Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal

Season 1 Episode 3

Reptilian Revenge/Ghostly Voices

Aired Saturday 5:00 PM Oct 12, 1996 on



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    • Though listed in the credits, Maurice Dean Wint (Dr. Curtis Rollins) does not appear in this episode.

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    • Reptilian Revenge Opening Narration: A harmless recluse dies in a small, rural community. A strange chain of occurrences follows which terrorizes the residents. What, if any, is the connection between these events? Well this was the question which ultimately confronted the OSIR in one of its most challenging and frightening cases.

    • Reptilian Revenge Closing Narration: Over the next several weeks, the residents reported dozens of rare snakes found dead from unknown causes in the woods surrounding the Blind River region. Now perhaps the old man's etheric life energy or some type of non-corporeal psi-interactive force manipulated the many different snakes he cared for to hunt down and kill his murderer. Then there's another speculation open to us. It may not be a scientific one, but it seems to describe perfectly the very heart of what occurred in this case - that Donazetti's snakes were acting out of love and revenge.

    • Ghostly Voices Opening Narration: Ghosts and apparitions have been written about throughout the evolution of storytelling. Human experience provides a factual basis for these subjects. Now research indicates most hauntings are harmless. In many sightings, the ghost is seen by only one person, the phantom's kindred spirit among the living. Catherine Cartwright misses her deceased husband Robert, her kindred spirit among the dead. Is Catherine's love for her husband so strong that it invites him to reach out from beyond his grave? Or is her need so desperate that she has created these disturbing experiences herself?

    • Ghostly Voices Closing Narration: The strange occurrences at the Cartwright mansion had nothing in fact to do with the love Catherine held for her deceased husband, Robert. They were a cruel and malicious hoax engineered by her heartless and greedy son. So perhaps it is not the ghosts of loved ones we should be apprehensive about, but rather the darker motives of the living human heart.

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