Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal

Season 1 Episode 17

The 13th Floor/The Believer

Aired Saturday 5:00 PM Apr 12, 1997 on



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    • Though listed in the credits, Maurice Dean Wint (Dr. Curtis Rollins) does not appear in this episode.

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    • (intro for The 13th Floor)
      The OSIR is frequently called upon to address situations in the demonic possession category. Wherein a normally functioning human being's personality and will are overcome by some kind of foreign and often violently negative presence. Now in some instances this activity is found to be the result of unwitting exposure to drugs or toxins. In others the phenomenon appears to be a genuine consuming of body and conciousness by forces beyond the individual's control. The case you are about to see is one of the most radical in its type, both in its effects and in the measures which were undertaken to stop them.

    • (extro for The 13th Floor)
      The trigger in this incident remains unexplained. Its components were audible and visual manifestations, as well as confined atmospheric changes, levitation and the complete destruction of a human being. Was it a psychokinetic overload, or does this point to the inherent duality of good and evil in mankind? In any case, maybe there's a good reason why few buildings have a thirteenth floor.

    • (intro for The Believer)
      Remote viewing - the power to see beyond the normal range of an individual's five known senses. In the past ten years mainstream research by institutions such as the US Army and the CIA has begun to prove that in some instances the human mind possesses the ability to envision distant places, beyond the boundaries of conventional surveillance. This power, it seems, is not merely fiction but can be a reality.

    • (extro for The Believer)
      Remote viewing research indicates a less than one-third success rate in this discipline. Even so, this lends strong support to the evidence that psi abilities may indeed be dormant in each one of us.

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