Season 3 Episode 13

Any Given Friday Night at 10pm, 9pm Central

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 30, 2009 on USA

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  • I loved this episode.

    This was my favorite episode so far. Shawn and Gus on a professional football team; Shawn as a field goal kicker and Gus as a message therapist. It was hilarious to watch Shawn try and kick a field goal and Gus have to give a message (which he found a way out of). Some of the lines in this episode were classic; Gus "breaking" Jack Dempsey's field goal record and Gus's response of the record being "63 yards, not 63 feet". The line were Gus says that his hands were not for touching big hairy football players, but for only for touching himself. I cracked up in both of these scenes. It was a little predictable that the three football players had something to do with Vlad's death, but it was kind of a surprise that it was an accident and they had only tried to make it look like someone else had done it.
  • Interesting story line, but not something to be thrilled about...

    The humor was great, and the story line wasn't too bad, but there wasn't much of a mystery. There sort of was, but Shawn and Gus didn't go through the regular process, and the mystery was hard for viewers like me to figure it out. The beginning was great. Shawn told his idol football player about some of his moves, and he got to keep the football. Then, years later, Shawn meets him while working on this case, and the guy still remembers him XD It was hilarious. Jules checking out Shawn in the football outfit was great too XD She didn't know it was Shawn she was checking out XD
  • Shawn and Gus investigate the death of a kicker.

    While Monk's football-themed episode turned out to be a flop Psych produced a very strong installment. Shawn's obnoxious and sarcastic responses were as great as ever, including dropping a Night of the Comet reference seconds ever being chastised by Carlton.

    The backstory was also very well-written here and it looked like there was a lot of time put into this episode, unlike the other USA Network Friday night comedy's show.

    I still wish they reverted back to the straight man/goofy man aspect with Gus and Shawn instead of having Gus go along with Shawn's requests such as to speak in a Jamaican accent, but that would be one of my few complaints here. The supporting cast of Carlton, Juliet and Henry got time and this was just a really good episode.
  • Shawn and Gus investigate the death of a footballer and get the opportunity to meet their favorite football player.

    This was another great episode. It was well written exciting and funny. Gus’s reaction on seeing the foot was hilarious :D I also loved the last scene, where we can see Henry very proud of Shawn. He really looked good in that football uniform. Juliet is finally realizing her feelings for him. Well, we will have to see what happens. I could not believe it when Shawn mentioned that he will watch a couple of episodes of the Mentalist with his father... The shows have some similarities, but I like them both and I am looking forward to watching the next episodes :)
  • Shawn and Gus get involved in the local football team and try to solve the case of a found foot.

    It was great to see a different kind of case. Shawn gets a little distracted with all the football and being near one of his idols and lets Lassie shine for a couple times. However, Shawn and Gus show that they are still the best at the game. It was great to see Shawn's dad so proud of him at the end and that Juliet is probably falling for him.
    The only thing that gets me is the obscure 80's references, but even that the guys are able to make it funny as hell.

    The psych out moment with Juliet as an ice cream is Highlarious to the extreme.
  • Shawn and Gus investigate the death of a footballer

    This was definitely not one of the best installments of Psych, nevertheless the one hour did keep viewers excited.

    Cashing in on the Superbowl buzz, Psych rightly made use of football theme. A severed foot leads to a missing body case, which in turn leads to a potential murder. Shawn was at his brilliant best playing a hardcore fan, who gets the player of his dreams on board to solve the case. Gus has provided a few laugh-aloud scenes as the undercover masseur of the team. Jules and Lassiter have offered their best to fit in the remaining blocks of a well conceived episode.

    This was awesome eiposode :D Shawn is the best...I like Football and of course I liked this episode a lot....fine invastigation I liked Gus's reaction on a foot :Dand then when he went wrongly into room where were deadmen :D it was funny he is so afraid of all of it...I didn't know that they were such huge fans of Football....that moment was funny too when Football players were joking on them :D Gus was screaming like a girl :D I was dying of laughing :D....I think Julie is falling in love or she's already in love with Shawn and it's great ))