to anyone. He felt that if he spoke to anyone he would be sent back to Russia. Leo tells Syd that he can't remember what his grandmother looked like and that he was never loved by anyone. Joanie begins her quest to find love at a masquerade party where he dresses up as Zorro. Leo doesn't want an operation that could cause him to lose his sight do to a brain tumor that is inoperable because he figures that no one would miss him.moreless
  • Home for the Holidays
    Syd finds how much family means to her. When she sees what life may have been without them.
  • Thank You Providence (2)
    Sydney ends her adventurous trip home for Thanksgiving. Jim helps out a priest that has Alzheimer's. Joanie tries to help save dogs from the pound.
  • Thank You Providence (1)
    Sydney ends up on a road trip from Denver to Providence with three new friends. Robbie accidentally ends up in a scam connected to his friend.
  • Sail Away
    Sail Away
    Episode 7
    Kyle is looking for time alone to decide if he should take the job Syd found for him. Also Syd hires Izzy to help out at the clinic.
  • The Phantom Menace
    The Phantom Menace
    Episode 6
    Kyle has to adjust to a life without one arm. Sydney feels threatened by Kyle's therapist. Joanie and Robbie get Jim's Pet Talk on cable access.
  • He's Come Undone
    He's Come Undone
    Episode 5
    Sydney realizes that the new doctor she hired is actually a nurse. Kyle has his arm amputated. Jim is forced to overcome his fear of public speaking to help out Joanie's Bakery.
  • You Can't Hurry Love
    Sydney tries to fix the past with her mom. Joanie realizes she doesn't really know Doug as well as she thought. Kyle wants to take his relationship with Sydney on a higher level. Robbie sets Heather up on a date with a friend.
  • The Birthday Party
    The Birthday Party
    Episode 3
    Joanie gets quite a surprise that her fiancé whom she almost married twice shows up with his new bride that. The couple wants to take her daughter look for the night she objects to it until it accident brings both couples closer together.
  • The Letter
    The Letter
    Episode 2
    On the first anniversary of Lynda's death, the Hansens agree to celebrate her life with a memorial dinner until Jim causes a family uproar when he confesses that a missing secret letter that he wrote to his wife just before her fatal heart attack might have caused the calamity. Elsewhere, Sydney stays close to the athletic Kyle when he learns he must undergo a traumatic surgery. Joanie must make a painful decision when she discovers that the obedient employee in her dog store eatery has been behaving more and more like a canine.moreless
  • The Third Thing
    The Third Thing
    Episode 1
    In this season's opener, an out-of-control Mercedes smashes through a wall of the clinic; Molly, a mentally disturbed and dellusional young woman, holds Syd (Melina Kanakaredes) at gunpoint because she thinks she kidnapped her baby; and Helen contemplates a new career, away from the clinic. Meanwhile, Joanie hires Doug Dog Boy Boyce to help her out at the Barkery.moreless