P.S.I. Luv U

CBS (ended 1992)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Chameleon
      The Chameleon
      Episode 13
      PSI handles security for the Miss Fitness USA Pageant and Dani runs into someone who knew her as Wanda Talbert, and who intends to blackmail her. One of the contestants isn't exactly what she appears.
    • A Bundle of Trouble
      Cody helps a woman find her father, but Durning realises the 'father' is actually a mob witness in Witness Protection and the woman is a reporter. Dani gets unexpected news from the doctor.
    • There Goes the Neighborhood
      PSI investigates a case where $3 million insurance policy was paid out on stolen gold coins where a man died but the insurance investigator married the widow. Now the couple is back in Palm Springs, presumably to collect the coins they couldn't take through customs. Worried about temptation, Durning tells Cody not to tell Dani about the coins but Durning must come up with an explanation for the investigation: a sex scandal!moreless
    • I'd Kill to Direct
      I'd Kill to Direct
      Episode 10
      Dani and Cody are assigned to protect a country western singer/actress when she receives death threats and there are several 'accidents' on set.
    • Where There's a Will, There's a Dani
      While Cody and Dani are dog-sitting for a client, the woman suddenly dies and oddly, leaves a will leaving her entire estate to her dog and making Dani the executor of a $50 million estate! But was the woman's death an accidental overdose or was she murdered?
    • An Eye for an Eye
      A couple asks for PSI's protection after the husband accidentally kills a mobster's wife. The mobster is now stalking them and is going to kill them. While the mobster toys with the couple, the wife finds an ally in Dani and provides a way for Dani to disappear.
    • What's Up, Bugsy?
      Two men kidnap an old man from a retirement home. But when he's rescued, Dani is assigned to guard him and stumbles onto a conspiracy involving Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel and Matt Durning's uncle.
    • Unmarried... with Children
      Two children witness a murder and steal money and drugs from the body. When the killers come after them, the children go to PSI for a bodyguard, using the drug money. Durning assigns Dani and Cody, and Dani finds herself identifying with the girl.
    • Diamonds Are a Girl's Worst Friend
      The Diamond Association is holding a convention in Palm Springs and PSI has been hired to handle security. A gang of jewel thieves intend a robbery but require an inside man, a PSI guard. When Cody doesn't let Dani out of his sight around the jewel exhibits, the thieves mistake his attention for affection and kidnap Dani to force Cody's co-operation.moreless
    • No Thanks for the Memories
      Dani goes undercover to find a stolen microchip but gets hit by a car and wakes up with amnesia. Durning and Cody discover the same hitman who killed the thief has also recognised Dani as Wanda Talbert. Cody must play along with his and Dani's cover story, unable to tell Dani the truth about the witness protection or the fact they're not really married.moreless
    • The Honeymooners
      The Honeymooners
      Episode 3
      When a woman dies of unknown causes in a hotel swimming pool, PSI is called in to investigate. But the client insists on discretion so Dani and Cody have to pose as newlyweds.
    • Smile, You're Dead
      A man who used to be an assassin for the government is being used to commit new murders. Cody and Dani have an unusual house guest.
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Wanda Talbert, a professional conwoman, gets arrested by NYPD cop Joey Paciorek. To avoid going to prison, she agrees to go undercover as a mobster's girlfriend. But things go bad, Fortuno wants Wanda dead, so both Wanda and Joey must go into the Witness Protection Program and are relocated to Palm Springs, as husband and wife Cody and Danielle Powell.moreless