Season 2 Episode 1

American Duos

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 13, 2007 on USA

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  • Shout

    Episodes like this, where Shawn and Gus join some TV show, are always fun. The casting crew nailed it when they chose Tim Curry to play the "abrasive British judge" (basically Simon Cowell). I have had the song "Shout" popping up in my mind ever since watching the episode. Gus has some nice dance moves... am I right?
  • American Duos

    I thought this was a fun episode! The dynamic between Shawn and Gus is hilarious as always and the case of the week involved a play on "American Idol" with judges who did a great job of acting. The final performance alone makes this episode worth watching : )
  • American Duos

    The second season of "Psych" kicks off with an episode parodying one of America's favorite shows - "American Idol." Always throwing in as much pop culture as possible, the writers get to expand the comedy to encompass an entire plot, and it is a treat to watch. Anyone who has never seen "Idol" can rest easy, as the judges are the butt of more jokes than the show itself. Juliet gets to bust out some new moves and Lassiter's strange affection for Emilina Saffron is silly, but somehow logical. Tim Curry is always fun, although there is very little for him to do other than bully the other contestants. Shawn's psychic abilities are not used to great extent here, but Gus gets a piece of the case-solving action, which ties in to the title of the episode. It would seem that "Psych" has taken Shawn and Gus from their odd couple dynamic and is trying to keep up more of a dynamic duo appeal. So far, it's definitely working in the show's favor.

    The Good:

    -Little Gus and Little Shawn in their music icon outfits.

    -One of the judges is named Zapato. Zapato is a Spanish word that means "Shoe."

    -Gina Gershon plays Emilina Saffron, a character based on "Idol" judge, Paula Abdul. She is hysterical in the role.

    -The head-to-head battle of insults between Henry and Nigel St. Nigel.

    -"I feel like an angel baby swaddled in a cocoon of cloud candy."
  • PYSCH SEASON 2 (Bad very Bad)

    I waited and hoped the second season would be as good as the first but i was greatly dissapointed.
    Every episode in the first season was fantastic!!! I wonder if the hired all new writers for the this season?? If they did i hope they fire them all before this show goes off the air. For most series the first season is not very good and the actors hope they get another season, but with pysch it was all good and very funny.I hope this first episode of the second is one you can just chuck up to a bad hair day or something but it was BAD!!! I kept on waiting for shawn to use his gifts to help solve the crime but he just didnt do it only once. and jules was well not very funny and not as she was in the first season. And the dynamic between shawn and his father was badly written, he was comforting him. I just hope the rest of the season is much better or this will be a 2 season show
  • A sad waste of my time

    I watched the season premier on the recommendation of two friends who loved this show last season. Since I haven’t watched before, I have no frame of reference, nonetheless, if this episode is at all typical, yuck.

    For starters, the plot was lame and unbelievable. The satire on the American Idol panelists was cartoon-ish and borderline slanderous. I think there is supposed to be some ongoing sexual tension between Harry and Jules, but there really didn’t appear to be.

    The biggest disappointment was that this is supposed to be about a guy who uses “psychic powers” to solve crimes. But he never did. All of the solving was done by the same kind of close observation and ratiocination that has been the mainstay of detective fiction going back to Edgar Allen Poe.

    I was sadly disappointed.
  • This episode was seen as hilarious during the commercial, but really didn't live up to it's usual laughs or mystery

    This episode was about American Duo, which I thought would be hilarious because it seemed like it was making fun of American Idol. I just thought it would be funny since it is the season premiere and all. I was sadly disappointed, and found the episodes funny in some part, but not much in which I'm thinking what's gonna happen, or I'm laughing my head off. It wasn't a bad episode just I would rather watch a funnier one, or even a more mysterious one in which you are wondering who did it. Not the biggest bang in a premiere, but it still leaves me waiting for the next episode. It just didn't seem like the usual Psych, but it's still one of my favorite shows.
  • American Idol type stuff...the only part that made me laugh out loud was the ending....the whole Tears For Fears Michael Jackson thing. That was funny.

    It was quite clear that different writers were involved with this one. Every episode from season 1 was better than this episode. It upsets me when they mess with the formula too much. They tried to make Gus to much of a smart a**...which was supposed to be funny...but it just didn't feel right.
  • 201

    This is a review for Psych's season 2 premiere titled, "American Duos". I wish I had something positive to say about it, but unfortunately I watched the episode so I cannot do that.

    I started getting into Psych during Season 3 and the show has grown by leaps and bounds since then. The comedic timing is so much better, Jules is a lot looser and not just a generic, CBS-esque cop like she is here, and the show is just funnier and more dramatic now than it is back then. This episode was almost painful to watch at certain times.
  • About Shawn and Gus being in American Duos and being undercover.

