Season 1 Episode 5

9 Lives

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 04, 2006 on USA

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  • 9 Lives

    The Good:

    -Lassiter takes three creams and four sugars in his coffee. He is spared no shame when Shawn discovers this nugget of information.

    -"That was a lucky guess" 'Don't you get tired of saying that?"

    -For the first time, one of SBPD's own is nearly a victim!

    -Shawn praises Lassiter to make the killer lose his nerve.

    -The chemistry between Shawn and Detective Lassiter is more palpable than it has been so far.

    The Bad:

    -McNab being caught defenseless seems unrealistic, as he is a cop.
  • Extremely original. A great episode. :)

    Another extremely good episode of Psych. I just loved this episode. This episode was soooo hilarious. My favorite, favorite part of this episode was when Shawn went into the suspect's bathroom and came out telling Gus, "Good news. Shower for two." The look on Gus' face was absolutely hysterical. I'm laughing out loud right now just thinking about it. I thought the "handshake-dance" thing that Shawn did with Buzz was cute. I loved when Shawn was moving around the chief's office like a dancer. I loved when Shawn put the cat in the car and then it peed, and he said "Did you make good pee-pee?" LOL I loved when Gus called the helpline and started to doubt himself. I thought that part was sweet. It was great that Shawn pretended to communicate with the cat. It was so, so funny when the cat got to ride shotgun. Poor Gus was squished in the backseat.

    I felt bad for Buzz, when he approached Lassiter for advice. Buzz is a really great character. I liked seeing him be saved in the end, by Shawn of all people. That entire scene was funny.

    Psych is just such an impressive show. I am so happy when I watch this show.
  • this ep was really good.

    in this ep shawn drags his assitant into scen that the cop thinks it was suicide but shawn thinks it was murder. and shawn finds a cat that he pretends to have a phyicic connection with and more bodys start to pop up all over town. and the cops think there just more suisides . so he and guss go vist the stress hotline and starts pretend him and gus have a office in there even though it was only in a cleaning space. it was a really good ep can tehy figure it out before more people start to die .
  • Shawn drags Gus into a suicide scene and then realizes it's a murder. Using the victims cat he manages to get involved with multiple homicides by speaking psychically with the cat. In the end he and Gus solve the crime and find the serial killer.

    The best episode of the season so far. Shawn's use of the cat was great in being a buffer between him and the police. Sometimes he gets a little carried away but this time it was more deduction and less fooling around that helped him solve this case.

    Shawn and Gus together are actually pretty good investigators. Shawn is a little out there and Gus keeps him grounded.

    The crime board scene was funny where Gus asks Shawn what he is doing and Shawn replies "I have seen it on Numb3rs and it seems to work for them." Then he takes the brother of the first suicide victim and moves him to the top. Of course remembering what his father taught him about the cereal box and the toy. Also humorous was the fact that the cat got to ride shotgun and Gus was in the back seat.

    You really had to like Rory and it was a trip that he was using his help line experience for angst for his poetry. Did anyone else other than Shawn think maybe he was in the wrong field of community service? You sort of get the feeling that Shawn did realize the first murder was the key and then his observations led him to the phone technician. Poor David who is so friendly with people seems like he may be in the wrong business. We see Wes holding him at gun point. In the end the cat is a hero jumping on Wes who was played by Scott Michael Campbell and Lassiter arrests him.

    You know, I don't think we got to see the press conference Lassiter promised? Oh well, maybe next time.
  • Great acting, great plot, great everything!

    This episode is actually the first I ever watched of this series. Now I'm hooked. This has a great plot with the string of "suicides." Shawn knows, however, that this isn't suicide when he sees marinating meat in the victim's refrigerator. He then, using his "psychic" powers, takes the victim's cat and stays on the case by using him as a witness. When he turns everything upside down, like his father says in the beginning, he solves it. It has an unexpected murderer, and a surprise target. I love the parts with Rory, and when Shawn explains why the cat is riding shotgun and Gus is in the back seat of his own car, I couldn't help but laugh. The only bad part of this episode was that they didn't keep the cat. Overall, a great episode that is a must-watch. I'm glad it's the first I ever saw, and it's still in my top 2 favorite episodes. (My first is Lights, Camera... Homicidio in Season 2) I'll end this review with a part of Gus's conversation with Rory, who works at the depression hotline.

    Gus: I do enjoy many water-related activities.
    Rory: Like drowning?
    Gus: No!
    Rory continues: Drowning in the pristine, serene waters, breathing your last breaths while sinking to the bottom.
    (Gus hangs up)

    By the way, Rory isn't the murderer, and that conversation might be a bit inaccurate.
  • Cats can be heroes

    How anybody can actually think that Shawn is getting vital clues because a cat is talking to him is seriously deranged. The cat did save the life of a man who was being held up at gun point. A phone service technician is murdering people who phone a help line. Shawn, Gus and a cat are here to save the day. I thought it was funny that Shawn treated the cat better than Gus like when the cat sat up front in the car.
  • Who is your phone service technitian?

