Season 5 Episode 4

Chivalry Is Not Dead… but Someone Is

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 04, 2010 on USA
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Shawn and Gus investigate a rich cougar who has lost her cub to murder, but when it turns out the man was running a scam, attention shifts to his tutor.

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    John Michael Higgins can be funny from time to time, but this was not a good role for him, and to be frank, this was just not a good episode of Psych. The episode just seemed to tarry on and drag on forever with no real purpose. And that weird ending with the jealous girlfriend being the culprit? Somewhere Tony DiNozzo was smiling, but I was not.

    The writers of Psych gave us the bare minim with this storyline, and I hardly even laughed. You can always count on some zany Shawn Spencer lines even when the episode was not that strong, but this was not the case here tonight.

    Just a dull ep in my humble opinion.moreless
  • Shawn and Gus are Cougar Hunters!

    We start off at a happening party in Santa Barbara only to see a young bachelor die from poison only to fall over the railing to his death. Shawn's first line of the episode brought me to laughter so I had a feeling I might like the episode. Skip forward past the early chivalry club and crime scene investigation scenes and skip forward to the battle taking place between Shawn and Prescott. Prescott is going after Jillian, the cougar, who Shawn decides to go after to, one, keep her safe from Prescott who he presumes is going to kill her for her money, and two, prove to Prescott that he has more game. The lines between the two at the bank were priceless and it resulted with Shawn getting a date with Jillian. The date turned into a double date so Jillian could get her friend out on a date but she didn't get along with Gus too well. After the date finds its way back to the Psych Office and the ladies leave Shawn begins to feel the effects of the poison he suffered...I mean barely suffered. That leads us to the hospital where Henry comes and pulls the IV out of Shawn's hand to get him to go back to the station and convict Prescott. That is where Prescott spots Henry and tells Shawn that he kicked his father out of the Gentleman's class which was another favorite scene of mine. The way Shawn says everything just makes me wonder how anyone dislikes his character. Long story short Jillian, Prescott, and the young gentleman who were all suspect were not the killer, who was in fact none other than Jillian's friend who wanted her all for herself. Shawn's speech at the class was also magnificent, I loved the part about how he hoped he would find out that Henry is not his biological father. It was a solid episode, yet again, but there's one thing I can't figure out...Naphthalin! ;)moreless
Lee Garlington

Lee Garlington


Guest Star

John Michael Higgins

John Michael Higgins

Clive Prescott

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Angelo Renai

Angelo Renai

Bank Manager

Guest Star

Sage Brocklebank

Sage Brocklebank

Buzz McNab

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The scene where the killer is caught is filmed at a restaurant called Seasons in the Park. It is located in Queen Elizabeth Park in the heart of Vancouver. The park sits atop Little Mountain, an extinct volcano and, at 500 feet, the highest point in the City of Vancouver. The park is one the city's most popular tourist destinations and the restaurant features stunning panoramic views of the city and its surrounding environs.

    • Pineapple Spotting: Pineapple is on the pizza eaten at the office (the official spot per the weekly contest), and what appear to be two pineapple tops on a plate at the couple's table behind Clive Prescott when the murderer is about to be arrested by Lassiter.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Shawn: I want my father on his dead bed, four-five years from now, to look at me and say, "that, that is the man I raised," and I want him to be pointing… at some other guy, because that means that maybe, just maybe, I'm not his biological son.

    • (Shawn and Lassiter have been disagreeing about working a case.)
      Henry: What if we let them work together, separately but together?
      Shawn: (points to his dad) That lonely bald guy in the corner makes no sense.
      Gus: Am I the only person who's freaked out that he's been sitting there the whole time?

    • Lassiter: She's obviously meeting a new boy toy. Maybe one even younger than the last.
      Gus: Younger? Who do you think she's meeting with, Justin Bieber?

    • (In the hospital.)
      Henry: Shawn, how are ya?
      Shawn: Papa. Daddy. Come, come closer. Come and hug me.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Gus: Younger? Who do you think she's meeting with, Justin Bieber?
      Justin Bieber is a teen pop singer. At the time this episode aired, he was sixteen years old.

    • Lassiter: Ms.Tucker, are you trying to seduce me?

      This is a takeoff on a famous line from the movie The Graduate: "Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me. Aren't you?" Even the camera angle is similar, with the camera under Lassiter's leg.

    • Shawn: One more, Chandler Bing-style. "Oh my God!"
      Chandler Bing was a character in the hit show Friends who was well known for placing unusual emphasis on words in the middle of his sentences, such as; "Oh my God," and "Yes, and we all know how cruel a parent can be about the flatness of a child's pillow."