Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal

Season 1 Episode 21

Death at Sunset/Collision

Aired Saturday 5:00 PM May 10, 1997 on



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    • Though listed in the credits, Maurice Dean Wint (Dr. Curtis Rollins) does not appear in this episode.

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    • (intro for Death at Sunset)
      Remote islands all across the North Atlantic coast bear tantalising reminders of prehistoric explorers. Great stone and earthworks were left behind by Norsemen to symbolise their acheivements. Now some of these great works of primitive art also seem to carry deadly warnings - warnings that should have been heeded by the community of Bell Island.

    • (extro for Death at Sunset)
      Myths, legends, ancient stories - are they simply fictional tales passed down by different cultures through the ages, or do some of these legends actually possess elements of truth? In the preceding case the OSIR determined that the Norse settlers, who originally founded Bell Island over 800 years ago, may have left a stern warning of events to come.

    • (intro for Collision)
      The will to live is the strongest of all human instincts. If someone has not given up, then within the person's spirit flickers the desire to physically endure. But what happens to our lifeforce after we pass on? Does it die with us, or as is believed in Eastern religions, does it continue into another incarnation or even transfer from one person to another? In Case #793144 the OSIR was called in to address a question of this nature.

    • (extro for Collision)
      Karen Gustavson's spirit lingered here on this life plane to ensure the well-being of her daughter. Karen's soul then could move on into the next world, a world which, certainly and eventually, all of us will come to know.

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