Season 7 Episode 7

Deez Nups

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2013 on USA

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  • Lassies wedding episode.

    Lassies wedding episode had all the slapstick comedy we would expect, but Juliette finding out that Shaun is a fraud psychic at the end was a shocker! I just wish they would have put more thought into her finding out, this way was just too easy.
  • disappointing

    I relly can't believe I'm the only one here who thinks that this episode was really really bad. The case itself was just basic stuff but the ending??? Julie is making a scene because she now finds out that Shawn doesn't have any super powers? And this because she finds 2 tickets in his jacket? Are you kidding? First that she found those tickets doesn't mean anything, I mean there were tons of other situations which were even more obvious and what the hell where she thinking how he is doing his job???? And what is the problem with this? Why she is making such a scene because of that? There is really no reason for that! So I think this is the worst Psych episode ever!
  • Reveal a letdown

    I liked the episode, but Jules finding out that way was lame. I thought they would make it more interesting. There have been other times where she could have notice but didn't. Lassister/Shawn at first thought she escaped by the window a misdirect.

    Shawn took the ticket because it had Matt Damien on it not to use later, but it came about later as a coincidence.

    Shawn is highly observant/ great memory etc as trained by his Dad even as a kid he was hoodwinking cops.

    I was a little disappointed in Jules reaction b/c shawn has solved cases for them and he only lied about being a psychic mostly to cover up his true skills.

    Even in the pilot he solved a bunch of cases by watching the news and called the tip lines.

    Out of the whole episode that big reveal was a let down and so unlike psych.
  • Falling for you was never part of the plan...

    Wow, awesome episode! While Lassie and Marlowe simultaneously celebrate their wedding in both bachelor(ette) parties and the ceremony itself, the whole team helps to take down a notorious crime lord. And at the end, the moment we've been waiting for finally comes. Juliet figures out that Sean is not psychic, and he confesses. It ends with her walking away, distraught. I can't wait to find out what happens next!
  • Dun-dun-dun!

    A truly fun episode. Well, except those last few minutes! Still, Lassie finally gets his wish to marry Marlowe, the boys treat him to a fun-filled Hangover-esque bachelor party, the girls almost see a bit too much of McNab, Marlowe's maid of honor was too hysterical!, seeing our Chief of Police wasted with a peanut shell stuck to her lip was quite funny, and the bare butt but blurred-out shot (curse you sensors!!!) of McNab nabbing our culprits for the evening was too much.

    The topper was the ending. I didn't see it coming and it totally rocks the world for our characters. Honestly, you knew it had to happen eventually. You can only carry on a charade like that and suspend your character's disbelief and keep your audience tagging along for only so long before the next, inevitable shift in the dynamics have to come. Roday's justification speech to Jules was so moving, you felt sorry for him. And Jules... I think the champagne in his face was light punishment, but keeping in line with the show & Juliet's character. She did just come from saying she deserved her cake [dammit!]. Throwing a drink in someone's face isn't out of character for her, but frankly Shawn better be ready for some face smacking, ass-whooping, and all-around shift in his world, cuz it's gonna get crazy!!
  • Well That Escalated Quickly...

    This episode was great, Kristy Swanson should become one of the regulars she's really funny. Its great to see Gus and Shawn dealing with growing up. Woody the coroner always has me in stitches too, they need him on there more. Plus it was great to see Mcnab back. The biggest part that I loved would have to be the ending which leaves the door open for a whole new spin on PSYCH and Shawn and Juliets relationship. Hopefully that didn't spoil it for anyone :-)
  • HOLY CRAP!!!

    That was a hell of an you haven't seen this episode, please