Season 3 Episode 9

Christmas Joy

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 28, 2008 on USA

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  • I am such a huge fan for this show, but tonights episode was just too plain hokey.

    I've been looking forward for the return of Psych, but have to admit tonights Christmas episode really was extremely bad to watch.

    I don't know if it was the director, writers, or just plain bad acting. But it started off with the little girl Brittany who's crying scene, which was shot to convince Shawn & Gus to take a case of the arrested Santa. It just came off way too "cute" and fake, the cinematography was unbearable and almost amateurish.

    I thought "okay, i can forgive that scene maybe it's her first role", but as the episode continued we were greeted with yet again another poorly directed scene, with Brittany scolding her father as they were leaving the jail. This scene was just poorly shot, acted, scripted, and overall just a mess. It was at this time I knew this episode was terribly put together. I was beginning to think that maybe they wrote this episode to be sweet for the holiday's, but I noticed that the other cast members (Lassiter, O'Hara, Vick) were all staying true to their character's roles. It was almost as if the writer(s) purposefully wrote the characters Spencer, Gus, & Gus's family as overbearing sugary sweet family with non-realistic lines.

    I mean come on Shawn runs into Gus's mother out of the blue at her Bookie's bar & she just tells him "oh Shawn i've got a vice, i'm sorry... Hello Mr. Bookie". I won't even bother you with my terrible examples of this sub-par script.

    Lets also not forget the ending, throughout the entire show Gus is so protective of his sister, then with one little meet and greet at the door. Shawn say's sorry and "bam" that's it! Apology accepted, then they sit for a dinner and it's just "don't worry about it Shawn, we all fight but our family bond can't be broken"... Way to over the top for my taste. Gawd, I hope this is not a taste of what we have in store for this season. Otherwise this is just gonna be a permanent fast-forward on my DVR.