    Better be bareful about who listens in on your calls during the day! You do not want to be freaked out if you end up dead!!! Shawn and Gus burst in on a suicide or so it seems, but Shawn does not believe that because no one kills themself after making a seriouse thought about what they are going to eat in the future. But what is even worst is that Lassitar wont believe anything about that. that is until more more people are discovered in the same situations, or should i say suicides. Shawna nd Gus go undercover at a depression hotline that all the "suicides" seemed to have called... and discover that there is a murderer and that the murderer only killed them because he thought that they couldn't handle the 'real' world.
  • This was probably the best episode that there will ever be.

    Now don't think that I'm undermining PSYCH's capabilities, but I really think that this is the best episode that there will ever be. In fact I would find it hard to believe if any show could make an episode funnier than this one. The boycat sequence was phenomenal! It was hilarious when the cat got to ride shotgun and Gus had to sit in the back. Also, the hang in there poster was really funny. I think the writers were in a little cat phase when they wrote this episode. Yet again I was fooled. I thought that the man guilty was someone else. I hope I'm not the only one getting fooled all the time!
  • I\'ve heard a lot about this show, I was glad to actually catch an episode.

    This was the first episode I ever got a chance to watch and I thought it was hilarious. I was a skeptic when I first heard about the show but I must say that it was a good episode. I thought the exchanges between Shawn and Gus were hilarious and well acted. Especially the last one I think it was about cereal or the prize or something, that was hilarious. I love how they portray him solving the mysteries, it\'s original. Not to mention every time he pretended the cat was telling him something ir giving him a clue... very funny. I don\'t have that much time to watch television now that school has started but this show would be worth trying to catch again.
  • It's a cat!!!

    An absolutely hysterical episode! I loved the cat! And everything about it.

    In this one you could tell Gus is a little more into the whole detective thing than he lets one... I like that, cause I love Gus.

    plus it really was a great mystery! It kept me guessing till the end, and even then... The cat was great jumping on the guy though...

    I'm sorry we couldn't see more of Shawn's dad in this one though, I love their interactions!

    The end was perfect though, I love how it worked with the beginning, except this time Shawn go the ring! Haha!
  • I didn't know psychics could talk to cats. I guess you learn something every day.

    This episode was hilarious! I loved the whole thing with the cat being the only witness. It was hysterical. "I'm going to need to talk to that soon as he's finished licking himself." Classic Shawn. And I was rolling on the floor laughing when Shawn was "channeling the cat who's channeling Gloria", and he was strutting around the chief's office singing. It was so funny.

    They're getting better at tossing in plot twists. When we found out that the victims all called that 1-800 number, I thought for sure that the killer was going to work there. In fact, I thought it was Terrence, the boss. I didn't think the brother had anything to do with it, so I highly enjoyed the fact that I couldn't predict the outcome halfway through the episode.

    Not as many shipper moments between Juliet and Shawn this week, but we can't expect that every week. After all, they have to draw this thing out. Anticipation. That's the best part. I am liking how Shawn keeps going to Juliet for help.

    Do I see Lassiter starting to develop a grudging tolerance of Shawn and Gus? Was that almost a compliment he gave him after the cat jumped on the killer? I think the relationship between Lassiter and Shawn is going to become one of the most complex on the show. I'm almost looking forward to their interactions more than those between Juliet and Shawn.

    All in all, another fine episode. Any episode that prominently features a cat is great TV.
  • Shawn and Gus decide to investage a strange chain of sucides

    Well, what can I say about this episode? Bravo, Bravo! Psych has done it again. An outstanding episode! With a hilarious plot and a very funny guest star {the Boycat}.
    When a string of sucides happen in a row, Shawn believes that its more then just a bunch of depressed people finally giving up, he smells foul play, but of course his input was disregarded by Detective lassie so gus and him take matter into there own hands and catch the bad guy.
    I thought it was really cool of Shawn to say such nice things about Lassiter in the end, I see the show is trying to make lassiter seem more human now.
    Good episode!
  • This episode was hilarious! I loved the cat, and wished they could have kept him, or at least give him a name. We all love you little boy cat!

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes so far. My absolute favorite part was the reference to NUMB3RS, because few shows actually make such clear references to other shows. And even though Shawn really couldn't talk to the cat, the cat was actually a pretty good detective. And very funny. I think the ending was a nice surprise, when almost everyone (Includind Lassiter} was convinced it was goth-poet Rorey. (The music bit was completely hilarious, though.) Even though they didn't keep the little boy cat, I'm glad he went to that nice Buzz guy, he was really nice to Shawn. I think most people on the force are, their just weirded out by Lassiter.