Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal

(ended 2000)





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  • PSI Factor was an X-Files Clone That Quickly Degraded into Sci-Fi Parody

    This show had a great idea in the beginning by describing paranormal mysteries from the researcher's point of view. Sort of a brighter more technological "X-Files," the series was hosted by Dan Akyroyd, but it slowly degraded into more plot-driven episodes involving conspiracies and confusion and became a worse version of the "X-Files." Matt Frewer was a likeable enough actor as he nervously settled into the show, but as the series rotated around nothing but aliens and cover-ups and not enough ghost stories, it became boring. Nancy Anne Sakovich was a lovely presence on the show and a great actress. Barclay Hope and Colin Fox were both former extras from the "Friday The Thirteenth: The Series's" repetoire of actors, but then like that show, a lot of Canadian actors were used in the show. However, as more and more specialists joined, I couldn't keep up with the characters and backstories all even with the mysterious disappearances, abductions and ridiculous pseudo-science. The show was supposedly based on true stories of paranormal cases,but the actually storylines just became stupider and even more far-fetched. What a dysmal end for a series that started so great.
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