    It was awesome! I liked the way that Shawn and Gus sang at the end! It made me laugh out loud! Seriously! And the guy who acts like Simon Cowell is great! But that guy is a lot more mean than Simon Cowell. He's such an **s. This episode is a must watch! This is absolutely one of my favorite PSYCH episodes!! Rock on Psych! I haven't watched the whole 3rd season yet because they haven't shown it here in our place but it's getting there. One week at a time. I love every episode of Psych! ! ! ! !
  • This is one of the funniest episodes of a very funny show! Gus dressed as Michael Jackson? Shawn and Gus are like two guys you wish you were friends with and could hang out with!

    Psych is one of the very best shows out there! When Shawn and Gus are on stage singing Shout, it's one of my favorite moments in the series! The actors, writers and everyone else involved in the show are geniuses! I love the combination of serious and funny, danger and silly, but most of all the characters are so lovable! When I'm watching the show it feels like I'm joining some good friends! In fact, I'm going through withdrawal right now, hoping Summer comes soon, with new episodes! Until then I'll just enjoy rewatching many great episdodes!

    Thanks to everyone involved in the show for making me very, very happy!
  • Psych is awesome

    Psych is awesome! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show psych one of the judges is in fear for his life because he thinks someone is tring to kill him and he is really scard so he hires gus and shawn to handle it but to really know whats going on they got to enter the competion and they start to realize who is tring to kill him after failed attempts like his oven blowing up or is trailer that almost exploded this was a good ep i thought and a good way to start season 2 off i thought it was intersting and exciting
  • A nearly perfect episode!

    The season two finale was fantastic! I loved it. It was awesomely funny.

    First things I noted: The boy who played young Gus was gone and another boy portrayed young Gus. I wonder what happened... When I have more time this weekend, I'll see if I can find something online about this. The episode was directed by Steve Franks and James Roday, and directed by John Landis. I think they did a wonderful job.

    I really liked "American Duos" episode but I don't think it lived up to "Scary Sherry". If I rate it on it's own, however, I think it was a really good episode. It was really good to see Shawn and Gus up to their same old antics. Vick and Juliet still have faith in the fake psychic. And Lassiter seemed like himself except...his peculiar attraction to Emelina (?)

    One of my favorite scenes...Juliet teaching Gus and Shawn to dance. She was so passionate about it. They were looking at her like she was nuts. It was great.

    The scene that made me laugh the most....Shawn and Gus performing at the end of the show. Gus looked absolutely ridiculous as Michael Jackson, doing moves from "Thriller". LMAO

    I also like the scene where Shawn and Gus took Nigel to Henry's house; Henry and Nigel were bickering. It seemed that Henry had met his match.

    Favorite quotes
    "Damn girl" Gus to Juliet
    "I feel things. Deeply." Shawn said this to Juliet after she was impressed with his "abilities". He was too serious when he said this but you just knew he wanted to laugh.

    Shawn "It's Jules calling. Maybe she's lonely in the shower."
    Gus "She has a shower phone."
    Shawn "Even better" This is not verbatim, just paraphrasing, but I thought it was so funny
  • Fantastic start to a second season

    I'm british and we have only just had this episode aired on the Hallmark channel so I have literally just seen it and rushed to my computer so I could write my review on how amazing and brilliant I thought it was. Shawn Spencer or should I say Shawn Spencstar have done it again. The comic and genius stylings of this man never fail to impress. I thought that it was absolutly hilarious when Shawn and Gus went on that talent show and sang. Great start to a great show. I hope that all the future episodes are as good as this one was.
  • Great start for season 2.

    Wow I just love this episode. I mean Shawn and Gus singing… and then singing together is just so funny. I laughed throughout the entire episode. How do they come up with these weird and laughable storylines. I also love Juliet in this episode, she's kind of scary, but in a good way. She really stand up for herself and shows that she can dance. The dance that she made up for Gus and Shawn is great. Their performance is a part that I can watch over and over again. And then the comment that the jury makes is just a great ending for a great episode.
  • Shawn and Gus go undercover to protect American Idol knock-off show critic Nigel St. Nigel. Even they want to kill him. Shawn and Gus pose as contestants, and are painful to listen to. However, they pull together in the final scene and please the crowd.

    perfect. I love this series and anyone who dislikes this series is dead to me, psychically and spiritually, no matter how wildly attracted to them i am on a physical level. and yes that is a somewhat quote from psych. this episode was hilarious and i loved the last scene where they performed shout and gus did the moonwalk. it was great because the whole episode was sort of a circle, from the flashback to the final product. I loved the sarcastic and negative comments of Nigel St. Nigel, and going commando under Henry's fluffy robe. "I do not have physical contact with people with arm hair!" "Now tell me, are you absolutely sure that this cow shoulder on my plate (which Henry by the way made) is in fact, dead? I'm just asking." "Well look at it. It still has the marks where the jockey was hitting it." Bravo! actually, usa.
  • A great come back!

