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Feb 17, 2014
Reason For Cancellation?
Can someone pls tell me why the show is being cancelled? I know they said they wanted to end it while the show is still on top. But....is there a reason behind the reason?
Oct 06, 2013
Need Some Shuliet Clarification!
Ok I just finished episode 7x10 "The Santabarbarian Candidate" where Juliet wants Shawn to tell the chief the truth and then he's going to and she stops him and kind of forgives him, but makes it clear that she still doesn't really trust him and that they're not getting back together. Then I just started 7x11 "Office Space" and Gus comes over freaking out about contaminating the crime scene and Shawn and Juliet are in bed together in the house she made him move out of a couple of episodes ago! According to Trakt and Wiki I'm watching in the right order and I don't really see the production making such a glaring mistake? So are they together or not?! I'm so confused! Help Psych fans!
Oct 06, 2013
Lassiter and Marlow

I assumed that their weird blood romance episode would be a once off and then they he kept talking about her and going to visit and I thought it was really creepy. Then she got out and stayed with Juliet and she and Lassiter got engaged and I just started watching the episode where they're suppose to get married (I'm sure with Shawn and Gus and a mob boss on the loose , hilarity will ensue) and I actually think they're really cute! What did you think of Marlowe and Lassie at the beginning? Do you feel the same now? Do you think there love with be able to make it to the end of the show?
Sep 07, 2013
Pawn Stars?!
I'm watching episode 3x04 "Disco Didn't Die, It Was Murdered" and Gus, Shawn, and Henry have to go to a pawn shop to get some clues, and this was the exterior shot they used! The inside of the shop/the guy running it had nothing to do with Pawn Stars and as far as I know Psych shoots in Canada, not Vegas! Also, from my (very limited aka wikipedia) research History Channel and USA aren't owned by the same company. I know this isn't really a big deal but I was so proud of my TV knowledge and I got really excited when I saw it! If anyone knows why they would use this shot I'd love to know!
Sep 02, 2013
If season 8 is the last season...
This post may contain spoilers for this who haven't seen season 7.

If season 8 is the last season of Psych, I'm going to be so sad but I'm also happy that Steve Franks, James Roday and co have been taking the time to bring everything together. When the show ends, I don't think we'll be left feeling disappointed with the storylines. They're taking the time to tie up loose ends (ex. Jules finding out the truth about Shawn) and ensure some happy endings (ex. Lassister getting hitched).

I've been a fan of several shows, such as Monk (one of my all-time favorites) and Smallville, which waited until their final season to try to rush and squeeze everything in. Those shows ended sloppily in my opinion.

I'm going to hate saying goodbye to Psych and I still keep hoping season 8 won ...Read more
Aug 29, 2013
Season 1!
So I just started watching season 1 ( I know I'm super late!) and I'm on episode 9. I've really enjoyed what I've seen of the series, but a couple things kind of bother me that I'm hoping will get straightened out. The first is that Gus is always like "WHAT?! NO? THAT'S A TERRIBLE IDEA AND WE ARE NOT DOING IT, I HAVE TO GO BE A PHARMACEUTICAL REP!", but they always end up doing whatever Shawn's crazy plan is and it always ends up solving the case. The other thing is Lassiter, who never wants them to be on the case and is a huge ass about it even though they keep solving cases he won't even let them help. We already know that pretty much every episode they're going to be working on a case and I think without ...Read more
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