Season 7 Episode 5

100 Clues

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 27, 2013 on USA
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    Psych "100 Clues" Review: Episode 100 Cuts the (Colonel) Mustard

    "100 Clues" was a wonderful tribute to not only a cult classic film, but to seven delicious seasons of Psych.

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    A VIP party thrown by a has-been rock star turns into a murder mystery weekend for Shawn and Gus.

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    • Clue, The Sequel

      The closest that die-hard Clue fans will ever get to a Clue sequel, this episode is packed full of Clue allusions (a stuffed peacock), Clue camera shots, and Clue multiple endings. It's a fitting 100th episode for Shawn and Gus and a loving tribute to one of the funniest movies ever made. A solid 10.
    • Clueless

      A few funny moments, but far from up to Pscyh standards. Should have taken a Clue from the movie and passed on this script. It was not a big success either. Where is this season going?
    • Shake Rattle and Roll

      Probably the best 100th episode I've seen since NCIS's (I wasn't impressed by Castle's which aired the same week as this). Anyway, as clichd as this one is I really do defend it. Stereotyped? Oh yes, but most of it for nostalgic value, and that's what I expect from a 100th episode. I loved the tribute to the late Madeline Kahn because she was my favorite actress from back then. I'm on the east coast so the butler did it, but since they already used Tim Curry as a Simon Cowell doppelganger back in season 2, this guy works too. The other ending had Christopher Lloyd as the killer, which I could believe too (and way to sneak in a bonus BttF reference, if nothing else he's been in). Martin Mull's character looked like he fell off the wagon after his stint on Two and a Half Men. Steve Valentine can't escape the rocker role, but unlike his role on Monk he isn't the killer. Didn't like the panther though.moreless
    • HMMM?

      So far this season seems really sloppy! I've been disappointed since the season started. This episode by far was the worst of all. Messy!!! C'mon people, the show's been successful for a reason. As the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!
    • 100th episode was disappointing

      Psych is the best show. But this "clue" based episode was hard to follow and it got boring. We can normally follow the trail as Shawn figures it out. Not this one. It just wasn't written very well. It seemed to rely on the nostalgia of "Clue", without the usual genius of Psych we expect. I never heard Shawn/Gus say "hey this is just like that movie Clue", so its like they were pretending not to notice. But when the lady-scream was the doorbell sound, they never asked "what is that"? So it was in-consistent.moreless

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      • International Air Date:
        Canada: August 12, 2013 on Global
        Finland: February 3, 2015 on MTV3

      • Crew Clarifications and Additions: Julies Ashton (Casting by), Candice Elizinga (Canadian Casting), Elizabeth House (A Camera 1st Assistant), George Majoros (B Camera 1st Assistant), Burton Franks (Technical Consultant), Janelle Reyes (Post Production Supervisor), Lauren Haroutunian (Post Production Assistant), Tim Goessling (Assistant to C. Henze/K. Kulchak), Rachael Paradis (Writer's Production Assistant)

      • The end of this episode had a dedication card sequenced after the end credits that read, "Dedicated to the Memory of MADELINE KAHN". Madeline Kahn, who passed away on December 3, 1999, played Mrs. White in the 1985 movie Clue, written by John Landis and Jonathan Lynn and directed by Jonathan Lynn. This episode was a parody of that movie. Both the movie and this episode's cast included Lesley Ann Warren (Miss Scarlet), Christopher Lloyd (Professor Plum) and Martin Mull (Colonel Mustard).

      • Special billing was given to Martin Mull (Special Guest Star) and Lesley Ann Warren (Special Guest Star) for this episode.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • The screaming doorbell is an allusion to the doorbell in the movie Murder By Death that also screamed. Clue itself has several allusions in it to Murder By Death.

      • Martin Kahn: Great Scott!

        This is the famous exclamation of Doctor Emmett L. Brown, the character portrayed by Christopher Lloyd in the Back to the Future franchise.