Season 1 Episode 12

Cloudy...Chance of Murder

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 09, 2007 on USA
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A local weatherman is found dead the morning after a tryst; the man's lover is charged with the murder despite her claims of innocence. Shawn is intrigued and becomes a defense consultant in order to gain access to the case.

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  • Cloudy...Chance of Murder

    The Good:

    -Lassiter comes through for Shawn by getting Shawn's motorcycle back for him. He also vouches for the "psychic" in court.

    -Michael Weston as Adam Hornstock. He plays a nervous lawyer with undeniable skill. He occasionally shows up as a guest star on television; although always good, he is sadly underrated as an actor.

    -Gus was in an accelerated law program, which he thinks means that he was pre-law.

    The Bad:

    -The side story with Shawn's motorcycle seems random. It is barely addressed until the end of the episode.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show psych shawn and gus become defence consultants for the a lawer that has no confadence in himself. due to the fact that all his family were lawers. and shawn thinks his clinet is innocent the police that arested her think she murders a weather man. and shawn does not think so they go and start to investgate after they make the lawer look good in court for jury number 4 by changing his tie. and they realize that a guy that worked for him did not really like the weather man that was murderd and then a video gets submitted and it shows her killing the weather man alest to make you blive it but turns out it was a girl that worked for him who killed him becasue he thought she was not the type to have sex with . and she was mad so they figured it out and helped him build his confidence back again.moreless
  • Shawn and Gus become Legal Consultants for a lawyer that has lost his confidence when Shawn is convinced his client is innocent. A weatherman was stabbed on the TV set and there is video but nothing truly conclusive until Shawn makes a discovery.moreless

    Very funny episode and Shawn manages to keep from going over the top. Gus actually is proving to be quite the partner in these gigs more than carrying his weight in this deductive reasoning thing. These two make a really good team.

    The defendant Sandra Panitch is swept off her feet by the lothario weatherman Jackson Hale and they have relations on the set of the TV news show. Shortly after they are done Sandra is rendered unconscious and Jackson is stabbed. Unbeknownst to Sandra, Jackson was taping their little tryst for his own records. The tape does not show much after the two fall to the ground so in a way it is inconclusive until Shawn discovers a shadow on the tape turning things upside down and discovering the murderer.

    Michael Weston is great as Adam Hornstock the defense attorney with absolutely no confidence. Shawn helps him out and he wins his family over creating a whole new line of work for Shawn and Gus to pursue.

    Shawn and his father are sparring as usual. You wonder about his fathers motives but in the end all he really cares about is that Shawn takes care of himself and that he does something productive.

    The part about his bike was great in that everyone including his father, and Adam wanted to buy his bike at auction for him. His father because he really does love him and Adam because he helped him pro bono and his firm wanted to do something nice for him. They were both too late though as Lassiter had arranged for his bike to be returned to him instead of going to auction. He seems to be winning people over. It is funny that many people still think he really isn't psychic but they play along with him. Lassiter and his father for example.

    A very enjoyable show with a lot of good clean humor. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • "...Windy Morningdew?" LOL So funny!

    I really liked this episode. It was immediately funny when Shawn said he wouldn't wait in line. "It's a ticket counter, not Space Mountain." LOL I LOVED how Henry showed up in court to support Shawn. He gave a silly wave to Shawn when Shawn looked over and saw him. It wasn't very "Henry-like" but it was sweet to see him supporting his son. I'm so used to him being a hard a$$. But lately he's been showing a softer side. The little argument between Shawn and Gus over Gus' tie was very funny. The looks on their faces were just hilarious. Adam Hornstock had a funny, childish look on his face also, when they bickered over the tie. It was great. It was funny when everyone kept pointing out that Shawn shouldn't be there (in court). He got Lassiter to vouch for him. I liked when Shawn talked back to the DA. That was great too. Another part of the episode that I liked was when Gus wanted to fight the DA after the DA called him a sidekick. LOL It was sooo funny when Shawn and Gus went to the station and Gus pretended to read the news. I loved when Shawn teased him. Yet another favorite part of mine is when Shawn, Gus and Hornstock are in the law offices. Hornstock again looked like a child, a nervous child this time, while Shawn looked relax. It wasn't Hornstock's office. That little scene was great.

    I absolutely loved the ending when everyone wanted to get Shawn's motorcycle back for him. That was great. It seems that Lassiter is the one who took care of it for him. Awww!!

    This show is just awesome.moreless
  • Who kills their weather man?

    When Shawn's bike is taken becasue of the unpaid parking tickets he must go to the court house to pay them but there Shawn sees a murder case being discussed on the television and see who is defending the woman being accused of murder he tells gus that this is a case for them. so they become legal consultans. first they go the court house and talk the defender's lawyer into letting in as his legal consultant. Shawn and Gus begin to look for the murderer but they are surprise when they discover that the murder was someone that worked with him.moreless
Jonathan Turnbill

Jonathan Turnbill

Detective Turnbill

Guest Star

Keegan Connor Tracy

Keegan Connor Tracy

Priscilla Austerman

Guest Star

Michael Weston

Michael Weston

Adam Hornstock

Guest Star

Liam James

Liam James

Young Shawn

Recurring Role

Kirsten Nelson

Kirsten Nelson

Karen Vick

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Pineapple Spotting: Shawn eats pineapple slices at the Psych office when he and Gus discuss the case.

