Season 3 Episode 5

Disco Didn't Die. It Was Murdered!

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 15, 2008 on USA

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  • Disco Didn't Die. It was Murdered!

    The Good:

    -"In some states, that's called child abuse." "I think all of them."

    -Shawn indicates that his dad often gets mistaken for Phil Collins.

    -"What the Hell are you wearing?"

    -Shawn gets to re-open his dad's biggest case.

    -Lassiter and Juliet's plan to give McNab a boring case backfires.

    The Bad:

    -"Disco Didn't Die. It was Murdered!" is another episode lacking excitement.

  • The only poor episode so far. Shawn isn't funny and Gus has no lines.

    Though Psych is usually impossibly funny, the writing was all wrong on this one. It was slow, awkwardly paced, and upsettingly lacking in jokes. I knew something was up when there wasn't a laugh by the time the credits were over. Shawn isn't witty like he always is, Gus hardly speaks AT ALL (and mentions so in the outtakes), and Lassie and Jules are simply out of character - almost trying to play a bad comedy team without a straight man.

    Someone needs to knock the pen out of Saladin K Patterson's hand, and make him stick to his real job.
  • A 70's themed-kick a$$ episode LOL

    Another well done episode. I have to say, the only thing I disliked about this episode were the roles of Lassiter and Juliet. They were really annoying. I didn't like the way they took advantage of Buzz and that whole storyline was pretty much pointless. I guess we can say that we got to see how they're friendship and partnership is developing, but really, it was so annoying. I loved the way the episode started, like some old 80's -or rather, 70's- cop show. The music throughout the episode was cool and added to the 70's theme. I liked how Shawn invited the reporter into the station and then posed while Chief Vick was talking to him. The faces and poses he made were really funny, especially after he realized the case was an old case of Henry's. The look of dismay on his face when he saw that the reporter had taken an unfavorable picture of him was soooo funny. There were a lot of little moments that I enjoyed in this episode....Shawn's and Gus' laughter over the name "Pooky", Shawn's attempted slide across the hood of the car, Shawn's excitement over the box, Gus running away when Shawn activated the bomb. I especially enjoyed the scene where Gus is driving the old car and the car slides into place at the club. He gets out walking funny, saying that his side went to sleep. LOL The way he walked was so funny, and totally in tune with the 70's theme. The guys "costumes" were great, by the way. Another part that I liked, a part I thought was cool, was the car chase. I like to see Gus get in on the action and he was the one behind the wheel. It was a cool chase. I felt really bad for Henry when he realized he'd made a mistake on the case, that Eugene had had partners. Henry is such a perfectionist; it has to hurt that something he was so proud of is now flawed. It was great seeing Shawn, Gus and Henry work as a team. I loved when they did this in the "Old and the Restless" episode. Favorite quotes:
    "I'm getting some serious jibes and it is fly..." Shawn
    "I can dig it." Gus "It's a big birthday cake." Shawn
    "Make a wish." Gus "In some states, that's called child abuse." Shawn
    "If that had been on purpose, that would have been totally cool." Shawn, after Gus slides car into a parking space. LMAO
    "I always wanted to try threes-ees. Who wants the handlebars? Gus, it feels like you." Shawn LOL "So what do we do now?" Gus
    "I don't know. I've never caught anyone before." Shawn I am happy with this episode and I am thrilled that the show has recovered from the slow season start.
  • not as good as some but better than others.

    this episode was a pretty good episode but not as great as many of the other season 3 episodes. this one started out slow but picked up once they bought the car. ditto with the humor on this one. it got better as the episode went on. but i do have to say, i like that it had a theme to it. i think the theme episodes work well for this show and they should keep coming up with more (like the pirate treasure episode). this episode would be one i would watch again but only every once in a while.
  • good episode...

    A case is overturned, and it happened to be Shawn's father's biggest case of his career. Shawn is given the case to find new evidence, but his father insists on helping. In the end, it turned out that the one that was sent to jail was set up and the real culprits were placed in jail. I liked the character interactions between Shawn and his father. They both had great character development in this episode. I also liked the side story of the detectives trying to get the best case... that was funny. Overall, great character story and another funny episode.
  • Chief Vick puts Shawn and Gus on a case that was said to be solved 20 years before by Henry, Shawn's dad. She specifically tells them not to involve Henry on the case, but he winds up helping anyway, but the case is not as clear cut as it seemed to be.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I found it to have a lot of the witty banter between characters that has been seen in previous seasons, but still have some fresh and new twists. For example, we see a side of Henry solving a case we haven't really seen before, and how Henry knows Shawn a little better than we might have known.There was also some courage shown from Gus when he interrupted Shawn and Henry fighting, but still the same old Gus when he went running and screaming from the bomb. I think this season has brought a lot of opportunities to see Henry and Shawn get closer together, and I enjoy that. I thought this was an excellent episode, and I'm excited for the next!
  • Even Henry Spencer can make a mistake, obviously!

    This episode was rather interesting. First, we are shown that Henry a) might have forged evidence to get the guy and b) that he was wrong, at least partially. Shawn was portrayed as quite competent and he told his father outright that it was their case, his and Gus', and that he would play by their rules or not at all because it was his, Shawn's, butt on the line. And Gus being fed up with their constant bickering was quite funny too :) And of course, disco! I felt a bit sorry for McNab, though - Jules and Lassie are quite cunning, really. But it was funny how it always turned against them! XD
  • A bomber from 1978 has his conviction overturned.

    "It's page 64!"
    "Really depends on how you fold it, don't you think?"

    Pysch continues to outdo themselves with yet another great installment. For the second straight week the USA Network original show was the best program on TV. Although not as good as the buried treasure themed edition, this episode's disco theme was highly entertaining, but more importantly had some excellent comedy.

    Corbin Bernsen was given a lot of screen time in this episode and gave a strong performance. James Roday gave another great comedic performance and Shawn Spencer is quickly on his way to becoming one of the funniest characters on television. I was not crazy about Dule Hill in this episode, but I did like his exchange with Shawn in the lab: "It's a big birthday cake! "Ooh make a wish."

    Pysch takes the light-hearted drama and turns it into a very entertaining hour. Few shows are as funny or put you on the edge of your seat the way this program does.