Season 2 Episode 1

American Duos

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 13, 2007 on USA

Episode Recap

Shawn and Gus are watching one of Gus' favorite reality TV programs, American Duos – where contestants sing duets to impress judges. At that very moment, the Chief calls Gus and Shawn in on a case that turns out to be protecting one of the American Duos judges. Apparently, Nigel St. Nigel, easily the meanest judge on the show, is being dogged by nasty attempts on his life. Shawn and Gus agree to go undercover as contestants.
Their first audition is a little shaky, and Juliet agrees to help the guys work on their moves, although she becomes a little intense during practice sessions.
Meanwhile, the attempts on Nigel get worse and worse until another judge, Emelina Saffron's, fingerprints are found in Nigel's room. She is detained at the police station, where Lassiter questions her and become rather infatuated with the strange Ms. Saffron. After she is found innocent, Saffron is released, but then she is attacked in her hotel room. When she awakens in the hospital, she says, "Look at me," then passes out again.
Shawn and Gus realize that the name of the third judge's famous record translates to "Look at Me" in English. Thus, they understand that he has a hand in the unfortunate events surrounding Nigel. When Gus and Shawn make their reveal to the police, Zapato – the third judge – makes an impassioned speech about being the least famous of the judges. Nigel criticizes Zapato's antics, then goes on to criticize Shawn and Gus during their final performance.