    To see Gus, Shawn, Lassiter, O'Hara and Henry back is by itself reason enough to like this episode. Nevertheless, it's specially good because it completely masters the comedy style that became the personal trademark of the show to a level that astonishes me.

    Really! Take Tim Curry's character for example. Like Henry says you just need 10 minutes to hate the guy, but at the same time you love him thanks to all those hilarious moments and jokes he can give you nonstop.

    Truth need to be told, though, this episode has one major problem. The mystery of who the want-to-be killer is doesn't work. To me the Zapato character was the "killer" from moment one.

    But this major problem becomes very small thanks to all the fun I had with James Roday and Dulé Hill horseplaying around at probably 100 miles per hour. They completely stole the scene and have once more proven how good together they are.

    The most hilarious moment besides Shawn and Gus' performance at the end of the show is certainly Lassiter's taking care of Emilina after he drove away all her attempts to kiss him while she was in custody.

    For short, stay tuned to this show!
  • In the second-season opener, Shawn gives his protection to a talent-show judge after multiple failed attempts to kill him.

    This is the premier of the second season and i believe that it was a great start! In this episode Shawn and Gus return to save Nigel St. Nigel, the mean judge on American Duos, a show that is very popular and similar to American Idol. Only this Simon or i should say Nigel is almost murdered atleast 10 different times. And none other than by someone who he feels close to and someone that is quite unsuspected. Shawn and Gus save Nigel St. Nigel and leave this season with a great opening. I can't wait to see what will happen next.
  • In the second-season opener, Shawn gives his protection to a talent-show judge after multiple failed attempts to kill him.

    This is the premier of the second season and i believe that it was a great start! In this episode Shawn and Gus return to save Nigel St. Nigel, the mean judge on American Duos, a show that is very popular and similar to American Idol. Only this Simon or i should say Nigel is almost murdered atleast 10 different times. And none other than by someone who he feels close to and someone that is quite unsuspected. Shawn and Gus save Nigel St. Nigel and leave this season with a great opening. I can't wait to see what will happen next.
  • If all the episodes are as side splitting as this one it will be a great season.A hilarious way to kick off the season, Tim Curry’s character alone makes this episode worth watching.

    It may have been a bit different from what I’m used to seeing with this series, but still a solid and funny installment. There were notably fewer of Shawn’s visions where the things he observes are highlighted. The character Nigel the talent show judge made some of the best quips of any guest on the show. Thankfully it looks like the writers intend to keep up the comedic and lyrical pace that made me like this show. Although it was sorely lacking in the psychic visions and the main element of the show, Shawn’s uncanny talent for scrutinizing minute details with incredible accuracy and speed. A excellent way to kick start a good sophomore season.
  • This sure didn't seem like Psych to me

    My problem with this episode is that it seemed to be more about giving the guest stars their limelight than about any real detective work, or even Shawn and Gus. Clues were nearly nonexistant. Clever writing, for the most part, was supposedly put into Tim insulting people. But if I want the victim to die in an episode, when I am disappointed that he remains living, that is not enjoyable for me. And Gina's part. What was the point of that? I simply found her annoying. Like others, I had high hopes for this episode after Scary Sherry. I laughed like crazy at the Prince/prints joke, but the rest of the episode was seriously missing that kind of humor. It was reduced to the two of them dancing around and singing and Tim insulting people. While this is fine for the Psychout, it isn't fine for the episode as a whole.
  • Decent episode but it's out of character.

    It a great idea for an episode but it seems like it's missing much of what makes psych. Gus was responsible for most of the humor. The judges of the show seem like their personalities were over exaggerated. I just hope the new viewers will stick around and see more episodes and that this isn't a bad sign for the show.
  • What is wrong with you people? This episode WAS funny!

    Yes, maybe the dynamic between Gus and Shawn was a little different. But why would you want the show to be the exact same every time? Think about it. People adapt and change. Gus has been Shawn's friend forever, and has worked with him in their "business" for a year now. Gus has decided to take a more active roll, and not let Shawn completely lead the whole way. What's wrong with that? I laughed out loud several times during this episode. Was it the best ever? Maybe not, but it was one of the best. It WAS funny! Remember, this is television. Don't take it so seriously. Enjoy the fact that Gus is giving it to Shawn for once. It's good that there is some character development.
  • Shawn Spenstar and Gus "TT" Showbiz audition for American Duos, going undercover to investigate the many attempts on a judge's life.

