Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal

(ended 2000)





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  • Fun and exciting enough

    Was it a great show?: No

    Was it a fun show?: Yes

    Was it exciting?: At times

    A limited budget but creative writing kept things fresh and serious enough while a great ckepteept this even more interesting.
  • Psi Factor Is The Great Show Ever!!!:D

    I love Psi Factor since I was in Junior High School, 1998. I love Connor Doyle character (played by Paul Miller). I miss him so much. He's the best leader in OSIR. Paul Miller is definitely a great actor and I've seen his performances/appeareances in many tv series/movies. He did great job playing many different characters. He's so multi-talented actor and he should have the bigger name. I miss this show so much and it's already over than 10 years since Psi Factor was officially cancelled and they left cliffhanger. I hope they would make the new series in new format, fresh, and I think paranormal cases are still exists. Love this show, Love Connor Doyle, and Love Paul Miller. :D <3
  • very exciting show that had very natural end

    I like mystic stufs so I watched this serials everytime it was shown. I don't regret that I have done so. Splendid plot! But everytime it ends like - nothing para-normal or we don't see this end. It's funny but I wish they had explained me everything. I wish this show was again shown!
  • PSI Factor was an X-Files Clone That Quickly Degraded into Sci-Fi Parody

    This show had a great idea in the beginning by describing paranormal mysteries from the researcher's point of view. Sort of a brighter more technological "X-Files," the series was hosted by Dan Akyroyd, but it slowly degraded into more plot-driven episodes involving conspiracies and confusion and became a worse version of the "X-Files." Matt Frewer was a likeable enough actor as he nervously settled into the show, but as the series rotated around nothing but aliens and cover-ups and not enough ghost stories, it became boring. Nancy Anne Sakovich was a lovely presence on the show and a great actress. Barclay Hope and Colin Fox were both former extras from the "Friday The Thirteenth: The Series's" repetoire of actors, but then like that show, a lot of Canadian actors were used in the show. However, as more and more specialists joined, I couldn't keep up with the characters and backstories all even with the mysterious disappearances, abductions and ridiculous pseudo-science. The show was supposedly based on true stories of paranormal cases,but the actually storylines just became stupider and even more far-fetched. What a dysmal end for a series that started so great.
  • A nice show.

    Sort of like X-files, but it feels a bit of a documentary. Dan Aykroyd each week. This show discusses every paranormal phenomenon out there and presents it in a dramatic format. It's a very entertaining show even though it's not a full blown dramatic series like The X-files. It's a really cool show, it features weird sightings and it's really entertaining. It's not a boring show since there's something to see each week. Every unexplained stuff is featured every week, it keeps you wanting for more. The characters are really interesting, when you see the scientists investigate something, it makes you feel wondering what their going to find. It's great.
  • A great show.

    It's a great show. The actors are good, the plots are exciting, the relationships between the characters are well developed.
    The first season was very interesting and gave a lot of information, but the format (two episodes in one hour) was a little bit problematic. Seasons two and three were well developed - I got to know the characters better. The fourth season started out good, even though Matt's leaving was disappointing. Too bad that the show didn't get to run for a fifth season.
    The cast is great: Barclay Hope and Nancy Anne Sakovich are amazing on that show. Very powerful preformances by Matt Frewer (who's also hilarious on that show) and Michael Moriarty.
  • My very first obsession. Like they say, others will come and go, but there's nothing as sweet as the first!

    You know you are obsessed with a tv series when you sincerely consider perusing the job your favorite character has.

    "Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal" documented the true case files of the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research; the O.S.I.R. for short. Well, that's how the opening credits read. Following a team of paranormal experts, unraveling the mysteries of 'psi', this show was a phenomenon in it's own right.

    Dan Akroyd? Can it get any better?

    Dan Akroyd of "Saturday Night Live", "Blues Brothers" and "Ghost Busters", played host to this amazing show. Turns out, paranormal is in the genes. Following his father and grandfather's footsteps, Dan found himself intrigued by the unexplained since he was a child. To further his passion, he helped develop and create Psi Factor in the hopes to spread awareness about paranormal phenomena, and it did just that.

    The show reached millions week after week, tackling new cases in the search for scientific truth, but if it was the paranormal that caught our eye, it was the cast and characters that kept us coming for more.

    As with any show, there are bound to be casting changes, but “Psi Factor” never lost it’s charisma. The unique characters, such as Matt Preager, became a staple of the O.S.I.R. team and kept the viewership watching. Fans cried at the loss of Connor, became infuriated with Elsinger’s hidden agenda, were hopeful with Lindsay’s passion, and laughed with Peter’s sense of humor. They became our family.

    This show takes a certain type of fan, I must admit. It is not for everyone, but if you love sci-fi mysteries and want to see an influential classic, you must catch, "Psi Factor".