Season 2 Episode 5

And Down the Stretch Comes Murder

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 10, 2007 on USA

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  • And Down the Stretch Comes Murder

    The Good:

    -When he was a kid, Lassiter wanted a pony.

    -"Let's acknowledge that the Chief is wearing leopard print."

    -"I think your shirt and his shirt should get together and go bowling."

    -A bully from Shawn and Gus's past returns. Gus is terrified of him, but his only weapon is a tiny baseball bat. It turns out, the bully himself is pretty tiny.

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show psych shawn and gus had a problem with bullies only one in perticular and it was a kid that would take there money and beat them up and turns out he who is older now need there help he thinks he is being caused to lose when racing in horse races and they must investgate the case and turns out after doing some investagating they find out that the guy who annouces the race is and one of his dads friends and the camera guy are all in on it this was a good ep they were fixing the races and taken bets for lare amounts of money
  • Another great Psych episode!

    I liked this episode a lot, though I found the bully Jimmy Nickels to be extremely annoying. Every scene with him in it was a let down to me. His use of the old nicknames, such as fart knocker, dill hole and butt munch, just irked me. I think he was meant to annoy us, but I don't think they wanted their viewers to want to "mute" him, which is exactly how I felt.

    Other than the annoying bully, I thought the episode was really good. The case had me intrigued. I couldn't figure this one out. I did figure out that Gus was the second shooter, though, early on in the episode. It was the hostility that he felt that convinced me he might have set Nickels up when they were kids.

    The flashbacks in this episode were funny, but what was even funnier to me was when Shawn made a model of the old detention classroom and Gus asked why he was in detention. Shawn said "You got caught eating a Kit Kat out of the garbage can". LMAO

    Juliet was dumped by a "little person"! I never expected her to be dumped by anyone, but we all have our share of relationship tales... The look on her face when she told Shawn and Gus about it was hilarious.

    Henry has another hobby, more knowledge, that ends up helping Shawn. Too bad he made Shawn wear the shirt. I loved when Shawn said "A little girl outside just cried when she saw this shirt".

    I'm surprised that Lassiter ever doubts Shawn anymore since Shawn's record is perfect. I guess he does it just to be contrary or perhaps he genuinely feels that he knows more than Shawn, which would make sense since he's been a cop for so many years.

    I had a lot of favorite quotes.
    Shawn: "Gus is one-sixteenth robot."
    Shawn: "The good news is I'm available for hugs."
    Gus: "It was the best day of my life. I got to wear underwear again."
    Shawn: "You are, dare I say...dastardly."

    The Psych-out at the end was great too. Even Timothy Omundson was a part of the singing, which was just too funny to me.
  • Funny

    This episode was so freaking hilarious I loved it. It was especially funny when Shawn was trying to solve the mystery of who spit balled the teacher. I knew straight away that it was going to turn out to be Gus. I hate Henrys taste in shirts so I guess me and Shawn have something in common. I like the fact that Shawn seems to go way overdramatic in each episode like talking to a horse. That man is hilarious. Great episode but not enough of the regular police psychic interaction. I think the best part was at the beginning when Shawn and Gus were scared of the bully from school coming to see them and he was really small. Love it.
  • Maybe the funniest this season.

    This episode starts out with Shawn and Gus taking a case for an guy who used to bully them in the 5th grade. They are only there to humor the guy, and then something changes. While they are solving the case they continue to run into Shawn's dad, who is always wearing a brightly colored Hawaiian shirt because it will bring him luck...and that makes the episode even funnier. Of course it's not a complete episode until Jules and Lassie are brought in... and when they are Shawn will solve the case and all that good stuff. The episode was funny, and I really enjoyed it.
  • Better and Better

    Psych ~ And Down the Stretch Comes Murder: Every episode is better than the last, I know I would certainly have a difficult time picking out my favorite. I delight in the byplay between Gus and Shawn. The irritation between Shawn and his Father is always good for a laugh as well. I have to make comment on the 'lucky' shirts. First of all ... completely hideous and aptly appropriate. In addition, apparently Roday can make ANY thing look good. I really enjoyed the twists and turns in this episode and the fact that Lassie and Juliet had smaller parts. I was excited to get more interaction between Henry and Shawn. This is one of those episodes that really shows the complexity in their relationship. It's obvious that they frustrate eachother, but you can see the obvious affection behind that. It's really excellent writing and wonderful execution by the actors. Well written, keep the good times coming with this show.
  • After a weird episdoe last week this episode was the normal Psych I like to watch.

    Well the ongoing jokes Shawn made on the shirts his dad wore were great. My favorites were the shirt could give someone a seizure and it made the little girl cry. The Jimmy kid was big when they showed him as a kid and then he was a midget almost. Gus was kind of freaky when he admitted doing the spitball. Also the And down the stretch they come was funny. They were driving him nuts. The guy was suspicious the whole episode though. So was Ryan as I noticed when her came in and was quiet, suspiciously quiet. I also have to mention the quintet at teh end of the episode. I especially like Gus' ending and Lassy's low voice. This was a better episode as I wasn't a big fan of last week's.