    • Goof: When Shawn and Gus exit the courtroom, Shawn seems surprised to see that Lassiter is there. Yet, while in the courtroom in the previous scenes, Lassiter can be seen actually sitting right next to Shawn.

    • Goof: Juliet claims she is wearing alligator pumps as she and Lassiter are walking up to the courthouse, but a subsequent closeup shows she is not.

    • Psych-Out: Juliet excitedly takes lead vocals for her rendition of "Cool It Now", joined by the lackadaisical lyrics of Shawn and Gus.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Shawn: (to Gus) Counsellor!
      Gus: Yes?
      Shawn: Will you please retire with me to the hallway where we can exchange words in hushed tones?

    • Judge Leland: Does the defense wish to cross-examine?
      Hornstock: Your honor, the defense rests.
      Shawn: (coughing) No, it doesn't.
      Hornstock: Your honor, the defense may rest. (whispering to Shawn) Why not resting?
      Shawn: (whispering) I have a vibe that's very strong.

    • Shawn: You didn't think there was any way you could be blamed, because clouds don't kill people, people kill people.

    • Judge Leland: Very good, where did you attend law school?
      Gus: Just sixth grade law your honor, but it was an accelerated course.

    • Shawn: Hornstock, I think you have the potential to be a fantastic lawyer. You just need confidence. After all that is your name on the door. Now come on!
      Hornstock: Oh no, no, no. None of those Hornstock's are me. The first one is my grandfather he founded the firm. The middle one my father then my brother.
      Gus: Wow whole family of lawyers.
      Hornstock: Yeah, even my sister.
      Shawn: Well there you go she didn't make the door.
      Hornstock: She's Biederman it's her married name.

    • Gus: (watching a sex tape of the weatherman) Do any of you make noises like that?
      Shawn: His or hers?

    • Gus: Can we see those? (Hornstock's case files)
      (Hornstock pulls out several thick binders of files)
      Shawn: Oh yes (laughing) and maybe later on we can read the phone book... just for fun.

    • Hornstock: Now can we please go before Jurekie gets back?
      Shawn: (sees Jurekies ring in a saucer) Carter Jurekie just left for a nooner with his mistress, we have at least two hours... (sees the picture of Jurekie) ... maybe an hour and a half.

    • Shawn: (to Lassiter) Hey, Lassie, that really wasn't much of a put down. In fact, it was somewhat inspiring.

    • Gus: I do watch the news and I've been following this case. They have a mountain of evidence against this lady. Look, they call her the school marm murderer.
      Shawn: First of all there's a question mark at the end of that. They call her "The school marm murderer?" Even the news people aren't convinced. And, today at the courthouse, in the middle of a conversation, I saw her bend over and pick up a piece of trash.
      Gus: Oh, I see, so because she picked up somebody's kit-kat wrapper, it means she didn't kill anybody. (rolls eyes) That makes sense.

    • Shawn: Oooh, let's get in there and grab seats.
      Gus: How? You think that court officer is guarding the door for his health?
      Shawn: Just roll with me on this. (moves through the crowd of reporters to the courtroom door) Excuse me, people, coming through. Shawn Spencer here, Spencer! That's S-P-E-N-C-E-R, this is my partner Burton Guster. G-U… Look, I know I have been reluctant to go on record about this trial up to this point…
      Reporter: (interrupting Shawn) I- I'm sorry who are you?
      Shawn: (incredulously) What is this, Journalism 101? (dismissively) I give my statement, you berate me with your rudimentary Q&A later. In fact, you two switch places. (switches the reporters around to put the cute female by him)

    • Henry: Well maybe if you didn't park your bike within 14 feet of a fire hydrant.
      Shawn: (pause) You ratted me out.

    • Adam: Have you ever considered going by the name of Bolt Lightning?
      Ruben: No.
      (Shawn walks over and hands Hornstock a piece of paper. Hornstock reads it and turns back to Ruben)
      Adam: Cloudy McMillan?
      Ruben: No.
      Adam: Wendy Morningdew?
      Ruben: That's a woman's name.

    • Shawn: Congratulations. You got the bump!
      Hornstock: Thank you.
      Shawn: We'd love to work with you again.
      Gus: So what is it now, Hornstock, Hornstock, Hornstock, Biederman and Hornstock?
      Hornstock: We had to get wider doors, but yes.

    • Hornstock: My firm doesn't really believe in...
      Shawn: Winning?
      Hornstock: No.
      Shawn: Mermaids?
      Hornstock: No.
      Shawn: The Minotaur?
      Hornstock: Me.

    • Shawn: (talking to Lassiter) Please tell me you're not one of those courtroom groupies that bounces from trial to trial....wait a second, was that you at the Michael Jackson hearing with the sequined glove and the shirt that said "Free the man in the mirror."

    • Gus: Where are our candlesticks Shawn?
      Shawn: Maybe you just jumped over them.
      Gus: What?
      Shawn: Be nimble? Be quick?

    • Hornstock: Your Honor, at this time the defense calls for a mistrial!
      Gus: (hushed) This is fun!

    • Shawn: Dude, we're gonna be legal consultants. It's awesome.

    • Shawn: We're citing unfair suprisery!

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates

      Germany – 12 February 2008 on RTL
      Czech Republic – 13 August 2008 on Prima
      Finland – 23 March 2009 on MTV3