Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal

Season 1 Episode 19

Second Sight/Chocolate Soldier

Aired Saturday 5:00 PM Apr 26, 1997 on



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    • Though listed in the credits, Maurice Dean Wint (Dr. Curtis Rollins) does not appear in this episode.

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    • (intro for Second Sight)
      Thoughts, memories and perceptions are typically generated within our minds as a result of external stimuli in our lives. But is it possible for a mind to be on the receiving end of thoughts, memories or perceptions which originated from another person and were transmitted without verbal communication? What would this do to the privacy of conciousness, surely one of the foundations of sanity? Is there an explanation possible for this potentially terrifying phenomenon?

    • (extro for Second Sight)
      This is not the only case of such a nature which the OSIR has encountered. A reasonable theory to explain Andrea Best's experience might be that on a cellular, genetic or molecular level, impressions specific to one individual are encoded strongly enough so that in some medical donor situations these impressions could be physically transferred from one person to another.

    • (intro for Chocolate Soldier)
      Mind control - the power of one person to exert influence over the will and thoughts of another. Svengali, Wolf Messing and Rasputin are examples of individuals who may have had this capacity. When this ability is possessed by someone with ill intent, the effects can be devastating. What if you could control the desires and impulses of others? How would you use this power?

    • (extro for Chocolate Soldier)
      Unlike the situation which developed at Jonestown, the OSIR in this case was able to intervene and prevent what could have become a difficult and dangerous set of circumstances. However, it seemed that Bruce Farrell possessed a mesmerising influence beyound that used by religious cult leaders to gain control over their followers, and he used this ability to corrupt love for his own selfish benefits.

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