Season 2 Episode 1

American Duos

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 13, 2007 on USA



  • Trivia

    • Pineapple-Spotting: Shawn brings one as a gift to Emilina to her Hospital bed.

    • The song Shawn and Gus audition with is "Take on Me", by the Norwegian band a-ha. It was their biggest hit in the U.S, topping the Billboard charts in October, 1985.

    • The final song performed by Shawn and Gus as Roland Orzabal and Michael Jackson is a Tears For Fears song called "Shout".

    • Trivia: The name of the Latino judge, Zapato Dulce, means "Sweet Shoe" in Spanish.

    • Trivia: The religious statue in the hallway of the hospital is Saint Therese of Lisieux, the patron saint of missions. Saint Therese was born in 1873, died in 1897, and canonized in 1925.

    • Nitpick: The girls in the hall and the hip hop dancers on stage while Shawn and Gus were on the catwalk, both share the same contestant number, 43101.

  • Quotes

    • Gus: (the phone rings) Don't you dare answer that.
      Shawn: Dude, it's Jules. She could be bleeding and in a ditch.
      Gus: She's not bleeding.
      Shawn: She could be in a ditch.
      Gus: She's not in a ditch.
      Shawn: She could be lonely and in the shower.
      Gus: She has a shower phone?
      Shawn: I certainly hope so. Dude, it's a win-win… except for the ditch one.

    • Zapato: I was the first to sign on, this was supposed to be my show! My shot! My comeback! You turned me into a simp! I freaking hate you! People don't even know who I am, I get fan letters addressed to Heraldo, Ricky Martin and that guy from the El Pollo Loco commercial! You ruined everything! Why won't you die?!?
      (Lunges to attack Nigel, but is stopped)
      Nigel: Really? That was your plan? That has to be the poorest executed attack in history. I was two feet away from you all the time. I mean you have to be absolutely without doubt the worst murderer I have ever seen.

    • Juliet: What about detective Lassiter?
      Nigel: (glancing at Lassiter)Absolutely not. His hair looks like it was poured out of a cake mold.

    • Gus: Shawn we're in a hallway. Staying close to the wall doesn't make us invisible.
      Shawn: I'm going to disagree.

    • Gus: How did you know that sandwich didn't come from the kitchen?
      Shawn: Easy there were only 83 sesame seeds on his bun. All the other ones from the hotel have 87.
      Gus: Are you serious?
      Shawn: Nooo.

    • Shawn: (unsure why Gus likes the show) This is just another knock off of the other knock off of the original knock off of that other show.

    • Lassiter: I'm trying to conduct an investigation, out!
      Shawn: Aren't you going to ask us if we did it?
      Gus: Ask him, I plead the fifth.

    • Shawn: Why did we get TiVo if we never fast forward and I can't stop for commentary?

    • Young Shawn: Now I gotta add the moonwalking to Shout and hope the judges don't slam us for it.
      Young Gus: I don't know how to moonwalk.
      Young Shawn: You better learn quick.

    • Lassiter: Spencer you missed something. We found prints.
      Shawn: Was he in a little red corvette?
      Gus: Under the cherry moon?
      Lassiter: Finger prints.

    • Juliet: Well I did go to cheerleader camp, for 2 weeks. I got kicked out.
      Gus: Kicked out?
      Juliet: It's a long story. Suffice to say I don't like liars who steal nail polish and pass out when you slap them a little bit on the back of the head.

    • Gus: You must be out of your damn mind.
      Shawn: Dude you have three full cobs.
      Gus: Shawn, I will slap you.

    • Henry: That's it -- take off the robe! Wearing that robe is a privilege and you, pal, have just lost it!
      Nigel: I steadfastly refuse. This is the plushiest, most opulent robe I've ever had the pleasure of wearing.
      Henry: Well, there's one thing we can agree on. Now give it up.
      Nigel: No. I feel like an angel baby swaddled in a cocoon of cloud candy.

    • Gus: You got a plan yet?
      Shawn: Gus, I'm a lyrical gangster. I'll use some colorful vernacular and if necessary will engage in fisticuffs.

    • Nigel: Good lord. Who lives here the Borington's?
      Shawn: There's a better then decent chance this goes poorly.

    • (sitting in Gus's car)
      Nigel: I feel like I've been incarcerated in a blueberry.
      Gus: Shawn.
      Nigel: This car makes me want to weep and then die.

    • Gus: (staring at Shawn kneeling by the toilet) That's what you get for drinking whole milk Shawn.
      Shawn: Dude, I have bones of granite.

    • Henry: (to Nigel) Oh yeah, well I've got an ice-cold can of whoop-ass just sitting in the fridge.
      Shawn: Actually that is diet whoop-ass.

    • Emilina: Now you're trying to seduce me.
      Lassiter: I never thought I would make this sound in my life, but (ewwww).

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Israel – January 14, 2008 on YES Stars 2
      Finland – April 20, 2009 on MTV3
      Slovakia – June 20, 2010 on Markiza
      Australia – July 22, 2010 on TV1
      Czech Republic – September 15, 2010 on Prima

  • Allusions

    • Emelina: Come on, Count Chocula, I know you're in there!
      Emilina continues her actor and TV-character references to tall, brown-haired men whom she believes are Lassiter from her drug-induced haze (Tony Randall, Mr. Bean, etc.). Count Chocula is a character popularized by his eponymous breakfast cereal.

    • Shawn: Was he driving a Little Red Corvette?
      Gus: Under the Cherry Moon?

      "Little Red Corvette" is a 1983 song by Prince, and Under the Cherry Moon is a 1986 movie starring and directed by Prince.

    • Emilina: Everybody hates Nigel.
      Lassiter: You know that Everybody Loves Raymond.

      Everybody Loves Raymond is an American sitcom originally broadcast on CBS from 1996 to 2005.

    • Gus: The contestants… are duos… They have to mesh, become one soul, like V'Ger and Stephen Collins in Star Trek I.

      Gus is referring to the end of the first Star Trek motion picture, released in 1979, in which Stephen Collins' character, Will Decker, merges with the entity known as V'Ger.

    • Shawn: She could be like Keyser Soze.

      Keyser Soze (Kevin Spacey) is the main character in the 1995 film The Usual Suspects, in which "Roger Kint" pretends to be an innocent cripple.

    • Emilina: Mr. Bean, thank god it's you. I really need my bag.

      Mr. Bean is a British comedy television series.