    After "Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast" being the best episode of the show, I was excited to see what would be offered for the season premiere. I was highly disappointed- at least, as much as I've ever been with Psych. It was definitely funny, but I was expecting some of James Roday's writing. It really seemed as if he had no input at all in this episode. It's obvious while watching the show that much of Shawn is his doing, and after listening to the commentary on the DVDs it's confirmed. He came up with the pineapple thing, for heaven's sake. But where was his hilarious-ness in this episode?

    Gus dominated the episode with humor which threw off the dynamic of the show. I love the amazing chemistry that James and Dule have and you can't have one without the other, but it was just OFF. I wonder what happened...this seemed like an episode that should have been saved for mid-season.
  • Although it wasn't my favorite, I still liked the episode. I don't think it was the right choice for the season premiere though.

    I loved the entire first season of Psych and bought it on dvd the first chance I got. I was so excited for this episode. They were promoting it like crazy too. There were commercials on multiple channels, banners on the internet, including, and they were showing Psych reruns all week long on USA. They knew that there would probably be a lot of new viewers for the season premiere. I just don't think that a new viewer could have really gotten a feel of what the show is all about from this episode. I thought the character of the female judge was a little over the top and very cheesy, and Shawn didn't even do any impressive "fake psychic" work. I think this episode would have done better if it was not the first episode of the season. I still love the show, but I hope that first time viewers will tune in next week to get a better idea of how awesome this show can be.
  • This is a great humorous start to a second season...

    From the beginning to the end, it was full of laughs. My favorite would be the entire dinner table scene when Gus is fending of Sean off in his own home from the dinner his own dad cooked. It was great!!!

    My second scene would have to be the very beginning in which the silence and Gus's concentration on the show, while Sean was bored out of his mind.

    Tim Curry, getting bigger since his appearance in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But almost Simon-like, but not quite. He could be way meaner that Simon if he had a show like that to judge on.

    Anyway, cant wait until next week... Woohoo!!!
  • Not everyone agree of course but for me this was crazily funny. Top hilarious was when Tim Curry as St. Nigel gave a new meaning to gloating .. huaah. still laughing. Spoiler warning: don't read further if not yet watched.

    ok some people say this episode was too much that too little something else and whatnot but really this is a comedy show and you know oranges and apples.. not everyone like everything different something right?

    Well, but for me absolutely funny was the shame, humiliation and ridicule of the situation where St. Nigel had no choice but pass Shawn and Gus to the second round albeit their horrific performance. post-post-post-modern indeed. And the other where St. Nigel critized the other guy for failing to kill him. So there he was gloating happily and quite missing some skrews from his head!

    If something is to critizise then maybe just for the sake of being brave they should try to more variate the type of humor a little more. Still a good episode and good show.
  • Typical Psych.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Loved Shawn and Gus as contestants, they were hysterical. I love the whole American Idol take off. Tim Curry was excellent as Nigel, great comments just like Simon on AI. Emilina playing the Paula character was great too, when she called Lassiter Mr. Beene and Tony Randall I realized just how much he looks like both. Overall this was a great episode with lots of humorous moments, too many to list. Once again Shawn's ability for detail helps him to figure out what happened. The cast in this show play well off each other in this episode just as they had all last season. I can't wait for more.
  • TIM CURRY!!!

    Hello, I would just like to say that I love this episode simply because of Tim Curry! When they said a week in advance that Tim Curry was going to be in an episode of psych, I almost pissed myself! I had no idea what Psych was or about. I never watched it, and never even heard of it. But thanks to this episode, I will definitely be tuning into this show more often! The casting people should make Curry one of the main characters or at least a reCurrYing character, and this would be a very good idea, as it would help the show's ratings tremendously as well as the audience viewings! I will definitely be one of those viewers.
  • Good season premire. Season 2 is off to a good start already!

    I love anything which makes fun of American Idol, so of course I loved this episode. Gus and Shawn team up on American Duos to help one of the judges who is like Simon. The girl judge apparently overdoses after being cleared of the attempted murder. It turns out the attempted murders were the Asian judge and a former contestant, which the Simon guy of course hated. Overall I liked the episode, but it wasnt my favorite. I loved the part where Gus and Shawn sung the orgiginal version of Shout. Cant wait for next weeks episode.
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