Season 7 Episode 7

Deez Nups

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2013 on USA

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  • Dun-dun-dun!

    A truly fun episode. Well, except those last few minutes! Still, Lassie finally gets his wish to marry Marlowe, the boys treat him to a fun-filled Hangover-esque bachelor party, the girls almost see a bit too much of McNab, Marlowe's maid of honor was too hysterical!, seeing our Chief of Police wasted with a peanut shell stuck to her lip was quite funny, and the bare butt but blurred-out shot (curse you sensors!!!) of McNab nabbing our culprits for the evening was too much.

    The topper was the ending. I didn't see it coming and it totally rocks the world for our characters. Honestly, you knew it had to happen eventually. You can only carry on a charade like that and suspend your character's disbelief and keep your audience tagging along for only so long before the next, inevitable shift in the dynamics have to come. Roday's justification speech to Jules was so moving, you felt sorry for him. And Jules... I think the champagne in his face was light punishment, but keeping in line with the show & Juliet's character. She did just come from saying she deserved her cake [dammit!]. Throwing a drink in someone's face isn't out of character for her, but frankly Shawn better be ready for some face smacking, ass-whooping, and all-around shift in his world, cuz it's gonna get crazy!!
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