Season 5 Episode 12

Dual Spires

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 01, 2010 on USA

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  • One of the best episodes of psych ever!

    Everything from the location to the actors to the theme song were utterly amazing!
    Once again the writers create a funny but dramatic story that keeps the audience in it! The story brought us to unique new location (an erry small town) and even more unique characters. The plot probably had just about as many twists and turns as could be possible in one hour. No camera shots were bad and from a production aspect this episode was perfect! One of the best to keep improving on such a good season! Keep up the good work James and Dule and everyone at Psych!
  • Utter Perfection!

    Wow! I loved every second of this episode including the music reworked to sound like the opening of Twin Peaks. I prepared myself by re-watching the first episode of Twin Peaks again. So everything about this episode was just perfect. James Roday did such a good job of bringing the cast together and just showcasing the lot of them. I loved the quirkiness of the town as well as the way that Shawn and Gus fit into things. I couldn't ask for a better homage to such a landmark show of the 90's. I loved Dual Spires!!! Psych has outdone themselves this week.
  • Perfect episode...

    ...for a Twin Peaks fans. People who didn't watch Twin Peaks( should be punished )can't appreciate avery single reference, joke, etc. And there are tons of references.

    Music: Perfect
    Guest Stars: Perfect. They even got Ray Wise in the episode! I tought because he already guest starred in other episode he wouldn't be in this, but they found a way.
    References: Perfect. A lot of references, you'll have to rewatch the episode several times to catch them all. I loled a lot.
    Comedy: Great.

    This episode was amazing. From the beggining, first scene, first line, you got a reference to Twin Peaks. So if you're a Twin Peaks fan, you'll be delighted. If you didn't watched Twin Peaks, I don't know what to tell's a requirement to fully apreciate this episode. You should really consider watching Twin Peaks ( Awesome show ) and then watching this episode.
  • 12/1

    Psych aired its tribute to Twin Peaks, a beloved show that had an incredibly short run, and this episode was quite good. A lot of funny moments, but the advertising was the best as this really made me want to go out and get a slice of cinnamon pie.

    I never watched Twin Peaks, but I know a little bit about the show and I knew the eerie vibe that program had that Psych was trying to and ultimately succeeded at recreating here. It was awkward at times, but surely that is what they were going for.

    A good hour of television, props to Psych for taking the risk associated with doing this.
  • Absolutely brilliant Twin Peaks related episode

    For people who remember Twin Peaks, this epsiode made so many nods to it, especially with the three cameos - the way to bring back Ray Wise from his earlier cameo was superb, and the white hair was a brilliant touch.

    The only reason I won't give this a 10 is because people who don't know Twin Peaks won't get all of the in-jokes and little references to the show, the jokes about the pie, cider, the death and so much more make it just too much for someone who won't get it, and the end scene would just look insane.

    All I can say that if someone doesn't know Psych, but does know Twin Peaks, then this would get them hooked...