Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal

(ended 2000)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Dream House/UFO Encounter
      Case File #34112: "Dream House"

      Blaine and Debbie McCallister summon the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research to investigate the cause of numerous strange occurrences at the site of their new home in Portland, Oregon, after their teenage daughter is hospitalized as a result of a suspected poltergeist encounter.

      Case File #52111: "UFO Encounter"

      The O.S.I.R. is called to a small town in Crescent County, Iowa, to investigate a double alien abduction of two boys and UFO sightings witnessed by many townspeople.moreless
    • Possession/Man Out of Time
      Case File #67102: "Possession"

      A software designer in San Francisco, California, is suspected of demonic possession.

      Case File #10103: "Man Out of Time"

      In a flash of light, a disoriented man appears on a road in Bedfordshire County, England, with a tale of being from the 17th century.moreless
    • Reptilian Revenge/Ghostly Voices
      Case File #99101: "Reptilian Revenge"

      After an elderly man is discovered dead in the basement of his house in Blind River, Wisconsin, all of his pet snakes go missing.

      Case File #44114: "Ghostly Voices"

      A woman is convinced she is hearing the voice of her deceased husband calling to her in her home in Warburton County, Massachusetts.moreless
    • Creeping Darkness/The Power
      Case File #77110: "Creeping Darkness"

      A column of impenetrable darkness appears in a home in Jujuy Province, Argentina, and as it grows it threatens to engulf the town.

      Case File # 10106: "The Power"

      A woman living in Kelowna, British Columbia, has psychokinetic power that threatens the safety of her daughter as she comes under great stress.moreless
    • Free Fall/The Presence
      Case File #47129: "Free Fall"

      In Emerson, Manitoba, a novice skydiver's parachute fails to open, yet he floats to the ground as if gravity has no effect.

      Case File #92109: "The Presence"

      A child fears a destructive force has entered the family home in Seattle, Washington.
    • The Infestation/Human Apportation
      Case File #33130: "The Infestation"

      The OSIR investigates the deaths of a NASA science team who were killed while searching for a meteorite that landed in the Ozark Mountain Plateau, Arkansas.

      Case File #87105: "Human Apportation"

      A woman and her daughter inexplicably find themselves in a dorm room at the University of Toronto, with no recollection of how they got there from their home in California.moreless
    • The Underneath/Phantom Limb
      Case File #28120: "The Underneath"

      The OSIR must investigate reports of a deadly creature living in the sewers in Lyon, France, that has claimed the lives of three people.

      Case File #52113: "Phantom Limb"

      Strange events follow an accident that claimed a farmer's arm in Jardine County, Pennsylvania.moreless
    • The Transient/Two Lost Old Men
      Case File #64131: "The Transient"

      A dybbuk invades the souls of innocents in Toronto, Ontario.

      Case File #86126: "Two Lost Old Men"

      Three young tree planters pass through a barren zone in the forest in Northern Ontario and instantly age 50 years.
    • UFO Duplication/Clara's Friend
      Case File #623119: "UFO Duplication"

      The OSIR must investigate a report of cloning of farm inhabitants in Patterson County, Kansas.

      Case File #847117: "Clara's Friend"

      A young girl in Lethbridge, Alberta, makes friends with an apparition.
    • The Hunter/The Healer
      Case File #702134: "The Hunter"

      The OSIR investigates cattle mutilations in Dexter County, Indiana, in which the evidence points to a werewolf as the prime suspect.

      Case File #969121: "The Healer"

      A teenager in Chickahoma, Tennessee is discovered to have remarkable healing powers.
    • The Curse/Angel on a Plane
      Case File #631136: "The Curse"

      Mysterious deaths strike an archaeological camp in El Anfushi Bay, Alexandria (Egypt) where an Egyptian burial chamber has been unearthed.

      Case File #260122: "Angel on a Plane"

      A mysterious woman safely lands a plane hit by lightning over Plattsburg, New York.
    • Anasazi Cave/Devil's Triangle
      Case File #288128: "Anasazi Cave"

      An Anasazi cave is discovered in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, that may explain the disappearance of the tribe.

      Case File #199137: "Devil's Triangle"

      A lawyer and his client sail from Miami on a boat and arrived as planned five days later in Bermuda but the lawyer claims he was adrift for five weeks in the Bermuda Triangle and that his companion was lost there.moreless
    • The Undead/Stalker Moon
      Case File #763139: "The Undead"

      In Hamilton, Ontario, a homeless man awakens during his autopsy and escapes.

      Case File #569135: "Stalker Moon"

      A phantom stalker comes after an actress in Vancouver, British Columbia.
    • Forbidden North/Reincarnation
      Case File #26014: "Forbidden North"

      At a road construction camp deep in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, the OSIR investigates reports of sightings of a sasquatch in the woods.

      Case File #610115: "Reincarnation"

      A man undergoing past-life regression in Edmonton, Alberta, instead seems to be experiencing a parallel life with another man in Chicago, Illinois. During the course of their investigation, the OSIR discovers that the course of both mens' lives have changed.moreless
    • The Greenhouse Effect/The Buzz
      Case File #984141: "The Greenhouse Effect"

      A family home in Beaconsfield, Quebec, is overrun by aggressive plants, and one family member is attacked by them.

      Case File #213127: "The Buzz"

      A mysterious buzzing noise seems to coincide with unexplained deaths in the town of Cranbrook, Montana.
    • The Light
      The Light
      Episode 16
      Case File #206132: "The Light"

      As a wounded Curtis Rollins lies near death in St. Paul, Minnesota, his evil doppelganger seems to have taken on the personality of a serial killer, and the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research must stop him.
    • The 13th Floor/The Believer
      Case File #957176: "The 13th Floor"

      A possessed woman in Manhattan, New York, takes a terrible vengeance on her philandering husband.

      Case File #284145: "The Believer"

      In Cambridge, Massachusetts, a college professor's wife is kidnapped and the ransom demands are transmitted psychically.
    • The Fog/House on Garden Street
      Case File #559146: "The Fog"

      A dense fog, mass hallucinations and a serial killer arrive simultaneously on death row at Flatrock Maximum Security Prison.

      Case File #810126: "House on Garden Street"

      A strange apparition appears to a couple under stress in Seattle, Washington.
    • Second Sight/Chocolate Soldier
      Case File #295143: "Second Sight"

      A kidney-transplant recipient in Clifford, Missouri, has frightening visions.

      Case File #734138: "Chocolate Soldier"

      A young man in North York, Ontario, has a mysterious power over women.
    • The Fire Within/Fate
      Case File #994124: "The Fire Within"

      Three men in Coleman, Montana, die of spontaneous combustion, and the OSIR discover some strange circumstances while investigating.

      Case File #232148: "Fate"

      A teen with psychic powers in Columbus, Ohio, struggles to understand events leading to his best friend's death.
    • Death at Sunset/Collision
      Case File #693142: "Death at Sunset"

      Peter returns to his father's house on Bell Island, Newfoundland, with the rest of the team to investigate a mysterious illness that is claiming its victims at sunset.

      Case File #793144: "Collision"

      After a car accident in Truro, New York, the soul of the woman who died possesses the driver who killed her.moreless
    • Perestroika
      Episode 22
      Case File #321147: "Perestroika" The Office of Scientific Investigation and Research's Director of Operations Frank Elsinger orders Case Manager Doyle to lead a team of investigators to Archangelsk in Northern Russia. Having just viewed video footage of a team of Russian scientists examining a creature found frozen in a glacier by two gas plant caretakers, Elsinger does not reveal to Doyle that the last scene of the video showed scientist frightened and pleading for help.moreless
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