Season 3 Episode 9

Christmas Joy

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 28, 2008 on USA

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  • Holiday episode...

    I suppose they shot this episode in like 2 hours or so. For a show that was doing so well in the little league, this installment did spell disaster. I do understand this is a special out of schedule episode. Nevertheless, they could have put in a little bit more into the story. The background score was annoying, and the acting was terrible. Out of the blue, an old flame of Shawn shows up and they start making out. And worst of all, she happens to be Gus' sister. What happened to all the build up they did last season with him and Jules?

    The case this time around was weird. It started and got solved so fast, that one could hardly notice. The comedy was horrible with some stupid jokes revolving around Gus' family. If not this, we have Gus' crying when an accused starts to cry. It's so easy to notice when something is badly out of place. This installment is an minefield of a million flaws.

    A holiday episode that never should have been aired.
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